The Beechgrove Garden episode 9 2019

Beechgrove Garden episode 9 2019

The Beechgrove Garden episode 9 2019: this episode sees George gardening in tiny places and huge spaces. He revisits his tiny, but hugely productive, ‘small space’ garden to see what’s ready for harvest.



The Beechgrove Garden episode 9 2019


In 2017, he visited the historic but dilapidated Saughton Park to hear plans for a future facelift, and now he returns to see the extraordinary regeneration of this once-great park and how Edinburgh Council, the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society and many volunteers have created a national garden treasure for this century.

Meanwhile, Chris demonstrates how pruning can be more than just restorative and shows how to prune in creative and fun ways, making an ancient bonsai tree out of a scrubby old shrub.

Trees: pruning

Ornamental garden trees require minimal maintenance, but a little sensible pruning can ensure the tree remains healthy and safe and grows in an attractive shape.

This advice is suitable for open-grown ornamental trees. Although pruning does make trees slightly smaller than they would be without pruning, attempting to keep a big tree small by pruning is usually unsuccessful. This advice does not apply to restricted tree forms such as fans and espaliers.

Prior to undertaking any work, it is essential to ascertain if a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) is in place or if the tree is in a Conservation Area. If either is the case, seek permission from your local council before beginning work. Potentially dangerous limbs can, in theory, be removed without permission but the penalties for breaching the legislations, inadvertently or not, can be severe.

Safety is of prime importance when working with trees, so make an honest appraisal of your capabilities, assess the area in which any branches may fall, and erect warning signs or barricades if necessary before beginning. If in any doubt engage a professionally qualified tree surgeon or aboriculturist.

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