Clotilda: Last American Slave Ship

Clotilda: Last American Slave Ship

Clotilda: Last American Slave Ship: Maritime archaeologists and historians go in search of the crucial component in the Atlantic Slave Trade: the slave ship. An armored, floating fortress operating for over four centuries, capturing and transporting over 12 million Africans, who were sold and forced to work in brutal conditions in the New World. By draining we reveal the cruel …

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Britain's Forgotten Slave Owners

Britain’s Forgotten Slave Owners

In 1834 Britain abolished slavery, a defining and celebrated moment in our national history. What has been largely forgotten is that abolition came at a price. The government of the day took the extraordinary step of compensating the slave owners for loss of their ‘property’, as Britain’s slave owners were paid 17bn GBP in today’s money, whilst the slaves received …

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