Gardeners World 2023 episode 17

Gardeners World 2023 episode 17

Gardeners World 2023 episode 17 – Welcome to an enchanting journey into the world of horticulture, as we invite you to immerse yourself in the splendor of the RHS Flower Show Tatton Park – a grand celebration of all things botanical and green. This horticultural extravaganza stands tall as the largest and most prestigious event of its kind in the northern region, drawing garden enthusiasts, plant lovers, and design aficionados from far and wide.

Gardeners World 2023 episode 17

Join us as we venture into this veritable Eden, where the renowned duo of Joe Swift and Frances Tophill will be your guides to the latest trends and innovations in garden design. With their keen eyes and expert insights, they will unveil mesmerizing creations that harmoniously blend artistry and nature, leaving you inspired to transform your own outdoor oasis into a verdant sanctuary.

Prepare to be mesmerized as we present a cornucopia of botanical wonders, meticulously curated by some of the finest nurseries and growers in the country. From rare blooms that exude an air of mystique to the humblest of greens that nurture our senses, each plant will captivate your heart and kindle your appreciation for the boundless beauty that Mother Nature so graciously bestows upon us.

Delving into the depths of green urban living, Joe Swift demonstrates how even the tiniest spaces can be magically transformed into a lush haven of tranquility. Discover the secrets of vertical gardens, charming balcony arrangements, and ingenious planters that ingeniously make the most of limited areas, igniting a renewed sense of green living in urban landscapes.

Gardeners World 2023 episode 17

As twilight descends upon the show, Frances Tophill invites us to explore a captivating realm that comes alive under the cover of darkness. Journey into the enchanting world of nocturnal pollinators as Frances reveals the best plants to cater to their ethereal needs, ensuring that our gardens remain vibrant and alluring even as the sun bids us farewell.

Prepare for a fascinating botanical spotlight, where Nick Bailey shines a light on the begonia family, unraveling their captivating diversity and the secrets to cultivating these resplendent blooms in our very own gardens. From the flamboyant and exotic to the demure and delicate, begonias will steal your heart and find a cherished spot in your green haven.

Our horticultural odyssey wouldn’t be complete without a heartwarming visit to a community in Liverpool, where collective gardening has blossomed into a powerful force of rejuvenation. Accompanied by the delightful Toby Buckland, we witness how the simple act of nurturing nature has transformed once-neglected streets into vibrant, green-filled avenues that breathe life and unity into the heart of the neighborhood.

So, let your imagination take flight and your love for all things green flourish as we delve into the captivating tapestry of the RHS Flower Show Tatton Park. Join us in this celebration of nature’s wonders, where garden dreams take root and bloom, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of your soul.

Gardeners World 2023 episode 17 – Bringing Floral Beauty and Community Connection to the North

Marveling at Magnificent Show Gardens

The grandeur of the horticultural world was on full display recently at the beloved RHS Flower Show Tatton Park in Cheshire, England. This highly anticipated event draws dedicated gardeners from across the north each year to immerse themselves in the majesty of nature. Meandering through vast show gardens designed by the most talented garden designers in Britain, attendees discovered innovative concepts, breathtaking plants, and insightful gardening advice.

With lush greenery, vibrant blossoms, and imaginative landscaping, these showstopping gardens dazzle the senses. This year’s exhibits featured eye-catching themes from woodland wonderlands to contemporary courtyard oases. Illuminated arched trellises entwined with roses, geometric water features lined with herbs, and meandering gravel paths through cottage garden beds captivated visitors. Each element was carefully curated to transport observers into a horticultural haven.

Bringing his expertise in stylish outdoor spaces, popular television gardener Joe Swift revealed his stunning show garden. Overflowing with textural contrast and alluring vignettes, his design demonstrated how small urban plots can become verdant escape pods. Graceful grasses swayed beside billowing Stipa tenuissima, while sculptural boxwood spheres punctuated the space. This soothing sanctuary provided inspiration for cultivating cozy corners abundant in nature’s beauty, even in the most compact of gardens.

Discovering Plant Perfection

Beyond the show gardens, RHS Flower Show Tatton Park offers something for gardeners of every skill level. Plant nurseries from across the region assemble to exhibit their latest offerings, with countless varieties available to enhance backyards and borders. This year’s event showcased dahlia diversity, fern finery, hydrangea magnificence and clematis extravagance to name but a few.

Gardening television host Frances Tophill guided attendees on selecting the most stunning, healthy and resilient plants. With her mantra of “right plant, right place”, she advised factoring in sunlight, soil, spacing, size at maturity and other considerations when choosing additions for your garden. By carefully pairing site conditions and horticultural needs, gardeners can curate a flourishing, low-maintenance paradise.

From vibrant tropical cannas to demure alpine saxifrages, the possibilities at the plant exhibits were endless. Whether starting a garden from scratch or supplementing established beds, the perfect plant specimens abounded. Visitors delighted in assembling their ideal plant palette as they uncovered rare finds and traditional favorites.

Welcoming Nature’s Nocturnal Visitors

In addition to inspiration for garden spaces and plant selection, RHS Flower Show Tatton Park provided insight into supporting biodiversity through thoughtful gardening practices. Mary Berry, the beloved British baker and gardener, gave a talk on designing borders to welcome nocturnal pollinators like moths and bats.

By including night-scented flowers such as Nicotiana and pale blossoms like Campanula that reflect moonlight, gardens can cater to essential creatures that venture out when the sun goes down. Berry also recommends leaving some areas of the garden a bit more wild to provide shelter and food sources. She encouraged attendees to appreciate the whole ecosystem and find harmony with nature through holistic gardening.

Beyond pollinator-friendly planting, Berry demonstrated how a bit of messiness aids biodiversity. Leaving fading perennial stems and grass clippings in place gives insects hiding spots to safely overwinter. A balanced garden ecosystem supports all life, from buzzing bees to fluttering moths.

Celebrating a Flower Favorite – Gardeners World 2023 episode 17

While gardens were the highlight, flowers also took center stage at Tatton Park. The Specialist Nursery exhibit organized by the Royal Horticultural Society focused on a favorite bloom – the begonia. These stunning, versatile plants come in a multitude of forms, colors and growth habits.

Horticulturist Nick Bailey guided visitors through begonia diversity, from bold and vigorous garden performers to demure rockery subjects perfect for patio containers. With over 1,800 species, begonias offer something for every gardening need. The Rex cultivars featured mesmerizing leaf patterns in silver, deep plum and jade. Meanwhile, the rhizomatous hybrids charmed with their rose-like, ruffled blossoms. Bailey encouraged appreciating these underutilized gems, as begonias thrive with minimal care.

Beyond their endless variety, begonias boast benefits for gardeners and pollinators alike. They tolerate shade, require little watering or fertilizing, and provide food and habitat for bees and butterflies. As Bailey noted, both the ambience and ecosystem of any garden can be elevated by incorporating these striking, low-maintenance plants.

Growing Community Through Gardening

While Tatton Park offered inspiration for private plots, it also highlighted the joys of communal growing. Television presenter Toby Buckland shared the story of a group of residents determined to regenerate their Liverpool neighborhood through community green spaces. By converting vacant lots into vibrant gardens, the locals built connections while beautifying their surroundings.

Volunteers of all ages worked side-by-side to remove debris, build raised beds, sow seeds and tend the grounds. Buckland emphasized that the ecological and social benefits far outweighed the effort. Growing together deepened bonds between neighbors, provided purpose, and transformed derelict spaces into pockets of productivity and pride. The endeavor highlights the profound impact that shared gardening endeavors can have in uniting and uplifting communities.

Beyond these heartwarming tales, Buckland provided practical tips for initiating public planting projects, from garnering local government support to engaging enthusiasts of all skill levels. By embracing the collaborative power of gardening, communities can find common ground while propagating natural beauty.

Cultivating Joy and Healing Through Nature

From show garden concepts to plant picks, the RHS Flower Show Tatton Park provided inspiration to carry gardeners through the seasons ahead. Summer’s long days and warm nights invite lingering in leafy landscapes, capturing nature’s wonder, and slowing down to appreciate each blossom. As autumn approaches, vivid foliage and cheerful chrysanthemums offer previews of cooler days ahead, while providing harvest for seasonal crafts.

Winter nestles gardens under a blanket of stillness and quiet contemplation. The slumbering earth rests before spring again stirs renewed energy and endless creativity. The gardener’s wheel of the year provides ritual, routine and connection through every cycle.

Most of all, Tatton Park served as a reminder of the solace, relaxation and sense of purpose that gardening brings. Cultivating living beauty lifts the spirit, connects us to the rhythms of nature, and promotes community. By gifting ourselves time among the flowers and foliage, gardeners nurture their own growth and healing. Each petal, leaf and living thing sings its song, if we pause to listen.


The RHS Flower Show Tatton Park represents the pinnacle of horticultural excellence and inspiration. From lavish show gardens to plant perfection, this gathering cultivates creativity and community. The advice and exhibits equip gardeners to craft sustainable outdoor havens, support biodiversity, and use nature’s beauty to heal. Though the show has ended, its spirit of cultivating joy through gardens lives on. By learning from experts and connecting with fellow gardeners, we can spread this vital mission through our own backyards and neighborhoods. Wherever we plant and nurture living things, hope blossoms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key highlights of the RHS Flower Show Tatton Park?

The Tatton Park flower show features stunning show gardens by top designers like Joe Swift, an extensive plant marketplace with expert advice, talks and demonstrations on gardening topics, and examples of community gardening projects.

What gardening tips did Joe Swift and Frances Tophill share?

Joe Swift displayed a small urban garden with creative elements like billowing grasses and boxwood sculptures. Frances Tophill guided plant selection by advising choosing options suited for site conditions.

How can gardeners support nocturnal pollinators?

Including night-scented and pale-colored flowers, leaving some wild areas, and keeping plant debris in place over winter all provide habitat for nocturnal insects.

Why are begonias recommended by Nick Bailey?

Begonias come in endless varieties for any garden need. They require minimal care and support bees and butterflies.

How did community gardening help regenerate a Liverpool neighborhood?

By transforming vacant lots into gardens, residents built connections and beautified their surroundings through teamwork.

What wellbeing benefits does gardening offer?

Gardening provides relaxation, creative expression, ritual through seasons, and a sense of purpose and healing through connecting with nature.

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