Garden Rescue episode 3 2023 – Hereford

Garden Rescue episode 3 2023 – Hereford

Garden Rescue episode 3 2023 – Hereford – Eleanor and Rob, a charming couple hailing from Hereford, share a profound dream. Together with their two adorable daughters, they yearn to cultivate an eco-friendly oasis right in their backyard. Above all, the core value driving their vision is a staunch commitment to sustainability. They aspire to create a garden that is not only carbon neutral but also significantly contributes to the betterment of the environment. The couple’s vision aligns with the concept of the ‘circular economy’. They are determined that any carbon footprints left during the garden’s creation should be promptly neutralized by reusing materials in innovative ways. In their vision, waste is not waste, but a resource to be utilized wisely.


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Another critical aspect of their dream garden is the creation of diverse habitats. They wish to transform their outdoor space into a haven for birds, butterflies, and bees. Their garden is not simply for their pleasure; it is a planned sanctuary for the local wildlife to thrive. When it comes to material selection, they stand firm in their resolve to use as many natural materials as possible. They believe that the true essence of a garden lies in its innate connection with Mother Nature, and they aim to preserve this connection in every element of their garden.



But their vision isn’t solely dedicated to environmental considerations. The garden also needs to reflect their lifestyle and personal preferences. Being a South African native, Rob carries a deep-rooted tradition of barbecuing in his veins. He dreams of a dedicated space in his new garden where he can indulge in his love for Braais, a popular South African barbecue tradition.

In addition, the couple also envisions raised beds in their garden where their girls can take part in the joys and lessons of growing their own plants. This feature not only adds to the charm of their garden but also provides a valuable learning experience for their daughters.

Their budget, however, stands at £4,500 – a figure that presents a challenging constraint considering their current garden’s condition. Currently a neglected concrete wilderness, it requires a significant overhaul to make their dream garden a reality. The responsibility now rests on the shoulders of Chris and Charlie. The task is undeniably daunting, but the opportunity to bring this environmentally-friendly and family-oriented vision to life makes it all the more exciting. Will they succeed in giving Eleanor, Rob, and their daughters the garden of their dreams? The journey begins.


Garden Rescue episode 3 2023 – Hereford


Carolynne Dimmock commenced her journey into the public consciousness in 1997, making her inaugural appearance on the renowned BBC gardening series, Ground Force. This significant milestone occurred five years subsequent to her first engagement with the series’ director/producer—a meeting that considerably influenced her career trajectory. This connection was established during a compelling project: constructing a pond for another show, Grass Roots, broadcasted on the Meridian channel.

Dimmock’s involvement with Ground Force endured an impressive eight years, during which she evolved into an integral co-presenter of the show and a recognized figure in the public domain. Her unconventional approach—particularly her decision to eschew traditional attire norms—garnered an unexpectedly enthusiastic following. Proof of her rising popularity manifested in the form of mass sales of calendars featuring her image, even surpassing those of famed model Caprice Bourret. This fervent admiration led to the creation of an affectionate sobriquet – the horticultural Viagra, a nod to her revitalizing influence on gardening programs.

Post Ground Force, Dimmock continued to leverage her expertise across a spectrum of shows including The Joy of Gardening and Charlie’s Garden Army. Her sterling reportage of the esteemed Chelsea Flower Show further affirmed her stature in horticultural broadcasting. In a strategic move in 2004, Dimmock entered the reality television space, joining the cast of Channel 4’s, The Games.

Her reputation transcended national boundaries, and she was invited to present a gardening segment on The Early Show on CBS in the United States. September 2006 saw her expanding her versatility, showcasing her culinary skills on the BBC’s Celebrity MasterChef.

With the conclusion of Ground Force’s successful run, Dimmock shifted towards a more localized focus, presenting the ITV Meridian series, River Walks. This program allowed her to traverse diverse rivers throughout Southern England, unveiling distinct landmarks and attractions. The series also spotlighted various individuals whose livelihoods revolve around these rivers, adding a compelling human-interest dimension to her broadcasts.

In 2013, Dimmock and her partner embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, launching Rich Landscapes, a garden design company. This venture rapidly gained momentum, culminating in the team’s recognition as the youngest to receive gold at the esteemed RHS Chelsea Flower show in 2015. Their unique aesthetic—marked by sleek, contemporary designs, a nature-driven approach to planting, and an approachable, down-to-earth attitude—has attracted an array of esteemed clientele. These include notable fashion brands Chanel and Massimo Dutti, luxury establishment Heckfield Place Hotel, and a multitude of residential clients across Europe. In addition to a book deal, their work is regularly featured on BBC television. Their impressive professional trajectory continues to influence and inspire within the field of horticulture and beyond.

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