Mary Berry Cooks

Mary Berry shows us how to make easy and delicious meals for family and friends.She’s reliable and trusted recipes are as popular today as they’ve even been.
Mary has built her reputation for great family food by truly understanding the needs and wishes of Britain’s home cooks. She only uses easy-to-buy ingredients. She keeps her instructions straight-forward. And she instinctively knows what sort food we like to eat at home. In ‘Mary Berry Cooks’ this philosophy shines through in every recipe she cooks.

Mary Berry Cooks

Mary Berry Cooks Ep.4 For a Crowd

Mary Berry is cooking dishes for a family celebration and that means having enough to go round for a crowd of hungry guests.     Mary makes cooking a buffet supper for a special occasion seem almost effortless,with recipes for beef and mushroom stew with mustard mash, salmon en croute with a foolproof salad, and chocolate and orange panna cotta.

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