Gardening Australia ep. 10 2018 – Easter Special

Gardening Australia ep. 10 2018

In Gardening Australia ep. 10 2018, Costa meets guest presenter Paul West; Sophie weaves an egg basket; Millie visits a chicken expert; Josh explores a special school garden, and Jane heads to a nursery specialising in perennial plants.



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Gardening Australia ep. 10 2018:


FAQs – Growing chocolate | Sowing tomatoes in sub-tropics | Ripe pumpkins

Gardening Australia presenters answer commonly asked gardening questions

An Easter Basket

Sophie Thomson explores the ancient craft of basketry with weaving expert Beverley Manthey. There are lots of ‘ingredients’ in the garden that can be redirected into baskets. These include tree prunings, and leaves or stems from arum lilies (Zantedeschia aethiopica), bugle lily (watsonias), Aunt Eliza (Crocosmia paniculata), sweet corn, red hot pokers (Kniphofia spp.), bearded iris (Iris x germanica) and dragon trees (Dracaena draco).

Dry the leaves in a cool dry pace then, when you’re ready to work with them, fold them between a damp towel overnight to soften. Basket weaving takes a few days but creates a beautiful and handy item with lots of uses in the garden, such as flower picking and egg gathering.

The Chicken Whisperer

Millie Ross visited chicken expert Jessamy Miller, who grow up on a chicken farm, to discuss how to look after chickens. Jessamy thinks chickens are good for your mental health, well-being and the garden – as she says, ‘Who wouldn’t love a pet that makes your breakfast!

A Passion for Perennials

Jane Edmanson visits plant growers Matt Reed and Mike Morant, who grow 1000 different varieties of perennial plants at their nursery in Kinglake. When the 2009 Black Saturday fires came through they lost all their 20-year-old collection, as well as their homes, but many customers sent them cuttings and divisions back, and the pair rebuilt bigger and better than before.

Easter Ideas

Here are some great Easter projects to encourage kids to get outdoors and get into the garden!

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