The Beechgrove Garden episode 12 2015

Beechgrove Garden episode 12 2015

In Beechgrove Garden episode 12 2015: it all starts with sunflowers, summer bedding and scatter seed mixes in this episode. Carole visits Kirsten Walker in Scone to advise her on how to rescue an old, scabby apple tree. Carole adds a crab apple and an understory of pretty wildflowers.



She also heads off to find Hamish Martin in the Secret Herb Garden; a paradise of nature. It’s a place to relax and enjoy, and to learn all about herbs. Back at the Beechgrove Garden it’s all coming up roses in the Cutting Garden where Chris updates us on the progress of the standard roses and adds some colourful herbaceous underplanting.


In The Beechgrove Garden episode 12 2015:


 1. Tips on sowing, growing and cutting green manure, annuals and peonies

Jim explains how to re-vitalise bare ground by sowing, growing and cutting phacelia before digging it in as green manure. Carol demonstrates that it’s not too late to keep sowing hardy annuals in stages to maintain constant colour in the garden. Chris explains why it’s necessary to sacrifice a beautiful peony bloom in its first year of growth by cutting it in its prime.

 2. Potting On

Jim was in his 8x6ft greenhouse where there were a few jobs that needed to be done. Firstly, there were the fuchsia cuttings which Jim had taken in late April. These had been potted a week or two ago and now had a good root system.

 3. Underplanting weeping standard roses

Chris was taking a look at the random collection of plants in the Nursery Bed. It is good time of year to be here as most of the plants are in flower and you can take your pick. He dug up a clump of the lovely Geum ‘Lemon Drops’ with a garden fork and placed it in a wheelbarrow. He continued to select and dig up plants and then headed up to the Cutting Garden with a full barrow.

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