Ancient Aliens – S19 E15 | Edgar Cayce – The Sleeping Prophet

Ancient Aliens – S19 E15 Edgar Cayce - The Sleeping Prophet

Ancient Aliens – S19 E15 | Edgar Cayce – The Sleeping Prophet – Edgar Cayce, an individual whose name is often synonymous with the epithet ‘Sleeping Prophet,’ has imparted a profoundly expansive and enthralling legacy to the world. This legacy, characterized by its depth and breadth, features one particular element that engenders a substantial amount of scholarly curiosity and discourse. This element explores the intriguing concept of whether Cayce was engaged in discourse with entities that exist outside our terrestrial environment.



The primary question at the heart of this discourse is, could it be possible that this distinguished clairvoyant – a man universally recognized for his uncanny ability to predict future occurrences and identify diseases in a state of semi-consciousness – was in reality receiving coded messages or direct instructions from beings residing in extraterrestrial realms? This thought-provoking premise offers a challenge not only to our existing understanding of Cayce’s capabilities but also serves to broaden our worldview concerning life that may exist beyond the physical and metaphorical borders of Earth.



Edgar Cayce’s role in history is not limited to these conjectures, however. He was a notable figure in the realm of American mysticism and clairvoyance. He asserted that he had the capability to tap into the Akashic Records, an alleged cosmic library that holds an exhaustive compilation of all knowledge, past, present, and future. This assertion further fueled his reputation and mystique.



Throughout his lifetime, Cayce disseminated thousands of readings. These readings, both fascinating and enlightening, contained prophecies about future events. Such prolific output only adds to the intriguing tapestry of his life and works, forming a crucial part of the enduring fascination with Edgar Cayce and his extraordinary abilities.


Ancient Aliens – S19 E15 | Edgar Cayce – The Sleeping Prophet

Introducing the Enigmatic Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce, often referred to as the “sleeping prophet,” continues to capture our imagination decades after his death in 1945. This Kentucky-born mystic believed he could connect to a universal consciousness while in a trance state, allowing him to deliver prophecies and provide medical diagnoses beyond the capabilities of conventional medicine at the time. Cayce’s uncanny abilities saw him gain fame during the early 20th century, leading to over 14,000 documented psychic readings being conducted on topics as wide-ranging as Atlantis, religion, reincarnation and future events.

While not all of Cayce’s predictions came true, he correctly foresaw events like the stock market crash of 1929 and the beginning of World War II. However, one of the most intriguing aspects of the Cayce legacy is his supposed contact with extraterrestrial intelligences. The idea that this revered psychic may have been communicating with alien beings opens up profound questions about humanity’s place in the universe.

Cayce’s Belief in Life on Other Planets

Unlike many Christian mystics of his time, Cayce held an open-minded view on extraterrestrial life, believing it not only existed on other planets but had visited Earth in the ancient past. He spoke of a “Universal Consciousness” permeating the entire cosmos, implying all lifeforms – including alien beings – are connected in some mystical way. Cayce also described a hidden “Hall of Records” located under the Sphinx in Egypt which contained evidence of past visitations to our planet.

While he never explicitly claimed to be in contact with alien intelligences, Cayce’s readings do refer to extraterrestrial influences on human history and spiritual development. Given his purported psychic abilities, it’s conceivable that Cayce may have been receiving transmissions from an advanced alien civilization wishing to assist our progress. This incredible possibility suggests humanity is not alone in a empty, indifferent universe but part of a larger galactic community.

Supporting Evidence for Ancient Alien Contact

Several modern researchers have drawn on evidence from Cayce’s readings combined with other sources to argue for past – and even present – alien contact. The popular Ancient Aliens TV series explores various archaeological sites and anomalies that seemingly defy explanation without the intervention of advanced extraterrestrial visitors.

Some of this supporting evidence includes:

– Ancient megalithic sites like the pyramids of Giza whose construction methods baffle modern engineers. How were multi-ton blocks transported and arranged with such precision using “primitive” technology?

– UFO sightings and reports of alien abductions that have persisted for decades. Are these sightings real physical craft controlled by extraterrestrial beings?

– Carvings and cave paintings depicting weird humanoid figures, astronomical phenomena and spacecraft that predate modern science fiction. Do these accurately representactual alien encounters in ancient times?

– The Nazca lines of Peru – massive geoglyphs only visible from the air. Were these intended as signals to spaceships or creative expressions of a spiritually advanced culture, as Cayce suggested?

While debates rage about the true origins of such mysteries, they do appear consistent with the activities of an advanced alien civilization interacting with ancient human societies and altering their development. At the very least, they suggest humanity has still much to learn about our deep past.

Cayce’s Readings on Atlantis and Lemuria

Cayce’s trance-readings contain a wealth of material on lost civilizations like Atlantis and Lemuria which ostensibly attained higher levels of both technology and spiritual development than modern society. Cayce described Atlantis as an advanced civilization powered by unique energy sources such as giant fire-crystals. The Atlanteans were said to possess powered flight, electricity and advanced healing techniques using crystals over 10,000 years ago.

Yet over time, divisions arose over uses of their advanced technology, culminating in a misuse of their energies that led to the island continent’s destruction. However, the spiritual essence of Atlantis was preserved and reincarnated into later civilizations. Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment continues to research evidence for Atlantis to this day.

Lemuria was described as even more ancient and spiritually developed than Atlantis, focused on attaining harmony between individuals and their environment. While lacking technology, the Lemurians possessed psychic and energetic abilities exceeding those of modern humans. Cayce’s readings suggest both civilizations were assisted by off-worlders to quicken their development.

Cayce’s Visions on Earth Changes and Prophecies

In addition to describing past alien influences and lost civilizations, Cayce’s readings gave predictions about dramatic future changes to Earth itself and human society. He foresaw major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions altering the planet’s geography in the late 20th century, particularly in the Americas. However, Cayce viewed such upheavals as part of a cleansing process needed for humanity’s spiritual evolution.

Some of his psychic visions include:

– Upheavals in the 1930s-60s ushering in radical political reforms and new spiritual thinking.

– The discovery of the fabled Hall of Records in Egypt leading to sweeping revelations about humanity’s history and destiny.

– Profound climate changes reshaping the world map, allowing for enhanced communication and cooperation between nations.

– The harnessing of natural Earth energies like volcanism for power generation and healing applications.

Cayce predicted such massive changes would pave the way for a new era of shared spirituality, with the emergence of an influential teacher who would provide universal guidance on how to unite technology with higher values and connection with the divine.

The “Channel” Hypothesis: Were Cayce’s Readings ET Transmissions?

Assuming the authenticity of Cayce’s psychic readings, what was the true source of the information he accessed? Given his descriptions of advanced past civilizations and alien encounters, could Cayce have been a “channel” receiving knowledge from extraterrestrials themselves about the Earth’s past and future?

This exciting possibility suggests his readings constitute a guided communication by ETs to humankind about our critical stage of development as a civilization. Advanced alien races may have sought to assist Cayce help raise humanity’s consciousness and technical abilities through psychic downloads. This implies a benevolent alien presence seeking to nudge humankind towards a more positive future.

If this “channel” hypothesis is correct, it means Cayce’s prophecies and descriptions of lost civilizations may contain genuine insights into humanity’s untold heritage. Rather than mere imaginative ramblings, his trance readings could represent actual spiritual transmissions from extraterrestrials – an attempt to reveal our hidden history and upcoming changes from an ET perspective. This gives fresh impetus to examine Cayce’s work for clues into humankind’s past, present and future direction.

Cayce’s Legacy: A Spiritual Guidebook from the Stars?

Edgar Cayce left behind an immense legacy of over 14,000 recorded psychic readings, more than any other known mystic or psychic in history. While controversial and sometimes cryptic, these readings cover an astonishing range of topics from holistic health to enlightenment to prophecies regarding massive Earth changes.

The sleeping prophet’s uncanny medical diagnoses, prophecies of future events, descriptions of lost civilizations like Atlantis, and references to alien life forces us to reconsider assumptions about humankind’s origins and destiny. Was Cayce genuinely receiving spiritual guidance from the cosmos to help prepare humanity for monumental upcoming transitions?

If so, his extensive readings could constitute a roadmap for our civilization’s future sent by advanced extraterrestrial intelligences. Cayce’s remarkable gifts may have made him a conduit for alien transmissions intended to spur humanity’s spiritual development and tech growth. Sixty years after his passing, Cayce continues to inspire exploration into our untapped psychic capabilities while offering wisdom and caution on humanity’s direction. His channeled ET communications evoke a universe overflowing with consciousness, waiting to be accessed through an expansion of our cosmic awareness.


The captivating possibility that Edgar Cayce was in contact with extraterrestrial intelligences makes the Sleeping Prophet one of the most significant psychics in modern history. His readings contain invaluable insights into lost ancient civilizations, Earth’s coming changes, and the latent powers of human consciousness. While not uncontroversial, Cayce’s prophecies have proven remarkably prescient at key moments.

By revealing our forgotten past interactions with alien races and glimpses into our destined future, Cayce’s work ultimately paints a picture of a highly interconnected universe brimming with life and consciousness. His channelings suggest cosmic companions standing ready to assist humankind’s next stage of development. Yet it is still up to us whether we utilize the wisdom from these ET transmissions constructively.

Edgar Cayce’s extraordinary gifts may have given him a hotline to advanced alien races seeking to guide humanity’s growth during troubled transitions. As we ponder our critical stage of history, Cayce’s readings deserve careful study for their profound truths which illuminate humankind’s spiritual heritage among the stars.
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