The Beechgrove Garden episode 3 2018

Beechgrove Garden episode 3 2018

In The Beechgrove Garden episode 3 2018, Jim is planting with Beechgrove’s ruby anniversary in mind, sowing red veg from beetroot ‘Bulls Blood’, courgette ‘Midnight’ and lettuce ‘Moonred’ to spinach ‘Red Kitten’ and spicy mustard ‘Red Giant’.



Last year Jim began an observation choosing a range of trees for small gardens. This year he is adding to that with a range of fastigiate trees, which are perfect for a small garden as they don’t create much shade and have a small footprint.

And Brian, who is used to modest swathes of daffodils at Scone Palace, visits Grampian Growers near Montrose to find out how six million bunches of daffodils find their way from the fields of Angus to neat bunches ready to buy.


The Beechgrove Garden episode 3 2018


Greenhouse Work

It’s a busy time in Carole’s 6×8 greenhouse as she prepares for her ornamental displays. She introduced some Beechgrove archive from nearly 30 years ago where Jim was giving advice on Amaryllis care after flowering. Back at present day Beechgrove Carole was with her emerging Amaryllis display. Jim’s suggestions still holds true today. Once the flowers have finished it’s important to keep the foliage fed for healthy flowers next year. In Carole’s display there were some new introductions which continued the ruby anniversary theme.

Fastigiate Trees

Last year Jim invited each of his fellow presenters to choose their best suggestion for trees especially suited to a small garden.

First Stage of Moving a Mature Shrub

Carole was at the top of Beechgrove in the Secret Garden. Here some plants were looking particular good. Pulmonaria likes to be in a shady spot and the bees love it at this time of the year. Corylopsis pauciflora is a beautifully shaped shrub and is laden with lemon/lime green flowers.

Hardwood Cuttings

Jim was in the Trials Plot. He commented on a clip of Beechgrove archive from 24th April 1987 where he was looking at tulips. We will be looking at the tulips next week at Beechgrove – this time for their time of flowering, height and planting combinations with spring bedding.

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