Gardening Australia ep. 12 2018

Gardening Australia ep. 12 2018

In Gardening Australia ep. 12 2018, Jane Edmanson visits a home full of indoor plants; Costa Georgiadis finds a roof garden on a block of flats; Sophie Thomson builds a wicking bed; Tino Carnevale discovers Antarctic gardening; and Millie Ross grows a seat.



Gardening Australia ep. 12 2018


Outside In

Jane meets an indoor plant enthusiast to learn some of his secrets of keeping plants happy and flourishing!

A Touch of Green

Tino finds out how scientists are gardening in the Antarctic

The Leafy Lounge

Millie shows us how we can grow a luscious leafy lounge using up cycled materials and, of course, plants

A Small Kingdom

Jerry drops in on a couple who are growing a variety of produce in their rental garden using a range of inventive methods

Magical Mushrooms

Josh meets a couple of young innovators who have combined waste management with urban farming to grow nutritious and healthy fungi

Wicking Works

Sophie shows us how to make a wicking bed out of a recycled food container


Jane gets her hands dirty making kokedama – Japanese moss balls

My Garden Path – Amy Duncan

We watch tattoo artist Amy Duncan at work as she creates a botanical work of art, and talks about her connection to plants and flowers

You’ve Got Mail

Tino shows how to keep mail-order plants healthy and thriving once they arrive on the doorstep

Raising the Roof

Costa meets residents of an old block of flats who have worked together to create an amazing rooftop garden

Jobs for the Weekend – 13 April 2018

Seasonal advice on jobs to do in the garden this weekend

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