Ancient Aliens – Return to Mars

Ancient Aliens - Return to Mars

Ancient Aliens – Return to Mars: as humanity prepares to establish colonies beyond Earth, are we simply realizing mankind’s future or returning to its extraterrestrial past? And when humans become the alien visitors on other planets, what–or whom–will we encounter?



Ancient Aliens – Return to Mars


​Ancient Aliens has long had a bit of a fetish for the planet Mars, one born of the ancient astronaut theory’s historical position as a product of the middle twentieth century, when “space alien” and “Martian” were largely synonymous in pop culture discussions of aliens. In fact, going all the way back to 1898, Martians were the first space aliens given the honor of being named the true builders of Egypt’s monuments, albeit in a novel. However, more directly relevant to our current episode of Ancient Aliens is the fact that this episode reprises material already covered in a Mars-centric 2016 episode, which in turn repeated similar material from a Mars-themed 2014 episode.

With two previous episodes fully devoted to the ersatz mysteries of Mars, not to mention countless segments of other episodes, it’s hard to find anything really original in this latest effort–or at least that part of it that has anything to do with the episode title. Like most episodes now, the title is largely ceremonial, and the real theme was a different repeat, revisiting relatively sedate ideas about colonizing space.

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