Bake Off: The Professionals 2023 Episode 9

Bake Off: The Professionals 2023 Episode 9

Bake Off: The Professionals 2023 Episode 9 – As the tension rises in the much-anticipated semi-final showdown, the teams of culinary wizards are rolling up their sleeves for what promises to be the gastronomic duel of their careers. First on the menu is no ordinary sugar fix—it’s the crown jewel of desserts, “Dawn of a New Day,” a creation so esteemed that it’s practically the Mona Lisa of the pastry universe.




Conceived by none other than the maestro of desserts, Philip Khoury, this masterpiece is not just layers of sugar, cream, and flour. Oh, no. It’s a veritable orchestra of flavors and textures, each component harmonizing to redefine the boundaries of what a dessert can aspire to be.



But the culinary odyssey doesn’t end there. After scaling this Everest of desserts, they must then venture into a realm that defies gravity and reason: the ethereal “Land of the Giants” bûche entremet. This is no mere pastry; it’s a dream spun from sugar and spice, an imaginative playground where marzipan mountains meet chocolate rivers. It’s a task that demands not just technical prowess, but also a pinch of whimsy and a dash of daring.



In this epic journey through the heartlands of culinary creativity, only the most exceptional will stand tall. It’s not just a competition; it’s a test of resilience, innovation, and artistic flair. As the clock ticks and the ovens preheat, one question remains: Who among these culinary gladiators will etch their names in the annals of gastronomic glory?


Bake Off: The Professionals 2023 Episode 9


It’s the semi-final and the teams take on renowned pastry chef Philip Khoury’s signature Dawn of a New Day dessert, before creating a wondrous Land of the Giants bûche entremet.


The Challenge Begins

The air is tense in the famous Bake Off tent as the competitors enter for their toughest challenge yet. It’s the semi-final round, and only two teams will advance to the finale. The stakes have never been higher.

As hosts Tom and Cherish reveal the first challenge, gasps echo through the tent. The teams must recreate pastry chef Philip Khoury’s stunning Dawn of a New Day dessert. This intricate creation combines flavors and textures in perfect harmony. The spherical white chocolate dome encases a velvety yuzu cream studded with fresh raspberries. Underneath lies a delicate almond dacquoise bringing crunch, while a tangy raspberry coulis cuts through the rich cream.

The teams scramble to decode Philip’s recipe and intricate techniques. Precision is key to perfectly encasing the cream without leaks. The almond dacquoise must have just the right snap. And the raspberry coulis needs balanced sweet-tartness. It’s a monumental challenge even for these seasoned professionals.


Decoding the Dawn of a New Day

So what exactly is the Dawn of a New Day dessert that has the teams on edge? This showstopper comes from pastry chef Philip Khoury, known for his artful, sensory creations. The Philadelphia-based talent honed his skills working under legendary chefs like Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

His Dawn of a New Day encapsulates his philosophy of harmonious flavors and textures. The creamy yuzu dome signifies the sunrise, with tart raspberries dotting the orange citrus cream. The light, crunchy almond dacquoise beneath evokes a new day dawning. And the vibrant coulis mirrors the splash of color as sunlight filters through.

This elegant dessert relies on mastering various techniques. The teams must temper the white chocolate correctly to form the thin, flawless dome. Pipe just the right ratio of Italian meringue into the spheres. Then carefully peel off the mold without breaking the delicate chocolate. Precise construction and balanced flavors are essential.


Team Struggles Emerge

As the clock ticks down, cracks begin to form in the competitors’ cool exteriors. Some struggle to encase the cream properly, resulting in messy leaks and breaks. Others fail to nail the snap of the dacquoise or the tartness of the coulis.

One team reaches disaster as their chocolate dome catastrophically shatters just minutes before time runs out. With no time to start again, they frantically patch the splintered shell back together. But the damage is done, and they know their hopes are dashed.

The pressure is palpable as finished desserts are carried carefully to the judging table. Tom and Cherish confer with Philip, scrutinizing techniques and textures. Faces fall as flaws are revealed and criticism doled out. Only two near-perfect renditions receive praise, putting those teams in prime position going into the next round.


The Land of Giants Awaits

After a tense judging session, it’s straight into the next challenge. This time, the teams must create a magnificent Land of the Giants bûche entremet. These layered creations intertwine flavors and textures into an enticing cake shaped like a log.

The intimidating centerpiece will consist of three tiers stacked vertically, each with its own unique element. On bottom, a macaron-encrusted chocolate mousse log. In the middle, an airy chocolate chiffon cake flavored with roasted hazelnuts. Topping it off, a rich dark chocolate ganache coated in crunchy feuillantine.

This towering gateau must balance visual beauty with impeccable technique. The mousse must be ethereally smooth and light. The cake perfectly baked with a delicate crumb. And the feuillantine expertly crisped into razor-thin shards.

With dreams of the finale on the line, the teams dive into the epic undertaking. Frenzied energy fills the tent as they scale up recipes and grapple with structural engineering. It’s a true test of their skill and creativity.


Construction Woes Strike

This gravity-defying cake provides no shortage of pitfalls. As the chefs bake and build, the problems pile up higher than their entremets.

Some struggle to layer and assemble the precarious tiers. The mousse won’t adhere correctly, causing sliding and leaning. Others didn’t allow enough time for the feuillantine to crisp fully, leaving it thick and soft.

One team hits disaster as their top heavy cake collapses just minutes before the end. They soldier on, salvaging what they can into a squashed, lopsided log. But they know it’s over, their giant reduced to rubble.

Down to the wire, finished entremets are carried with bated breath to be judged. Tom and Cherish pore over the textures and construction. Once again, two entries stand above the rest for their impeccable technique and balance of flavors.


The Finalists Emerge

After a grueling day, only the best have risen to the top. While there were valiant efforts, two teams clearly out-shone the rest.

Sid and Rebecca delivered mastery and precision across both challenges. Their Dawn mimicked Philip’s original, with perfect snappy dacquoise and a raspberry coulis in ideal tart harmony. Their towering Land of Giants demonstrated finesse, with featherlight mousse and crisp shards of feuillantine.

Likewise, Matthew and Lane lived up to their skill. Their white chocolate dome encapsulated the yuzu cream beautifully without cracks. And their bûche combined textures seamlessly, the hazelnut cake balancing the velvety mousse.

These two duos will now advance to the finale, for a last chance at victory. Their talent has shone through under the intense pressure. Now they have one last hurdle to prove their mastery of patisserie.

As for the others, they leave with heads held high after conquering intricate challenges. Though just missing the finale, they gained valuable experience on flavors and skill. Their journeys on Bake Off: The Professionals have come to an end, but bright culinary futures surely await them.



This semi-final round of Bake Off: The Professionals demonstrated the pinnacle of pastry talent. Faced with two monumental challenges from renowned chef Philip Khoury, the teams showed their versatility and finesse. Though not without struggles and setbacks, the finalists overcame the pressure to deliver stunning creations. Their mastery of technique and balance wowed the judges and proved them worthy of advancing. Now the finale awaits, where Sid, Rebecca, Matthew and Lane will have one last chance at victory. Their skill and grace under pressure make for an exciting and unpredictable culmination to the season. One thing is certain – with these brilliant pâtissiers, it will be a finale for the baking history books.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Dawn of a New Day dessert?

The Dawn of a New Day dessert is pastry chef Philip Khoury’s signature creation. It features a thin white chocolate dome filled with creamy yuzu cream and fresh raspberries, sitting atop a light almond dacquoise base. Underneath lies a bright raspberry coulis sauce.

What techniques are required for the Dawn of a New Day dessert?

Making this dessert requires tempering white chocolate properly to form the fragile dome shell. Piping precisely ratioed Italian meringue spheres gives the filling its silky texture. The dacquoise base needs perfectly baked meringue for ideal snap. And the raspberry coulis must have a balanced sweet-tart flavor.

What is a bûche entremet?

A bûche entremet is a layered cake made to resemble a log, typically with mousse fillings and textures like cake and crunchy elements. They are intricate creations requiring mastery of multiple techniques to perfectly combine flavors and textures.

What were the components of the Land of the Giants bûche entremet challenge?

The teams had to create a three-tiered vertical bûche avec multiple elements. On bottom was a macaron-encrusted chocolate mousse log. In middle, a hazelnut-chocolate chiffon cake. Topping it off, dark chocolate ganache coated in a crispy feuillantine shard crust.

Why did some cakes collapse during the bûche entremet challenge?

Many struggled with the structural engineering of the towering dessert. The mousse didn’t adhere the tiers properly, causing sliding. Others didn’t perfectly crisp the feuillantine, weighing down the top. One cake completely collapsed from being top-heavy and imperfectly assembled.


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