You are currently viewing The Beechgrove Garden 2022 episode 19
The Beechgrove Garden 2022 episode 19

The Beechgrove Garden 2022 episode 19

The Beechgrove Garden 2022 episode 19: Carole Baxter is joined at Beechgrove by Diana Yates. Beechgrove has been following Diana at her pretty and productive patch in West Linton, but this week she is visiting Beechgrove and shows Carole the age-old technique of braiding garlic. Kirsty Wilson joins volunteers of a dog rehoming centre in West Calder to help revamp a garden that really has gone to the dogs. In this first stage of the project, Kirsty and the volunteers decide how to design a retirement garden for old dogs.




We also travel to Wishaw to visit the garden of Kimberly Light. Her small garden is full of plants that she has grown from seed and are to be used for cut flowers, which she then turns into creative arrangements for friends and family.

Celebrating the great Scottish garden. Tips and advice to get the most out of your garden, with inspirational ideas from Scotland’s most beautiful green spaces. The Beechgrove Garden has been on air since 1978 and remains a firm favourite with audiences in Scotland. It consistently outperforms what is being screened by BBC Network in the same slot. At the heart of the series is a 2.5 acre home garden, situated on a cold, inhospitable slope west of Aberdeen, deliberately chosen to reflect Scotland’s harsher climate.

Horticultural advice in gardening magazines and on UK network gardening programmes is rarely suitable for most of the UK outside the South East of England. Beechgrove shares with its viewers the weekly challenge to work with the Scottish conditions to produce maximum yield of as many varieties as possible of fruit, flowers and vegetables.


The Beechgrove Garden 2022 episode 19



A member of the onion family, this staple of Mediterranean cooking is simple to grow in a warm sunny site with well-drained soil. It is grown from cloves, which are best planted in late autumn, and is ready to harvest the following summer.

Garlic is grown by planting individual cloves of garlic (rather than sowing seeds), usually in autumn – see Plant, below, for full details. Garlic is generally trouble free and needs little maintenance, apart from watering in dry spells, and regular weeding. Also snip off any flower stems that start to form.

Water garlic during dry spells in spring and early summer, to improve bulb size. However, don’t water once the bulbs are large and well formed, as this could encourage rotting. Yellowing foliage is a sign that the bulbs are reaching this stage of maturity. Try to avoid overhead watering, as it can encourage fungal diseases.

The Beechgrove Garden 2022 episode 19

The Beechgrove Garden 2022 episode 19: Kirsty Wilson helps volunteers revamp the garden of a dog rehoming centre in West Calder.