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Ancient Aliens – Voices of the Gods

Ancient Aliens – Voices of the Gods: India’s Sanskrit texts are filled with incredible stories about advanced technology in the ancient world. Highly complex building techniques, brain surgery, flying crafts, and even nuclear physics are described with uncanny accuracy.



Hindu scholars attribute this knowledge to a time when “gods” walked among men. Might this period of time actually be referring to an age when extraterrestrials inhabited the planet? Giorgio A. Tsoukalos travels to India to further explore the Sanskrit texts, as well as the structures and technology that have stood the test of time. From a temple that inexplicably survived a major earthquake to evidence of ancient brain surgery and instructions for advanced flying machines, Giorgio studies the sacred knowledge that is said to have come directly from the voices of the gods.

Ancient Aliens is an American television series that premiered on April 20, 2010, on the History channel. Produced by Prometheus Entertainment in a documentary style, the program presents hypotheses of ancient astronauts and proposes that historical texts, archaeology, and legends contain evidence of past human-extraterrestrial contact. The show has been widely criticized by historians, cosmologists, archaeologists and other scientific circles for presenting and promoting pseudoscience, pseudohistory and pseudoarchaeology.


Ancient Aliens – Voices of the Gods


Sanskrit literature

Sanskrit literature refers to texts composed in Sanskrit language since the 2nd-millennium BCE. Many of the prominent texts are associated with Indian religions, i.e., Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, and were composed in ancient India. However, others were composed central, East or Southeast Asia and the canon includes works covering secular sciences and the arts. Early works of Sanskrit literature were transmitted through an oral tradition for centuries before they were written down in manuscript form.

Dramas, poems and stories were written in Sanskrit language in ancient India. Some of the popular ones are: Panchatantra, Hitopadesha, Rajatarangini, Dashakumaracharita, Mrichakatika, Mudrarakshasa, Ratnavali, Nagananda, Priyadarsika, Mattavilasa Prahasana, Baital Pachisi, Singhasan Battisi (Siṃhāsana Dvātriṃśikā).

Bhasa’s Svapna Vasavadattam (Swapnavāsadatta) (“Vasavadatta’s dream”), Pancharātra, and Pratijna Yaugandharayaanam (“The vows of Yaugandharayana”), Pratimanātaka, Abhishekanātaka, Bālacharita, Dūtavākya, Karnabhāra, Dūtaghatotkacha, Chārudatta, Madhyamavyayoga and Urubhanga.

Kalidasa’s Vikramōrvaśīyam (“Vikrama and Urvashi”), Mālavikāgnimitram (“Malavika and Agnimitra”), Abhijñānaśākuntalam (“The Recognition of Shakuntala”), Raghuvaṃśa (“The Genealogy of Raghu”) and Kumarasambhava (“Birth of Kumara”), Ṛtusaṃhāra (“Medley of Seasons”) and Meghaduta (The Cloud Messenger).

Kadambari is a romantic novel in Sanskrit. It was substantially composed by Bāṇabhaṭṭa in the first half of the 7th century CE.

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos is a Swiss-born writer, ufologist, television presenter and producer. He is a proponent of the pseudoarchaeological theory that ancient alien astronauts interacted with ancient humans. He is known for his appearances on the television series Ancient Aliens.

Tsoukalos is of Greek-Austrian heritage. He is a 1998 graduate of Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York, with a bachelor’s degree in Communications. For several years he worked as a bodybuilding promoter and a volunteer in IFBB sanctioned bodybuilding contests, including Mr. Olympia. He produced and directed the annual IFBB San Francisco Pro Grand Prix from 2001 until 2005.

Tsoukalos appeared on The Travel Channel, The History Channel, the Sci-Fi Channel, the National Geographic Channel, as well as Coast to Coast AM, and was a consulting producer on 23 episodes of Ancient Aliens. He is the co-founder of the former Legendary Times magazine, which was last published in 2008. The magazine featured articles from Erich von Däniken, David Hatcher Childress, Peter Fiebag, Robert Bauval, and Luc Bürgin on the topic of ancient astronauts and related subject matter.

Tsoukalos also hosted the H2 series In Search of Aliens, which ran for one season in 2014.

Ancient Aliens - Voices of the Gods
Ancient Aliens - Voices of the Gods

Ancient Aliens - Voices of the Gods: India's Sanskrit texts are filled with incredible stories about advanced technology in the ancient world.

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