Gardeners World episode 3 2016

Gardeners World episode 3 2016

In Gardeners World episode 3 2016, as part of his planning for summer, Monty begins to sow annual climbers and gets started on tidying and mulching his borders. In the last of Joe Swift’s series on trees, he learns how and when to prune them, and why.



We meet clematis enthusiast Mike Brown, whose collection fills his garden with colour all summer long, and amongst the brutalist architecture of London’s Barbican, Nick Bailey, head gardener of the Chelsea Physic Garden, discovers a hidden tropical oasis.


Gardeners World episode 3 2016:


How to grow kale

Often a neglected crop, but one that is increasing in popularity due to its nutritional properties. Kale (also known as borecole) tolerates cold weather better than most other brassicas and is relatively free of pests and diseases, although it should be netted against birds. It will also tolerate a lightly shaded position. Always pick the leaves when they are young and tender.

How to grow celery

The wild celery plant – from which cultivated varieties are selected – is found on boggy riversides and marshy ground, giving a clue to the growing conditions it needs. Soil should be moisture-retentive and never dry out. Celery hearts are particularly tasty and can be eaten raw or braised by simmering.


Houseplants come in all shapes and sizes, many with architecturally stunning foliage, and others with beautiful blooms in every colour. Apart from regular watering and feeding, most require little attention. This short guide deals with houseplants which need to be indoors all year. Most houseplants require bright filtered light. Light levels decrease rapidly as plants are placed further back from the window. It is important to avoid sun through glass as this can scorch the leaves of tropical plants.

As light levels fall in the winter some plants may benefit from being moved to a lighter position such as nearer a window as long as the minimum required temperatures can be maintained. Most houseplants thrive in warm rooms and even temperatures all year round. During winter, move plants to rooms which are not overheated during the day, but maintain the required minimum temperatures. Avoid placing plants near open fires, radiators, in draughts, or on windowsills on frosty nights.

Gardeners World episode 3 2016
Gardeners World episode 3 2016

Tropical plants require a humid atmosphere. Mist plants daily, or, better, place on a tray of damp gravel, expanded clay granules (Hydroleca) or recycled lightweight aggregate (Hortag). Plants grouped together will create a humid micro-climate around their leaves.

Trees: pruning

Ornamental garden trees require minimal maintenance, but a little sensible pruning can ensure the tree remains healthy and safe and grows in an attractive shape.


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