Caribbean Food Made Easy episode 1

Caribbean Food Made Easy episode 1

Caribbean Food Made Easy episode 1 – Passionate food enthusiast and celebrity chef Levi Roots takes viewers on a mouthwatering culinary journey through the vibrant flavors of the Caribbean in this captivating new four-part cookery series. Born in Jamaica, Levi returns to his roots to explore the island’s rich culinary heritage and connect with local culture through food. We follow him as he travels across Jamaica, stopping in the rustic village where he grew up to cook a spicy Jamaican lamb curry using traditional recipes passed down through generations.



Levi visits the home of world-renowned Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt and his warm, welcoming family to share laughs over heaping plates of delicious yam mash, a staple Caribbean comfort food. From beachside barbecues where fresh snapper and shrimp are grilled to perfection over open flames, to bustling marketplaces bursting with tropical fruits and vegetables, Levi fully immerses himself in the sights, sounds, and intoxicating aromas of his homeland. Back in the UK, he demonstrates how to infuse British staples with the vibrant spicy-sweet flavors of Jamaica. Levi breathes new life into familiar dishes, blending Caribbean inspiration with British sensibilities.



This exhilarating culinary adventure encourages viewers to expand their palates and get creative in the kitchen with fiery Jamaican jerk seasoning, aromatic coconut milk, and more to bring the spirit and warmth of the islands into their own homes. Join Levi on this flavorful journey through Jamaican cuisine that both celebrates tradition and culture while also reinventing Caribbean cooking for contemporary audiences.

Caribbean Food Made Easy episode 1 – Bringing the Taste of the Caribbean Home with Levi Roots

The crystal blue waters and sunny skies of the Caribbean offer more than just a beautiful backdrop. This tropical paradise is also home to a rich culinary tradition bursting with delicious flavors. In the new series Caribbean Food Made Easy, Levi Roots takes viewers on a mouthwatering journey through the tastes of his childhood home in Jamaica and shows how to bring these sunshine flavors into kitchens across the UK.


A Passion for Caribbean Cooking

Levi Roots grew up surrounded by the sights, sounds, and aromatic spices of the Caribbean. From a young age, he developed a love for cooking that has stayed with him throughout his life. As he says, “Ever since I was a little boy growing up in Jamaica, I’ve always loved to cook.” Now, Roots wants to share his lifelong passion and give people a true taste of the Caribbean.

Throughout the series, Roots travels across Jamaica revisiting the places and people who inspired his love of food. He cooks lamb in his grandmother’s garden, feasts on yams with Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt’s family, and barbecues snapper on the beach just like he did as a child. Along the way, he collects fresh local ingredients and flavors that are the essence of Caribbean cuisine.


Bringing Local Flavors Home

While the beautiful setting adds to the appeal, you don’t need a tropical getaway to experience the tastes of the islands. As Roots explains, “You don’t have to travel around the world to get your ingredients. Everything I’m going to cook in this series you can get hold of in your local shops.”

Many classic Caribbean ingredients like plantains, yams, ackee, coconut, and hot peppers are now readily available at mainstream UK grocery stores. And for herbs and spices like ginger, thyme, allspice, and scotch bonnet chili, Roots recommends putting together a Caribbean Sunshine Kit to keep the essential flavors on hand.

So even far from the shores of Jamaica, home cooks can infuse their food with a taste of the tropics. As Roots promises, “If you’ve got these essentials in your kitchen, Caribbean cooking will be a breeze.”


Infusing Local Flavors

Throughout the series, Roots uses his Caribbean Sunshine Kit to add sunshine flavors to dishes both savory and sweet. In the remote village where he grew up, he marinates lamb in a paste of scotch bonnet pepper, thyme, and allspice, then stews it with stout to make a mouthwatering homecoming meal.

Later, Roots uses the same spices to make his sticky jerk chicken wings flavored with ginger and scotch bonnet. The heat of the peppers is balanced by the sweetness of orange slices caramelized on the barbecue. He also stuffs snapper with a blend of ginger, thyme, and lime before roasting it in a foil packet. Served alongside a tangy coconut chili salsa, it makes for a fabulous beachfront barbecue.

On the sweet side, Roots’ Matrimony Deluxe lives up to its billing by marrying tropical fruits like mango, passionfruit, and lime with spiced ginger syrup. It’s a perfect example of how Caribbean flavors can enhance both main courses and desserts.


Bringing People Together Over Food

In the Caribbean, food isn’t just about ingredients and recipes. It’s a way to bring people together and celebrate life. Throughout his journey, Roots sees this joy of cooking and community again and again.

At the lively Trelawny Yam Festival, he joins in the revelry honoring a local staple. He feels the pride people have in their culture when feasting on yams with Olympic hero Usain Bolt’s family. And he hosts a beachfront fish fry that turns into an impromptu dance party.

Above all, Roots aims to share this spirit along with the recipes. He wants to bring a taste of the Caribbean sunshine into everyday cooking and make mealtimes more meaningful. As he says, “It’s delicious, it’s healthy, and it’s so easy.”


Bringing the Magic Home

Caribbean Food Made Easy reminds us that food is so much more than just sustenance. Like Levi Roots, we all have special places, people, and recipes that have shaped our lives. This series gives us a chance to celebrate those meaningful influences through fun and flavorful dishes.

With just a few handy ingredients and spices, we can infuse a bit of tropical magic into home cooking. The Caribbean flavors evoke sunshine and sea air, relaxing days by the beach, and time spent with family and friends. So let this show inspire you to make mealtimes an engaging experience and spread the joy of delicious food.



Levi Roots’ passion for Caribbean cuisine is contagious in Caribbean Food Made Easy. He takes viewers on an appetizing tour of Jamaica and demonstrates inventive ways to bring those tropical tastes into any kitchen. With his guidance and a well-stocked pantry of island ingredients, home cooks can easily add a touch of the islands to everyday cooking. More than just offering recipes, Roots reminds us that food has the power to enrich life and bring loved ones together.


FAQ – Caribbean Food Made Easy episode 1


What are some key Caribbean ingredients Levi Roots uses in the show?

Some of the staple Caribbean ingredients Roots uses are yams, plantains, ackee, coconut, scotch bonnet peppers, thyme, ginger, allspice, passionfruit, and fresh seafood like snapper and grunt. His Caribbean Sunshine Kit contains handy spices like ginger, scotch bonnet, thyme, allspice, and bay leaf.

What are some classic Caribbean dishes featured on the show?

Dishes Roots makes include curried lamb stewed with stout, roasted yam mash with brown stew fish, sticky jerk chicken wings, roast snapper with coconut salsa, sugared orange slices, and a tropical fruit dessert called Matrimony Deluxe.

Where does Levi Roots travel in the series?

Roots travels across Jamaica visiting places like Kingston, Content, and Trelawny. He also journeys to London and the south coast of the UK. But he shows how to make the dishes using ingredients found locally.

How can you experience the tastes of the Caribbean at home?

Using the Caribbean herbs, spices, and produce available locally, home cooks can make dishes like jerk chicken, curried goat, rice and peas, roasted fish, and tropical fruit desserts. Roots’ Caribbean Sunshine Kit contains the key spices to add that island flavor.

What does the series teach about the importance of food?

Caribbean Food Made Easy shows how food can evoke our memories, heritage, and senses of home. Cooking these culturally meaningful dishes together also brings joy and brings loved ones closer.

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