Ancient Aliens – The Nuclear Agenda episode 14 2019

Ancient Aliens - The Nuclear Agenda episode 14 2019

Ancient Aliens – The Nuclear Agenda episode 14 2019: Ever since the first atomic bomb was detonated in 1945, UFOs have been reported at nuclear facilities all over the world.



Is it possible that extraterrestrials are monitoring humanity’s nuclear capabilities? But why? Does this constitute a threat? Or are they trying to ensure humankinds survival?


Ancient Aliens – The Nuclear Agenda episode 14 2019


The first segment discusses the recent Navy guidelines for reporting UFO encounters, and it falsely alleges that the guidelines are a sea-change in government policy. The guidelines weren’t intended as such, and the opening gambit has no connection to anything that follows. Instead, we start talking about the early stages of the U.S. nuclear program, followed by the results of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, which at one point they illustrate with a computer-generated illustration of Hiroshima’s ruins on fire.

The talking heads discuss how strange lights in the sky were seen around nuclear test sites, and it relates Kenneth Arnold’s sighting of nine arc-shaped small objects (wrongly described as discs) to the Hanford plutonium processing center. It claims that this center was “near” the Arnold sighting, but their own map shows it being hundreds of miles away. After this, the show returns to the fake Roswell Incident, which has been debunked too many times to deal with here.

Next, the show repeats material from their show about Soviet UFO encounters, and their claims about the “Russian Roswell” are no more convincing this time than the last two or three times they made them.

The Nuclear Agenda episode 14 2019

Anyway, the second segment begins with Soviet nuclear research and the subsequent Cold War nuclear competition between the superpowers. An old Look magazine article from the 1950s claiming that the Air Force gave out cameras to help servicemen capture UFOs on camera near nuclear sites is cited as proof that aliens are obsessed with nukes, but it’s really just evidence that the Air Force tried to determine whether the reports the public made about UFOs had any reality to them, and if that reality was a national security threat. When they figured out it wasn’t, they stopped.
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