Gardeners’ World 2022 episode 24

Gardeners’ World 2022 episode 24

Gardeners’ World 2022 episode 24: Adam Frost and Advolly Richmond celebrate the horticultural genius of William Robinson in the gardens of his former home, Gravetye Manor in Sussex. Fresh off the back of her success at Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival, Sue Kent gives her own garden some TLC and creates a special container display using small pots.




There’s also a passionate grower in London who uses every available space in his garden to grow a vast range of vegetables, and in Manchester is a gardener who is inspiring his local community after transforming the alley behind his house into a floral paradise.

Across the country `Gardeners’ World’ presenters, from their own gardens and homes, give advice and share their knowledge to enable people to get the most out of their gardens. For further inspiration, professionals, horticulturists and hobby gardeners provide fellow green-fingered enthusiasts with useful tips and suggestions, no matter the size of garden or level of expertise. Whether it is creating depth in a small, backyard garden or how to make the most of the latest spinach crop with homemade pesto, presenters prove that the possibilities are endless for any gardener and garden.


Gardeners’ World 2022 episode 24


How to grow dahlias

With showy blooms in a range of colours, sizes and shapes, dahlias light up sunny borders through summer and into late autumn. They suit most garden styles, from tropical to cottage borders, and smaller types can be grown in containers. As dahlia aren’t hardy, they need protection over winter.

Originally from Central America and Mexico, dahlias are tender perennials, which means they can live for many years, but do need protection from freezing temperatures. They grow from underground tubers, with the top growth dying back in winter and re-sprouting in spring. The tubers usually need to be stored in a frost-free place over winter, although in milder parts of the UK they may survive winter outdoors, especially if covered with an insulating mulch.

Dahlias are long-standing garden favourites for their bold, exotic flowers, produced over a long period. They are particularly valuable in late summer and autumn, blooming through to the first frosts. They have been widely bred to produce thousands of cultivars, with flowers in an array of styles, in colours from rich and vibrant to soft pastels, and in all sizes from 5cm (2in) across up to an impressive 30cm (1ft). The foliage is usually green, but there are darker colours too that provide a striking contrast to the flowers.

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