Countryfile – Livestock Market

Countryfile - Livestock Market

Countryfile – Livestock Market: Adam Henson and Charlotte Smith are in Derbyshire at Bakewell Livestock Market as hundreds of sheep and cattle are auctioned. Among the farmers looking to make a penny or two is Keith Harrop, who is hoping to get top dollar for one of his beef cattle. But is business brisk enough today? As well as following a busy market day, Charlotte discovers the history of markets and how Bakewell is adapting for the future with pop-up shops and also a pop-in health clinic. Joe Crowley is in East Anglia, where a proposed new multibillion-pound power grid has been met with stiff opposition.





Bakewell Livestock Market is a livestock market located in the town of Bakewell, Derbyshire, in the United Kingdom. It is one of the largest livestock markets in the country and has been operating for over 200 years. The market is held every Monday and attracts farmers, breeders, and buyers from all over the UK to buy and sell livestock such as sheep, cattle, pigs, and horses. In addition to the livestock auctions, there are also stalls selling animal feed, equipment, and other agricultural supplies.

Bakewell Livestock Market is an important part of the local economy and agricultural community, providing a vital platform for farmers to trade and sell their animals. The market has a long and rich history and continues to be an integral part of the local culture and traditions.

Stories are shared of the people, places and issues at the heart of the British countryside. Popular features include the programme’s photography contest, which culminates in a yearly calendar sold to benefit charity, the Video Diary, produced by viewers and focused on life in rural areas, and the weather forecasts.


Countryfile – Livestock Market


As an expert in the British countryside, Countryfile – Cotswolds offers weekly coverage on BBC One of rural, agricultural, and environmental issues in the United Kingdom. The program features a diverse range of presenters including John Craven, Adam Henson, Matt Baker, Tom Heap, Ellie Harrison, Paul Martin, Anita Rani, Helen Skelton, Steve Brown, Charlotte Smith, and Sean Fletcher. Each episode delves into the unique stories, characters, and traditions of a specific location or region. The program covers a variety of topics such as wildlife conservation, farming, food production, the arts, countryside crafts, social history, and leisure activities.

Journalism also plays a significant role in the program’s agenda, with Rural Affairs Correspondent Tom Heap or John Craven presenting a weekly investigation into pressing issues affecting the British countryside. Farmer Adam Henson joined the program in 2001 and in 2009, began hosting the “Adam’s Farm” segment which gives viewers an in-depth look into running a mixed farm in the Cotswolds.

In 2013, the program celebrated its 25th anniversary with a special edition guest-edited by The Prince of Wales. The episode, “Countryfile: A Royal Appointment,” followed the team as they joined the Prince on his Gloucestershire farm to learn about his passions for the British countryside, rare breed animals, organic farming and hedge-laying. Countryfile also traveled to County Durham to explore efforts to support struggling hill farmers and to a London school where pupils are growing and cooking their own food. To mark the occasion, the program also featured a new title sequence and re-versioned music composed by David Lowe.

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