Gardeners World 2023 Episode 25

Gardeners World 2023 Episode 25

Gardeners World 2023 Episode 25 – This week, Monty Don delves deep into the beauty of his beloved Cottage Garden. He is mulling over a comprehensive revamp to elevate its charm. Not just that, Monty demonstrates the art of dividing perennials, a smart technique to gain fresh plants without spending a dime. In preparation for the delightful spring, he meticulously plants bulbs in pots. As the week progresses, he joyfully harvests his luscious sweetcorn and shares invaluable wisdom on nurturing flowering house plants during the cold winter months.

Gardeners World 2023 Episode 25

In another enlightening segment, Adam Frost takes us on a journey to Manchester. Here, he unveils a transformative project that is not just an ordinary initiative. It’s an endeavor that revives the city’s rich industrial history with a green touch, symbolizing rebirth and sustainable evolution. Frances Tophill embarks on an enchanting trip to a nursery nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Kent. This haven isnot just any nursery; it’s a veritable treasure trove, overflowing with vibrant salvias that paint a picture of nature’s wonder.

Gardeners World 2023 Episode 25

Venturing into the heart of Herefordshire, Nick Bailey introduces us to a garden masterpiece. This garden seamlessly integrates the breathtaking panorama of the surrounding countryside, showcasing a harmonious blend of nature and human creativity. In a touching story, we are introduced to a passionate gardener from Southampton. His garden isn’t just a space filled with plants; it’s a sanctuary. This sacred space has been instrumental in rejuvenating his physical health and providing solace to his mind in turbulent times.

Lastly, we journey to Nottinghamshire to witness a garden that narrates a story. It’s not just a garden; it’s an embodiment of its owner’s rich cultural heritage, seamlessly woven into every corner and every plant design.

Gardeners World 2023 Episode 25

Monty Delves Deep into His Beloved Cottage Garden

The 68-year-old gardening legend Monty Don has been tending to his cottage garden in Herefordshire for over three decades. This style of informal planting brings him much joy, as it celebrates the beauty and abundance of nature. However, Monty recognizes it is time for a revamp. Over the years, issues like box blight have damaged the hedges. The garden excels during spring and when the roses bloom but lacks continuity in other seasons. Monty plans to transform the space into a rose garden, focusing on roses and reliable perennials like hardy geraniums and phlox. This will enhance the floral display from summer through fall. Though dramatic, the change aligns with Monty’s aim to simplify and unify the planting scheme.

Dividing Perennials Is Frugal Gardening at Its Finest

As an economical gardener, Monty frequently divides perennials to generate more plants for free. He demonstrates how to carefully dig up and divide a mature clump of lupins. Ideally, this is done in spring or fall when plants are dormant, but it works now too. Each section must have roots and crowns attached. Monty temporarily heels the divisions into a spare patch of ground, where they happily establish before being shifted to their permanent spots. For perennials without fleshy roots like lupins, he sometimes opts to take cuttings. Dividing is extremely rewarding, allowing gardeners to expand their plant collections on a budget.

Get a Jumpstart on Spring by Planting Bulbs in Pots

Eager for spring, Monty begins planting flower bulbs in pots. This guarantees a colorful spring display, especially in garden borders where bulbs can’t be planted directly. Good drainage is critical, so Monty uses free-draining compost amended with grit and places crocks at the bottom. He demonstrates layering bulbs in a pot, first planting hyacinths and covering them before adding shorter daffodils on top. The emerging flower stems will grow through each other. Come late winter, the pots can be plunged into soil or the bulbs planted out in the garden after blooming. Either way, they’ll deliver joy when we need it most.

Revel in the Sweet Rewards of Homegrown Sweetcorn

Monty happily harvests a bumper crop of sweetcorn he grew from seed in his vegetable garden. Though not the easiest vegetable for beginners, success with sweetcorn is achievable with good ground preparation and maintaining consistent soil moisture. Choose an area with full sun and shelter from strong winds. Sow seeds directly in the ground from late spring, in block formations rather than rows to aid pollination. Sweetcorn is ready for picking when kernels are plump and ooze a milky sap when pierced. Eat as soon as possible for optimum sweetness. For Monty, the succulent fresh-picked cobs are worth the effort.

Show Your Flowering Houseplants Some Winter Love

As temperatures drop, Monty turns his attention to nurturing flowering houseplants like streptocarpus. He recommends cutting back spent flower stems to encourage new blooms. Water these plants from above, allowing the crowns to remain dry. Monty has found that streptocarpus thrive under the benches in his greenhouse over winter where light levels and moisture are just right. For indoor growing, avoid leaving streptocarpus in waterlogged saucers. With a little winter care, flowering houseplants will continue gracing your home with color and vitality.

Manchester’s Industrial Past Transformed into a Green Oasis

In central Manchester, Adam Frost explores an innovative project to convert a 19th century railway viaduct into a 160-meter elevated garden. Once vitally connecting Manchester’s cotton industry, the viaduct became derelict before the National Trust spearheaded its green transformation. Years of pollution left an inhospitable concrete substrate atop the structure. Head gardener Pam Smith explained how they overcame challenges like restricted weight limits to install raised plant beds. The team was amazed by how nature regenerated once given the chance. The urban garden attracts wildlife while providing the community much-needed access to green space and the viaduct’s heritage. For Adam, its rebirth is a testament to the positivity and optimism of gardeners.

Salvias Take Center Stage at a Picturesque Nursery in Kent

At Great Comp Garden in Kent, Frances Tophill discovers a world-class salvia collection. She is astounded by the range of colors, growth habits, and drought-tolerance these mint family plants possess. Salvia expert William Dyson has assembled over 200 varieties here alongside other late summer perennials like dahlias. He explains how the tubular flowers attract nectar-seeking pollinators. Honeybees even chew holes in the sides of the blooms to bypass the narrow openings. The nursery’s free-draining soil nurtures the salvias perfectly. Frances comes away newly enlightened about incorporating these beauties in her own garden.

A Garden Masterpiece Harmoniously Blends Nature and Human Creativity

Nestled in the rolling North Herefordshire countryside, Rhodds Farm is home to an exquisite two-acre garden masterfully designed by owner Cary Goode. Nick Bailey tours this hidden gem, taking in vistas of the Malvern Hills. He is impressed by the skillful planting combinations and seamless integration with the surrounding landscape. Simple repetition of forms and textures makes the garden feel cohesive. Nick highlights a “hot border” filled with fiery dahlias and salvia paired with cool green foliage, a visual technique that intensifies the vibrancy. Beyond the formal areas, soft perennial plantings blur the boundaries between garden and nature. For Nick, Rhodds Farm is a testament to thoughtful design that celebrates both artistry and ecology.

A Southampton Gardener Finds Solace and Purpose in His Sanctuary

In his Southampton garden, gardener Leigh Johnstone describeshis profound connection to nature, cultivated since childhood. For Leigh, gardening became a lifeline during struggles with trauma and mental health. He transformed his lawn into a wildlife-friendly space overflowing with sensory delights. Carefully timed sessions in the garden help him manage anxiety symptoms and nurture gratitude. Leigh also grows uplifting annuals to gift others in need. His “giving garden” allows him to honor his late grandmother’s passion for plants while spreading hope. By openly sharing his mental health journey online, Leigh empowers and inspires people everywhere to experience the healing power of gardening.

A Nottinghamshire Garden Weaves Cultural Heritage into its Design

Smita Jobling’s stunning Nottinghamshire garden reflects her family’s Indian heritage and Kenyan childhood home. She prioritized tropical plants like canna lilies and vibrant perennials to mimic her grandmother’s garden. Themed spaces like a pool flanked by water lilies and a medicinal plant border provide sensory richness. Smita’s elderly mother finds comfort and community while gardening, despite health challenges. For the family, their garden is a living legacy, representing generations who found nourishment, joy and solace while tending the earth. Its unique design pays homage to their story and lasting bond with the natural world.

The Gift of Gardening

This week, Gardeners’ World shines light on the tremendous healing, restorative and uplifting power of gardening. For many, it provides a sanctum where they can process grief, connect with beloved traditions, or simply feel whole again. Though styles and personal stories vary, all the featured gardeners are united in their conviction that cultivating and safeguarding nature ultimately cultivates and uplifts us. By generously sharing knowledge and even literal gifts from their gardens, they spread hope and belonging. Their passion is an inspiration, reminding us that gardens – whether grand in scale or humble in scope – have the capacity to make our souls flourish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What did Monty Don say is the benefit of dividing perennials?

Dividing perennials allows gardeners to get more plants for free. It’s an economical way to expand your garden without spending money.

Why does Monty recommend planting bulbs in pots at this time of year?

Planting spring flowering bulbs in pots now ensures you’ll have a colorful display, especially in garden borders where bulbs can’t be directly planted.

How did the gardeners convert the railway viaduct in Manchester into an elevated garden?

They brought in raised plant beds and soil to overcome obstacles like weight limits on the concrete structure. Nature regenerated itself once conditions improved.

What makes the Nottinghamshire garden unique?

The owner designed it with tropical plants that reflect her family’s Indian heritage and Kenyan childhood gardens. It celebrates their cultural story.

How did gardening help Leigh from Southampton with his mental health?

Time in his wildlife-friendly garden provides sensory relaxation and mindfulness. He also grows uplifting plants to gift others struggling with mental health issues.


The latest episode of Gardeners’ World was a heartwarming testament to the joys of gardening. We were reminded how cultivating nature also cultivates hope, purpose and community. Monty’s tips will help optimize success in our own gardens while the gardeners’ personal stories illustrate the profound connections humans share with plants. Gardening nourishes our bodies and souls, making the world a little more beautiful.

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