Ancient Aliens – S19 E19 | The Top Ten Mysteries Of The Deep

Ancient Aliens – S19 E19 | The Top Ten Mysteries Of The Deep

Ancient Aliens – S19 E19 | The Top Ten Mysteries Of The Deep – Ancient Aliens takes a deep dive into the profound mysteries hidden beneath the vast expanse of our planet’s oceans. These seas, which cover over two-thirds of our world, hold stories of lost continents that were once swallowed by the tides of time. These submerged lands, long forgotten, still echo with tales of civilizations that once thrived and then vanished.




As researchers explore deeper, they stumble upon enigmatic ruins that rest silently on the ocean’s bed. Each ruin, each artifact, unravels a tale of its own. They speak of cultures and cities, of rituals and rites, and of the people who once called these places home. As one threads together these tales, some artifacts begin to shine a little brighter, hinting at something more extraordinary than just historical remnants. Among them are pieces that raise questions about the legendary city of Atlantis. Was there a magnificent civilization that once stood tall and then disappeared without a trace? And could it be lying in wait for discovery beneath the azure waves?



But as we sift through these underwater chronicles, a more audacious theory emerges. Could it be that these mysteries are not just milestones of our human journey but evidence of encounters beyond our world? Some theories suggest that extraterrestrial beings might have once visited, or even collaborated with ancient civilizations. The artifacts and ruins might be more than just relics; they could be the very proof of interstellar interactions.



In exploring the depths of our oceans, Ancient Aliens doesn’t just seek to uncover the past of humanity. It aims to unearth stories that could reshape our understanding of the universe and our place within it.


Ancient Aliens – S19 E19 | The Top Ten Mysteries Of The Deep


The oceans have always captivated humanity with their vastness and mystery. Over 70% of the Earth is covered in water, yet less than 10% of the seafloor has been explored. What lurks in the uncharted depths below? Ancient Aliens dives into the profound enigmas concealed beneath the waves in season 19 episode 19, “The Top Ten Mysteries of the Deep.”

10. The Yonaguni Monument – An Underwater Pyramid?

In the 1980s, dive tour operator Kiyochiro Aratake made a shocking discovery off the coast of Japan – a massive complex of stone formations hidden just 60 feet below the ocean’s surface. The so-called “Yonaguni Monument” looks like a giant staircase with steps, terraces, and monoliths. Some researchers suggest it’s a natural rock formation, but many experts believe it’s an artificial structure built thousands of years ago.

The monument’s precise angles, symmetrical shapes, and tool markings imply advanced prehistoric engineering. Its estimated age of 20,000 years raises further questions. How did ancient humans construct such an enormous underwater complex? Did they have help from extraterrestrial beings with superior technology, as ancient astronaut theorists contend? The location near Japan also connects to local legends describing the dragon god who lived at the ocean’s bottom. Did these myths originate from ET encounters in Japan’s distant past?

9. The Lost Continent of Mu – Home of an Advanced Civilization?

The Pacific Ocean covers more area than all land combined. Intriguingly, native peoples throughout this region shared legends of a lost continent called Mu or Lemuria that supposedly sank beneath the waves. It stretched from Hawaii to Easter Island and thrived 50,000 years ago before meeting a cataclysmic end. The remnants of Mu may be visible in the mysterious ruins of Nan Madol.

This ancient basalt city sits offshore of the Micronesian island Pohnpei. Its foundations extend deep underwater, implying construction during lower sea levels thousands of years ago. If Nan Madol represents Mu’s last visible vestiges, it suggests an exceptionally sophisticated culture for its time. Local traditions say the advanced masonry was built by a race of giants from the stars. Perhaps Nan Madol provides evidence that the lost continent Mu was home to an ET civilization, as ancient astronaut theorists believe.

8. The Legendary City of Atlantis – Fact or Fiction?

The famous lost city of Atlantis has intrigued explorers and historians for centuries. According to the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, Atlantis was founded by the sea god Poseidon and inhabited by a highly advanced civilization. The Atlanteans possessed technologies like robotics, flight, and powerful energy crystals. Plato claimed Atlantis sunk in a single night 9,000 years ago after a cataclysmic flood.

While often considered mythical, Atlantis entices ancient astronaut theorists. In 2001, explorer Paulina Zelitsky discovered intriguing underwater rock formations near Cuba matching Plato’s descriptions. Others link the legend to the mysterious seafloor structure off Malibu, California, dubbed the “Atlantis Triangle.” Mainstream science may dismiss Atlantis as fictional, but evidence like this keeps the lost city a tantalizing possibility.

7. Orikalkum – An Atlantis Alloy?

A shipwreck excavated off Sicily in 2015 contained ingots of an unidentified bronze-like alloy. Spectrographic analysis showed it was 80% copper and 20% zinc. Since zinc metal was not isolated until nearly 1,000 years later, this 2,600-year-old artifact presents a metallurgical mystery. How did its ancient creators produce this substance?

Some experts think it is orichalcum, a copper-gold alloy mentioned by Plato in connection with Atlantis. He claimed it was given to the Atlanteans by gods to adorn temples and buildings. Metallurgy was regulated by male gods like Hephaestus in Plato’s era, so Orichalcum’s origins were deemed divine, not technological. If this exotic Sicilian metal genuinely is orichalcum, it would substantiate Plato’s Atlantis account for ancient astronaut theorists. They argue advanced knowledge like alloy-making came from intelligent extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth.

6. The Submerged Pagodas of Mahabalipuram

Seven pagodas once stood at Mahabalipuram on India’s southeastern coast, according to Hindu legends. All but one were swallowed by the sea when the gods became angry at their town. In 2004, a tsunami exposed rock-cut structures lining Mahabalipuram’s shoreline. Locals rejoiced that the lost six pagodas had reappeared. The ancient Hindu myths accurately described buildings hidden for centuries underwater, until low tide revealed them.

The revelations support ancient astronaut theories that advanced civilizations existed on Earth long before our recorded history. Mainstream archaeology adheres to a simpler view – that Mahabalipuram’s ornate Pallava Dynasty temples gradually sunk due to rising seas. But the myths match the evidence too closely for ancient astronaut theorists. In their perspective, the rediscovered pagodas are relics of the gods alluded to in Hindu cosmology, actually advanced ET visitors sharing technology with ancient peoples.

5. The Sunken City of Dwarka – Home of Mythical Krishna?

In the 1980s, India’s underwater archaeological expedition made an astonishing find 20 feet below the waves – sandstone walls, structures, and ruins off Dwarka’s coast. Carbon dating estimates the sunken city’s age around 9,500 years, older than any known civilization. What was happening in India at that remote era?

To millions of Hindus, Dwarka’s discovery confirmed legends about the god Krishna’s ancient city described in Sanskrit epics. These texts depict Dwarka as a heavenly, technologically advanced kingdom that ultimately sank beneath the ocean after attack from the heavens above. The uncanny parallels between Dwarka’s mythical past and actual archaeological finds lend credibility to ancient astronaut notions. Perhaps the Mahabharata epics describe real events of ET contact, and Krishna himself was an extraterrestrial being that guided humanity, as proposed by ancient alien theorists.

4. Rama’s Bridge to Sri Lanka – Natural or Artificial?

Spanning the waters between India and Sri Lanka is a 30-mile chain of shoals, known as Rama’s Bridge. Hindu tradition regards it as the remains of an ancient highway Rama built to rescue his kidnapped wife. As told in the Hindu epic Ramayana, Rama’s forces constructed the bridge from stones bearing his name, which floated into place when inscribed. Since its rocks date back only 4,000 years, geology classifies Rama’s Bridge as natural.

For ancient astronaut theorists, however, the myth rings true. From their perspective, extraterrestrial technology could feasibly construct an enormous floating bridge 6,000 years ago, matching Rama’s era. They also point to India’s rich legacy of advanced flying machines called Vimanas documented in Sanskrit texts. To them, the epic Ramayana conveys actual historical events involving divine celestial vehicles and technology from otherworldly beings. Rama’s fantastic bridge may have been built through the power of ET communication and let humanity cross the sea, as indicated in the myths.

3. Malta’s Perplexing Cart Ruts

Crisscrossing the Mediterranean island nation of Malta are parallel ruts carved straight into its limestone bedrock. These rocky pathways, called cart ruts, range from 8 to 15 inches deep and continue for miles, often leading directly into the sea. Their original purpose remains an enigma to archaeologists since no signs exist of the carts presumed to have made them. Some ruts dive underwater as deep as 40 feet.

The cart ruts’ existence far below current sea level signifies extreme antiquity to ancient astronaut theorists. Malta’s ruts were cut more than 12,000 years ago when ocean levels were lower during the last ice age they propose. This implies an advanced prehistoric civilization inhabited Malta, contradicting mainstream archaeology. Local folklore supports this view, describing the megalithic temples on Malta as the work of ancient giants from the stars. The mysterious cart ruts may have been created through alien technology, not primitive tools, as ancient astronaut theorists contend.

2. USOs – Unidentified Submerged Objects

Strange sightings of lights emerging from water date back to Japan’s Edo Period. In 1803 fishermen reportedly retrieved an incense burner-shaped craft with exotic metalwork that a young foreign woman exited. Fast forward to 2019, when US Navy personnel filmed a round object off California rapidly flying into ocean waters without a splash. These reports are just two among thousands of USOs – unidentified submerged objects.

USOs suggest that UFOs don’t merely fly; they transition seamlessly between sky and sea. Some eyewitness accounts describe alien craft leaving the ocean’s depths, while others report them submerging. In Christopher Columbus’ logbooks, he documented seeing aerial lights plunging into the Atlantic. For ancient astronaut theorists, USOs provide chilling evidence that ETs secretly inhabit Earth’s oceans as well. They theorize USOs could indicate underwater extraterrestrial bases, lurking just out of view.

1. Underwater Alien Bases – Fact or Fiction?

Malibu, California has been a hotspot for USO activity. Mysterious glowing objects frequently emerge from the water, and locals have called in reports of lights shooting out of the sea near Point Dume. Those lights imply a hidden structure rests on the seafloor since crafts presumably exit and reenter an underwater base.

In 2014, an image taken by the Under Ocean Geological Survey satellite revealed a clearly defined oval formation with perpendicular legs some 2,000 feet down off Malibu’s coast. Its scale and geometry suggest intelligent design to proponents of the underwater alien base theory. Legends from different cultures describe these bases. Native Hawaiian myths tell of a portal between dimensions at the bottom of the ocean. According to ancient Indian texts, the Nagas resided in technologically advanced undersea cities.

While no irrefutable evidence of subaquatic ET lairs exists, ancient astronaut theorists say we cannot rule out this intriguing possibility. Our oceans’ vastness allows mysteries to hide in darkness. But emerging technologies are shining new light on the depths. What we might find lurking on the seafloor may shock us. The oceans could conceal alien bases where ETs quietly monitor humanity’s progress. Or perhaps discover sunken cities built with the help of extraterrestrials, as episodes like this one suggest. Our deep dive continues.


The ocean’s depths still hold endless secrets and mysteries waiting to be uncovered. As experts explore farther out and dig deeper down, they find increasing evidence of advanced civilizations and anomalies that challenge conventional views of prehistory. Legends thought to be mere myths now offer kernels of truth. Old stories start to seem more like forgotten history. The picture comes into focus of humanity evolving alongside extraterrestrial forces.

While some dismiss the ancient alien perspective as outrageous speculation, the theories continue gaining traction as new discoveries emerge. UFOs entering watery realms tell us these visitors are not constrained by our perceptions of physics. Entire societies and technologies now lost were likely inspired by alien contact. There may even be active underwater ET bases operating today, concealed from view. Our interpretations are expanding along with our knowledge of what lies beneath the waves.

We have only begun to grasp the mysteries encasing our planet. As our capacity to investigate the deep unlocks, ancient astronaut theorists look ahead to more evidence of ETs’ critical role in seeding civilization. How much will we learn about both humanity’s past and extraterrestrial presence when we master the secrets of our oceans’ darkest reaches? The deep invites us onward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Have we really explored only a fraction of Earth’s oceans?

A: Yes, less than 10% of the seafloor has been mapped and observed by humanity. Because the oceans cover over 70% of the planet, their vast expanse remains mostly uncharted territory full of secrets.

Q: Is there evidence ancient civilizations could have existed thousands of years ago?

A: Many underwater sites like Yonaguni, Dwarka, and Mahabalipuram contain structures dating back at least 10,000 years ago, much older than mainstream archaeology currently recognizes. This implies advanced cultures thrived in incredibly ancient eras.

Q: Do mainstream scientists support ancient astronaut theories?

A: Most mainstream academics do not endorse the ancient alien perspective because it challenges orthodox views. However, some maverick archaeologists and researchers find merit in the theories and agree ET contact may explain many unsolved mysteries.

Q: Havethere been modern sightings of USOs or underwater UFOs?

A: Yes, an abundance of credible USO cases exist from the past few centuries involving military personnel, pilots, fishermen, and other witnesses reporting objects entering or exiting water. USOs continue being sighted today.

Q: Could extraterrestrial bases actually exist on the seafloor?

A: While not confirmed, many find the possibility plausible. Oceans provide ideal cover and essential resources to sustain life. If ETs are visiting Earth, installing concealed underwater bases would be logical and fit mysterious observations.

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