Celebrity MasterChef UK 2023 episode 4

Celebrity MasterChef UK 2023 episode 4

Celebrity MasterChef UK 2023 episode 4 –  It’s the second week of the cooking competition, and tensions are running high in the MasterChef kitchen. Five celebrities remain, hoping to impress the judges and avoid elimination. First up is TV personality Dave Benson Phillips, known for his over-the-top antics on kids’ shows. Musician Max George, from chart-topping boyband The Wanted, is out of his comfort zone but determined to prove he has more talents than just singing. Radio host Remi Burgz is an avid home cook and excited to show off his skills. Comedian Shazia Mirza, famous for her stand-up routines exploring her Muslim faith, wants to surprise the judges with her culinary range. And outspoken broadcaster Terry Christian, never one to mince words, is ready to spice things up.



The celebrities’ first challenge is Under the Cloche. A mystery ingredient waits under each dome, which they must transform into a stunning dish within just one hour. The cooks scramble to evaluate their ingredients and brainstorm ideas while raiding the MasterChef pantry. Vegetables, herbs, pans, and tools fly as they hurry to plate up something impressive. For Max, the challenge is utilizing figs, a fruit he’s rarely cooked with before. Shazia decides to step outside her comfort zone as well with quail, anxious she might undercook the delicate meat. The others receive more familiar ingredients like scallops, duck breast, and venison. With the clock ticking down, finished dishes include creative preparations like Dave’s pan-seared scallops with corn puree and pancetta crisp. Now the celebrities must wait nervously as the judges critique their work.



In the next challenge, the cooks have just over an hour to conceptualize and execute a stunning main course and dessert they might serve if hosting a dinner party. The celebrities brainstorm dishes that are both achievable within the time limit but will wow guests and judges alike. Ovens roar, pans sizzle, and spoons whirl as the cooks focus intently on their creations. Terry surprises with a complex Moroccan spiced lamb paired with an orange and almond cake, hoping to redeem himself after a lackluster start. Shazia sticks to her roots with a fragrant chicken biryani and rosewater kulfi that remind her of childhood meals. The others impress as well with diverse, restaurant-worthy offerings executed in a home kitchen in just over an hour.



As the clock runs out, nerves are frayed and exhaustion sets in. The celebrities have given this challenge their all, but now their fate is in the judges’ hands. At least one hopeful’s MasterChef dream will end today. John and Gregg have a difficult decision ahead as they evaluate which cook showed skill, passion, and the vision worthy of staying in the competition.


Celebrity MasterChef UK 2023 episode 4 – A Pressure Test in the Kitchen


The lights shine bright in the MasterChef kitchen as five new celebrities enter for their first big cook-off. Like lions released into the Colosseum, Dave Benson Phillips, Max George, Remi Burgz, Shazia Mirza and Terry Christian face the intensifying heat of the MasterChef oven. In this week’s episode, the hopefuls slave over sizzling pans and mystery ingredients to create culinary masterpieces fit for John Torode and Gregg Wallace. With just 60 minutes, they race against the clock while battling nerves and self-doubt. Only the most creative cooks with nerves of steel will survive to see another day.

The Infamous Under the Cloche Challenge

As the celebrities take their place at their cooking stations, the sight of ominous cloches fills them with dread. Lined up along the counters, the mysterious covered plates conceal a secret ingredient that will make or break the celebrities’ dishes. When Gregg gives the word, they lift their cloches to reveal…fish, pork, chicken, lamb and duck. With just 50 minutes to create one stunning plate of food, the pressure instantly spikes.

Frantically scanning the open pantry, the cooks grab ingredients and pans. Middle-aged comedian Dave Benson Phillips remains cool as a cucumber with his fish, using his experience of cooking for his teenage kids. Boyband star Max George nearly burns his pork cutlets, feeling the sizzling stress. DJ Remi Burgz struggles to combine his chicken with complementary flavors.

Meanwhile, stand-up comic Shazia Mirza fumbles with her lamb, forgetting a key step in her Indian marinade. Presenter Terry Christian gets off to a strong start with his crispy duck breast, but he soon falls behind. The minutes feel like seconds as the celebrities race to finish their plates on time. It’s a fierce battle of culinary skills and steady nerves.

Impressing the Discerning Palates of Gregg and John

The poor celebrities shake in their boots as they present their dishes to the judges. John and Gregg eye each plate critically, scrutinizing every element. With a dramatic pause, they take their first bite… Immediately, John spits out Remi’s chicken, comparing it to “rubber.” Max’s pork receives low marks for bland flavor. Unfortunately, Shazia’s lamb is burnt to a crisp.

After harsh critiques, Dave and Terry finally get a smile from Gregg with their perfectly cooked sea bass and duck breast. The judges see potential and perseverance in the face of flames. In the end, only the celebrities with skill, grace under pressure and a knack for balancing flavors will make it past this difficult first round.

The Dinner Party Challenge – Serving Up Culinary Excellence

With the Under the Cloche challenge complete, the remaining celebrities move onto the ultimate test – the Dinner Party challenge. Their task is to create a stunning main course and dessert worthy of the finest restaurants in just 75 minutes.

As the countdown starts, the celebrities sprint into action. Terry takes on an elaborate seafood paella for his main, hoping to impress with the complex Spanish dish. Dave chooses a more simple, classic roasted chicken with vegetables. For dessert, Terry decides on a Catalan creme brulee while Dave takes a risk with a chocolate soufflé.

In the pantry, the celebrities grab ingredients, occasionally bumping into each other in the tense rush. Back at their stations, Terry struggles to peel buckets of shellfish for his paella as the precious minutes tick away. Dave realizes too late that he forgot to prep his soufflé base early, leaving him just minutes to whip up the notoriously difficult dessert.

The last 30 minutes fly by in a blur of chopping, mixing, simmering and seasoning. Plates almost slip from hands as the celebrities race to finish their final touches. At the buzzer, they present their dinner party feasts with hesitation, worried by small mistakes but praying for the best.

Judgment Day – Impressing John and Gregg’s Refined Palates

With the dishes complete, it’s time for Gregg and John to make their final decisions. They carefully cut into the paella and chicken mains, scrutinizing texture and seasoning. Terry beams when they compliment his “restaurant-quality” rice dish, while Dave sighs in relief at their approval of his moist chicken.

However, opinions are split on the dessert course. John frowns at the eggy, undercooked soufflé, much to Dave’s disappointment. But they happily devour Terry’s velvety creme brulee, impressed by the crack of the crisp burnt sugar topping.

Based on skill, technique and the ability to thrive under intense pressure, the judges make their emotional decision. One celebrity performed with calm finesse throughout both challenges. The other struggled with complex dishes and crumbled during dessert. After a dramatic pause, Terry emerges victorious, with the judges praising his ambitious Spanish cuisine. Sadly, Dave’s soufflé seals his fate, as he becomes the latest casualty chopped from the MasterChef kitchen.

Surviving the MasterChef Gauntlet

As the adrenaline wears off, Terry soaks in his success after conquering the brutal pressure test. He joins the previous heat winners who withstood the grueling challenges on wit and skill alone. The road ahead will only get tougher, with intricate culinary tasks designed to push the celebrities to their limits.

In the end, the champion will need creativity, resilience and grace under fire to claim the Celebrity MasterChef title. But for tonight, Terry can relax and celebrate pulling off two impressive dishes under intense time constraints and judge scrutiny. After facing the flames and fierceness of the MasterChef kitchen, he emerges battle-tested and ready for the next culinary war.

Who Will Win Celebrity MasterChef UK 2023?

As the heats continue, the burning question remains – who will become the Celebrity MasterChef winner for 2023? After four gripping heats, only the most fearless home cooks have advanced, ready to compete in the semi-finals and finals.

Based on performance so far, a few front-runners stand out from the pack. Presenter Melanie Sykes wowed Gregg and John with stunning Indian food in the first heat.Then Welsh actor Gareth Thomas impressed with his high-end culinary skills in the second heat. In the third heat, TV personality Kirsty Gallacher’s complex seafood creations proved she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Of course, new competitors may rise and early favorites could stumble. Reality star Danny Jones from McFly x-factor and love for campfire cooking makes him one to watch. Comedians Kae Kurd and Kirsty Wark have both showcased their creativity and wit under pressure. Actor Lesley Joseph and TV judge Rob Rinder have years of life experience that could give them an edge. And no one can count out radio host Lisa Snowdon, with her cool confidence and palate for intense flavors.

As the competition reaches its boiling point, any of these intrepid home cooks have a shot at victory. It will come down to who can master technical challenges, deliver innovative dishes, handle the heat in the kitchen, and impress John and Gregg week after week. Viewers will have to tune in for the exciting culinary showdowns ahead to see who claims the Celebrity MasterChef crown.

Dave Benson Phillips’ Journey Comes to an End

Despite his early exit, 90’s TV icon Dave Benson Phillips can keep his head held high after competing in Celebrity MasterChef. Known for wacky children’s shows like Get Your Own Back, Dave stepped outside his comfort zone by entering the pressure cooker kitchen.

Though his food skills proved underdeveloped compared to other contenders, Dave showed grit and determination. His enthusiasm charmed viewers, especially when whipping up messy milkshakes and burgers for his kids. He represented fathers everywhere just trying their best in the kitchen with limited time and skill.

While the chocolate soufflé led to his downfall, it showed ambition to attempt such a difficult dessert. His courage facing John and Gregg’s fiery critiques made him a sympathetic underdog. Though his MasterChef journey ended prematurely, Dave won over new fans with his humor and humility.

Final Thoughts

Week after week, Celebrity MasterChef provides engrossing entertainment as famous faces struggle in the kitchen. The heat tests, mystery boxes and culinary challenges put home cooking skills to the ultimate test. Viewers hold their breath during harsh critiques from John and Gregg that often lead to tears. They take to social media to cheer on favorites and debate how they would handle the pressures.

At its core, the appeal lies in seeing celebrities brought down to reality. Though masters in the entertainment world, they become vulnerable amateurs trying not to boil over in the kitchen. Their true colors shine through under stress – whether with courage, anxiety, creativity or collapse. The human struggle to create a hearty meal against the clock and critical gaze makes for gripping television.

In the end, Celebrity MasterChef remains iconic for stretching celebs to their limits, producing hilarious meltdowns and triumphs alike. The show represents the heart, humor and horror of home cooking writ large. Each year it returns with new memorable moments and meme-worthy disasters. For the competitors, they gain priceless lessons about performing under pressure that will aid them far beyond the kitchen.


Celebrity MasterChef UK 2023 FAQ:


Who are the Celebrity MasterChef 2023 contestants?

The 20 celebrities competing in Celebrity MasterChef 2023 include actors Lesley Joseph and Gareth Thomas, comedians Kae Kurd and Shazia Mirza, radio hosts Lisa Snowdon and Remi Burgz, reality stars Danny Jones, Melanie Sykes and Kirsty Gallacher, and TV presenters Dave Benson Phillips and Terry Christian.

How does Celebrity MasterChef work?

The 20 contestants are split into 5 heats of 4 celebrities each. They face skills tests like Under the Cloche and a Dinner Party challenge. Gregg Wallace and John Torode judge their dishes and eliminate one celebrity at the end of each heat. The 5 heat winners go through to the semi-finals and finals where they compete in more difficult culinary challenges until a winner is chosen.

What are the best celebrity MasterChef dishes so far?

Standout celebrity MasterChef dishes include Melanie Sykes’ chicken curry, Gareth Thomas’ beef wellington, Kirsty Gallacher’s lobster ravioli, Danny Jones’ venison sausage roll, and Terry Christian’s seafood paella and creme brulee. Their technical skills and bold creative choices impressed Gregg and John.

Who are the Celebrity MasterChef 2023 favorites?

Early favorites tipped to win Celebrity MasterChef 2023 include Melanie Sykes for her Indian cuisine prowess, Gareth Thomas for his fine dining background, Danny Jones for his cooking passion, and Kirsty Gallacher for her creativity and nerve in the kitchen. However, new contenders may rise in the semi-finals and finals.

When is Celebrity MasterChef 2023 on TV?

Celebrity MasterChef UK 2023 airs on BBC One on Wednesdays at 8pm from August 10 to September 21. The finals week airs on September 13-15 at 8pm. Viewers can also watch episodes on HDclump.com after they air.


Celebrity MasterChef 2023 has already provided plenty of entertainment, comedy and cooking drama in its early heats. The latest episode saw Dave Benson Phillips’ soufflé stumble end his journey prematurely as Terry Christian overcame the tough pressure test. With the semi-finals and finals looming ahead, viewers are in for more edge-of-your-seat culinary showdowns and surprises. The fiercely contested race for the Celebrity MasterChef trophy promises to heat up the kitchen in the weeks ahead.

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