The Beechgrove Garden episode 5 2017

Beechgrove Garden episode 5 2017

Jim is planting a selection of swedes and turnips for later in the year. Meanwhile, Chris is attempting to create a rose garden at Beechgrove, but how will it cope with exposed Scottish conditions?



Carole is in Ardersier for Vegetable Garden on a Budget, with recent research suggesting that a family of four could save roughly £1,500 a year growing their own vegetables. Mari Reid lives and gardens in Ardersier and has come up with a clever way of helping others to grow their own by using community-minded land or garden share.


In The Beechgrove Garden episode 5 2017:


1. Turnips

We are all creatures of habit and Jim is used to growing familiar varieties of salad turnip such as ‘Snowball’ which have been with us for many years. He was intrigued to see a whole range of new varieties in seed catalogues. ‘Tiny Pal’ for example looked good on the seed packet. Hopefully it will taste as good as it looks. Last year we missed the harvest of Jim’s summer crop of turnips so spurred on by George’s weekly salad challenge he has decided to repeat turnip try out again this year.

2. Herbaceous splitting

The Entrance Gardens right at the head of the ornamental side of the garden forms the dam between the Bog Garden and the main path and main pond. This bed is full of spring promise as the herbaceous perennials and grasses start to emerge from the ground.

This time of year is the time to be propagating later flowering herbaceous perennials as they will have all summer to put on new shoot and root growth and still perform well later on.

3. Vegetable Gardening on a Budget

Last year as part of her Garden on a Budget strand Carole visited Mari Reid in Ardersier who also gardens on a tiny budget and is herself a queen of recycling. Her own garden is too small to grow produce and so she has come up with a couple of clever ideas to share land and gardens to feed her own plus two other families. This year we follow Mari and two families who she is helping to create vegetable gardens on a budget.


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