The Beechgrove Garden episode 13 2015

Beechgrove Garden episode 13 2015

In the Beechgrove Garden episode 13 2015, Jim and George are in the fruit cage while Carole starts off new collections of odd aubergines and small sweet peppers. Staying on a small scale, George is also back in his ‘square metre’ plot attempting to be constantly productive in the tiniest space.



Chris is in mid-build of new garden for Euan and Jenny Maclean in Linlithgow, trying to take a nightmare site and turn it into a dream garden. Meanwhile Carole is helping to tame a more mature garden with Mark and Aileen Snowden in Newport-on-Tay.


In The Beechgrove Garden episode 13 2015 :


 1. The secret to healthy saponaria, agapanthus and gooseberries.

Jim nips the saponaria flower heads in the bud to encourage maximum growth in the thriving cut flower plot. Carole compares the agapanthus grown in pots inside, with the three varieties grown outside and George visits the fruit cage to tie up the gooseberries.

 2. Aubergines and Peppers

Carole was in the propagation greenhouse (Rhino), damping down the floor of the greenhouse using a watering can. It was all change in here as lots of plants have gone out into the garden now including the summer bedding and half-hardy vegetables. The greenhouse was now being filled again with chillies, sweet peppers and an interesting range of aubergines. As well as warmth, these plants require high humidity, which is why Carole was damping down the floor in here.

Carole pointed out an unusual chilli called ‘Alberto’s Locoto’ with hairy leaves and vivid purple/violet flowers. And the chilli fruit will be red and was sown from seed saved from last year. Carole is growing small varieties of sweet pepper such as ‘Snackbite’ (grown last year at Beechgrove) and ‘Mini Bell’, which have small fruits that are great for popping into lunch boxes.


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