Gardeners World episode 29 2002
Gardeners World episode 29 2002

Gardeners World episode 29 2002

Gardeners World episode 29 2002: Gardeners World team and Alan Titchmarsh present seasonal highlights from across the country, visit stunning gardens, meet the gardeners and find out their secrets of success.



Gardening show packed with good ideas, tips, advice from experts and timely reminders to get the most out of your garden, whatever its size or type.


Gardeners World episode 29 2002


The Family Garden is designed to be a relaxing space where insects thrive and children are immersed in nature. Intended for an environmentally-conscious family, the garden is a learning environment inspired
by the enchanting and lasting impression a garden can have on children through play and discovery, instilling an awareness of our collective responsibility towards our natural surroundings.

The garden is relaxed and unmanicured. Fruit trees and a shaggy lawn are surrounded by soft, informal planting, creating habitats for insects and other animals.

With longer days and higher temperatures there are lots of good reasons for being out-of-doors. Tidying up the garden, cleaning the patio furniture, potting up plants or painting the fence are all great jobs to involve the family with and get some spring sunshine on our faces.

Gardens with bees mean that our flowers and fruit will be pollinated and then set seed and most importantly produce fruit for us. To make bees welcome we can add quiet areas in the garden for wildlife, such as bees, to take over. Bee homes are fun to make and can be made into a pretty, as well as a useful, feature in the garden.

There is nothing more delicious than eating something you have grown yourself whether straight off the vine or in a tasty sandwich. Tomatoes can be sown inside now and will be ready for growing on outside, or in a greenhouse, when the weather improves. Keeping them well watered while growing is a great task to involve children with as they can see fruit swelling almost as they water in the final stages of growing. With any luck your home-grown toms will be ready to pick and eat for the summer holidays.

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