The Beechgrove Garden episode 6 2018

The Beechgrove Garden episode 6 2018

In The Beechgrove Garden episode 6 2018, Carole and the garden team are in their waders while Jim supervises annual work on ponds of all sizes at Beechgrove. Salvia expert Brian Young joins salvia fanatic Jim in Beechgrove to salivate over salvias.


George visits North Berwick in Bloom to see what they and the local school are intending to create for their entry to the popular and hotly contested Pallet Garden competition held at the upcoming Gardening Scotland Show.


The Beechgrove Garden episode 6 2018


In the Fruit House

Over the last few years the Cherry ‘Sweetheart’ has been loaded with fruit but there is much less in prospect this year. This could be due water-logging as we have had previous issues with this in the Fruit House but Jim thinks it more likely needs a feed. Jim sprinkled fertiliser around the rootball which is high in Nitrogen and Potash to be gently forked in.

This won’t help the fruiting this year but will in future years. Jim then moved up to the grapevine. It was a little late to come into growth this year. It was time to remove the smaller shoots from each joint leaving the strongest.

Pond Work: Silver Garden

Local pond expert Jane Taylor from Deveron Waterlilies was also at Beechgrove this week to start the revamp of the silver garden pond. It has been quite a long time since we featured the Silver Garden and it used to have a series of stepping stones across it. These have been removed and we were left with the plinths in the pond. Jane started by cove ring the plinths with flexible pond liner to disguise them.

She had chosen some containers which mirror the shape of the pond. They are plastic, so will be safe in winter. Each container has 4 small holes drilled in the bottom so the plants will be semi-submerged in water this environment then becomes a bog garden. Jane then filled the bottom of each container with gravel and then some aquatic compost. This is low in nutrients so will not turn the pond green. She then chose plants to suit the Silver Garden theme.

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