The Beechgrove Garden episode 2 2015

The Beechgrove Garden episode 2 2015

In the Beechgrove Garden episode 2 2015 Chris dons his safety gear and whips off 50 shades of green (conifers) in a chainsaw-pruning frenzy. Meanwhile, in a much more sedate fashion George starts off a bite-size project to see how productive he can be in just one square metre of space.


And keeping it small, Jim and Carole return to their neighbouring greenhouses to start growing. Carole also makes her first visit to Aileen Snowden’s garden in Newport-on- Tay. Aileen and family moved to their new home from a flat and have never had a garden before. The garden is mature and overgrown and Aileen doesn’t know where to start. Carole will work with Aileen throughout the season to tame and claim and love the plot she’s got.

The Beechgrove Garden episode 2 2015


Overgrown conifers

Chris was reviewing some conifers at Beechgrove and suggesting solutions once their size becomes a problem. Many grow slowly to start with and then romp away
unnoticed until they get so large they become a nuisance. This is the time of year to start tackling the job of pruning them. Chris looked at a huge Chamaecyparis
, which was dominating a corner of the Heather Garden preventing anything from growing beneath its vast, spreading canopy.

There were two options – either to clear fell it or to lift the canopy, or lift its skirt as it’s often called, in order to view the architectural branches or legs underneath.
Chris went for the second option and with the help of Callum and Mairi, set to work.

Small Space Gardening

Over this season George is going to show us how to grow vegetables in a tiny space – back yard gardening or square-foot gardening, as it’s sometimes called.
The key to success with this is careful planning and intensively growing a mix of quick and slower growing crops, so you can achieve a whole year’s small families’ harvest. The first step was to prepare the soil by forking in some compost and adding some blood, fish and bone fertiliser to give it ‘some kick’.

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