The Beechgrove Garden 2024

As winter’s cold embrace finally loosens its grip, we welcome the rejuvenating warmth of spring, heralding a period of renewal and growth in our gardens. This transformation signals the much-anticipated return of the Beechgrove Garden series. Throughout the vibrant months of spring, the lush abundance of summer, and well into the mellow hues of autumn, the dedicated Beechgrove team is set to share their wealth of expert advice and deep insights. Week by week, they will guide you through the essential tasks and innovative techniques to enhance your garden, regardless of its size or your level of experience. Whether your green space consists of a modest window box, a cozy balcony, or expansive borders and raised beds, there will be an array of valuable lessons to learn and practical activities to undertake. The Beechgrove Garden aims to inspire and equip you with the knowledge to create and maintain a thriving garden that brings joy and beauty to your life.

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