Gardening Australia ep. 38 2018

Gardening Australia ep. 38 2018

Josh Byrne meets a team of young urban gardeners, Jane Edmanson explores an inner-city courtyard, Tino Carnevale builds a range of supports for summer vegetables and Millie Ross converts a container for alpine plants.




Gardening Australia ep. 38 2018


A Garden of Friendship

Costa explores the Chinese Friendship Garden – a calm refuge among the busyness of central Sydney – and learns the significance of some of its plants and landscaping


Tino offers some tips on watering, Sophie has advice for keeping your bulbs healthy, and Jane explains how to space out plants for hedgin

Crafty Containers

Millie Ross, an expert at upcycling discarded oddments, finds the perfect container to convert to growing alpine plants

Support Act

Tino shows a range of ways you can support your summer vegies, saving space and keeping crops safe in the process

Hives for Health

Sophie meets a former soldier-turned-apiarist who has found solace and healing in beekeeping

Growing a Future

Josh digs into an urban farming scheme in Perth that teaches young people plant skills, adds colour to the streets and produces fresh food

Inner-City Gem

Jane visits a whimsical courtyard garden enclosed by apartment blocks that thrives, despite its limited soil and extreme light and shade

Gold Stars

Jerry finds a cornucopia of interesting plants at Griffith University, curated by enthusiasts keen to promote local species using an app ‘GroNative’

My Garden Path – Nadine Keegan

We meet leadlight artist Nadine Keegan, whose colourful work is inspired by Australian plants, animals and landscapes


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