The Beechgrove Garden episode 4 2015

The Beechgrove Garden episode 4 2015

In the Beechgrove Garden episode 4 2015 Jim is plants ‘heirloom vegetables’ to compare performance with contemporary interlopers.



In the first of several monthly visits to Scone Palace garden, head gardener Brian Cunningham unveils his plans for a tribute to local plant hunter David Douglas.

When Euan and Jenny Maclean moved into their new build house in Linlithgow it was the house of their dreams. Over the course of this series, Chris is going to guide the new to gardening couple to turn a nightmare of a space into a garden to match their dream home.


The Beechgrove Garden episode 4 2015


Decking Garden Vegetables

Carole was in the Decking Garden, which is all about growing ornamental plants, fruit and vegetables in containers.This is ideal if you have a small garden or
just a patio or balcony.
Carole explained that this year she was going to introduce some compact-growing fruit to this area. She had selected two varieties of raspberry and one variety of
blackberry. These will only grow to a metre tall and are thornless and so they are ideal for a small space. She planted three canes of the summer-fruiting variety, ‘Ruby Beauty’, into a large pot using a 50:50 mix of soil-based and soilless compost, and a small amount of general purpose fertiliser

She also planted up Raspberry ‘Little Red Princess’ and Blackberry ‘Little Black Prince’ in the same way. These are both autumn-fruiting varieties. Carole then went on to look at growing potatoes in pots. This year she has chosen two 1stearly varieties – ‘Rocket’ and ‘Abbott’. She has grown ‘Rocket’ before, but ‘Abbott’ is a new variety which claims to be faster and having more flavour than Rocket.
Carole promised a taste test in due course. Carole planted up two pots of each variety – one with a layer of manure and one without manure. Three tubers were planted into each pot. She used a compost with a little John Innes added and some potato fertiliser. The aim here is to find out which growing medium will have the biggest yield.

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