Gardeners World 2023 Episode 22

Gardeners World 2023 Episode 22

Gardeners World 2023 Episode 22 – In this delightful episode, Monty Don takes center stage, demonstrating the intricate art of taking cuttings from various herbs, ensuring that gardening enthusiasts can multiply their favorite plants. Not only this, but Monty also ventures into the world of summer raspberries, sharing his expertise on the best pruning techniques to yield a more fruitful harvest. On top of these insights, he gets his hands dirty by planting the ever-vibrant daylilies and gives his beloved topiary creation, Nigel, a much-needed trim to ensure its pristine appearance.

Gardeners World 2023 Episode 22

Adam, in his quest for knowledge, embarks on a journey to Whitstable, located on the scenic Kent coast. There, he delves deep into the challenges gardeners face while contending with the often unpredictable and extreme weather conditions – from the wild gusts of wind to torrential downpours. It’s a testament to the resilience and adaptability of these green-thumbed individuals.

Meanwhile, we are treated to a return visit to the picturesque York Gate in Leeds. Here, Frances immerses herself in the diverse world of plant combinations. With the guidance of the head gardener, she uncovers a plethora of unusual and captivating pairings that promise to intrigue and inspire.

Gardeners World 2023 Episode 22

Then there’s the story of champion community gardener Tayshan Hayden-Smith. With unyielding passion, he makes his way to Somerset. His mission? To witness firsthand how a truly inspirational gardener has transformed a plot of land into a pioneering allotment space. This haven is designed specifically for local children, providing them a sanctuary where they can dive into the enchanting world of gardening, experiencing its joys and wonders for themselves.

Additionally, we meet a unique gardener with an eye for the extraordinary. With a penchant for salvaging, he creatively upcycles an array of uncommon objects, integrating them seamlessly into his garden as standout features. And for those who share a love for daylilies, we’ll get up close and personal with a dedicated grower who has devoted his life to these beautiful blooms.

Gardeners World 2023 Episode 22 – An Inspiring Showcase of Gardening Skills and Creativity

Monty Don Demonstrates Essential Gardening Techniques

Monty Don is one of the best-known gardeners in the UK, sharing his expertise each week on Gardeners’ World. In this episode, he demonstrated several key gardening techniques that can help any gardener have success growing plants.

First, Monty showed how to take cuttings from herbs to propagate new plants. Taking cuttings allows you to replicate your favorite herbs like mint, oregano, thyme, and more for free. Monty selected healthy stems, removed the lower leaves, and placed the cuttings in potting soil so they could form roots. With proper care, the cuttings will be established as individual plants that can be transplanted. This is an easy way to share herbs with friends or fill your garden beds.

Next, Monty tackled summer raspberry pruning. Pruning raspberry bushes in summer after fruiting promotes good air circulation and removes old canes. Monty cut the two-year-old floricanes that had already produced berries down to the ground. The one-year-old primocanes were trimmed back to 4-5 feet tall, which will go on to bear next year’s crop. Proper pruning improves yields and health.

Monty also planted some beautiful daylily plants, known for their bright, colorful blooms. Daylilies are hardy perennials that thrive in full sun with well-drained soil. They bloom throughout the summer and require almost no maintenance. Monty chose a partially shaded border to give his new daylily plants the dappled light they need.

Finally, Monty gave his topiary a trim. Topiaries are plants pruned into ornamental shapes. Monty’s topiary is clipped into a spiral design. Trimming stimulates dense new growth while maintaining the desired form. Monty focused on getting crisp edges and a defined shape. With regular trimming, topiaries can last for decades. Monty’s gardening tips, from propagation to pruning, demonstrate simple methods every gardener should practice. His advice helps gardeners grow plants successfully and keep landscapes looking their best.

Adam Frost Visits the Wild and Windy Kent Coast

Gardener and television presenter Adam Frost is known for his stunning garden designs. In this segment, Adam traveled to the town of Whitstable on the Kent coast. This region experiences very intense weather patterns coming off the sea. As a result, gardening in coastal Kent presents unique challenges. The goal of Adam’s visit was to see how local gardeners cope with the wild, wet, and windy conditions.

Whitstable is located on the northeast coast of Kent in southeast England. Kent experiences more sunshine and less rain on average than most of the UK. However, the winds coming off the sea and storms blowing through make for dramatic shifts in weather. Plants have to be hardy and well-adapted to thrive.

As Adam explored Whitstable, he discovered the gardens protected themselves in creative ways. Strategically placed walls and fences blocked wind to create sheltered microclimates. Fast-draining gravel and pebbles were used instead of soil or lawns. Salt-tolerant plants like echiums, sea hollies, sedums, and grasses grew in drifts that resisted getting battered.

Other interesting finds included maritime-themed decorations fashioned from old buoys, shells, ropes, and driftwood. The gardens celebrated the coastal setting instead of fighting it. Adam saw how working with the challenges of the environment, rather than against it, leads to unique beauty and resilience.

The episode highlighted how gardening must adapt to the location and weather patterns. The Whitstable gardens thrived by embracing the seaside landscape. Creative solutions transformed rugged conditions into treasured character. Every gardener can gain inspiration and knowledge from observing these examples of success.

An Inside Look at Stunning York Gate Garden in Leeds

York Gate Garden near Leeds offers a world-class display garden and a hidden horticultural gem. This exceptional garden was featured on Gardeners’ World to showcase its outstanding plant combinations and immaculate design.

York Gate Garden covers one acre near the historic city of Leeds in Yorkshire, England. It is managed by the Perennial Gardeners. The head gardener is Trevor Nicholson, who has cultivated and cared for York Gate for over 45 years. Trevor utilizes his horticultural expertise to craft stunning displays.

Garden tour guide Frances Tophill took viewers through York Gate to see the garden’s diverse areas linked by creatively planted pathways. There are wide vistas filled with herbaceous borders in colorful, complementary flower combinations. Intimate, enclosed rooms feature pools, seating areas, and unique specimens like giant gunnera.

Frances was struck by York Gate’s exceptional plant pairings. For example, dahlias and astilbes in pink and purples create an impact together. The garden transitions seamlessly from formal planters to wildflower meadows. Water features like rills and fountains add soothing sounds. As Frances explored, Trevor shared his plant knowledge and design insights.

York Gate Garden demonstrates how superb horticulture and thoughtful planting can craft unforgettable garden spaces. The harmonious plant combinations and flowing pathways are stunning yet completely accessible for visitors. York Gate is a magnificent example of horticultural excellence that inspires both professional and amateur gardeners.

Community Gardener Tayshan Hayden-Smith Promotes Youth Gardening

In this uplifting segment, community gardener Tayshan Hayden-Smith visited a pioneering allotment project to get children interested in gardening. The project is located in Somerset at the Avalon Community Energy allotment site. The goal is to give local youth hands-on gardening experience to connect them with nature.

Tayshan met the allotment founder Andy Langford and children from Avalon School. Andy began the allotment three years ago to create opportunities for children who lack access to outdoor space. The allotment has miniature greenhouses, raised beds, and child-sized tools perfect for little hands.

Andy guides the children planting seeds, tending plants, and harvesting produce. They particularly love finding insects and creatures among the veggies. The children gain knowledge of how food is grown along with skills like patience, responsibility, and teamwork. Many take their newfound passion back home to start gardening with their families.

Tayshan described the allotment as “inspiring” in giving children their first taste of gardening magic. Projects like this allotment encourage youth to value plants, wildlife, and the natural world. Gardening also builds community and brings generations together.

The Avalon allotment demonstrates that a little outdoor space and guidance can make a big difference in kids’ lives. Tayshan’s visit reminded us that gardens have immense power to educate, heal, and bring people together in profound ways.

Unique Garden Salvage and Upcycling Projects

Salvaging and repurposing discarded items as garden features are currently trending. Gardeners enjoy the creativity and thriftiness of upcycling. This episode featured a savvy gardener named Ricky who loves combing flea markets and trash piles to find unique upcycling materials.

Some of Ricky’s best projects include making sculptures from old bike parts, decorating with reused wood, and installing broken crockery shards on walls as mosaics. He also incorporates lots of recycled containers, bottles, and tins into planters and landscaping features.

Ricky advises new upcyclers to look at objects differently. He sees endless possibilities rather than limitations. For example, broken chairs become trellises while cutlery transforms into wind chimes. Let your imagination run wild.

Upcycling reduces waste, saves money, and adds personal flair. Treasure can be found if you look creatively at discarded items. Any gardener can repurpose salvage materials into their own magical, whimsical paradise. Start stockpiling unique finds and get ready to reinvent cast-offs.

The Art and Science of Growing Beautiful Daylilies

Daylilies are classic perennial garden plants that put on a spectacular floral display. Gardeners’ World visited plant breeder John Taylor to learn about his lifelong passion for hybridizing daylilies. John has devoted decades to perfecting these stunning blooms.

Originally from Asia, daylilies thrive across USDA Hardiness Zones 4-9. They prefer full sun and moderately moist, well-drained soil. Daylilies are named for their flowers which each last only one day. However, each plant produces multiple blooms in succession for weeks of color.

John Taylor’s breeding work focuses on several traits. He selects plants with the fullest, roundest flower shape and the most buds per stem. John also breeds vibrant, saturated colors and striking color patterns. Other priorities include ruffled edges, pronounced veins, and neat, compact growth.

Viewers got a behind-the-scenes look at the meticulous hand-pollination process. John cross-pollinates his best plants to create stunning new hybrids with ideal combinations of traits. He evaluates thousands of seedlings annually, seeking that perfect new flower.

John’s lifelong dedication shows both the science and the artistry behind breeding plants. His beautiful daylilies illustrate how gardeners can create living art through their botanical knowledge and passions. Both the rational and the romantic motivate great horticultural achievements.


This episode of Gardeners’ World gave viewers an enriching exploration of gardens and gardening. Monty Don modeled essential horticultural skills every gardener needs. Adam Frost revealed how coastal gardens adapt to challenging weather. We discovered the excellence of York Gate and the creativity of salvaging. Community gardens and daylily breeders alike demonstrated the meaningful power of growing plants.

Gardening connects us to nature’s beauty and brings people together. It stimulates minds while providing peace, food, and artwork for our world. This episode provided inspiration and knowledge for gardeners at all levels to create their havens of living color and character. The guidance will empower novice and expert growers alike to nurture gardens as sanctuaries and masterpieces.

Frequently Asked Questions – Gardeners World 2023 Episode 22

How old is Monty Don?

Monty Don is 67 years old as of 2023, born July 8, 1955. He has been a popular gardening expert in the UK since the early 1980s.

Where does Adam Frost live?

Adam Frost resides in Devon, England with his wife Sulina and their four children. His two-acre garden located near Holbeton has been featured in various television shows.

What is York Gate?

York Gate is a magnificent one-acre garden near Leeds, England designed by the Perennial Gardeners. It contains creatively planted herbaceous borders, meadows, water features, and unique specimens.

Who is Tayshan Hayden-Smith?

Tayshan Hayden-Smith is an award-winning community gardener focused on involving inner-city and minority youths in horticulture. He promotes gardening as a tool for education and empowerment.

What is a daylily?

Daylilies are hardy perennial flowering plants famous for their colorful, abundant blooms. They prefer full sun and require minimal care to provide spectacular summer displays in the garden.

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