Gardening Australia episode 10 2019

Gardening Australia episode 10 2019

In Gardening Australia episode 10 2019: Jane Edmanson pops into a historic homestead garden, Sophie Thompson learns how to build a bandicoot bungalow, Tino Carnevale enjoys the Autumn colour in Tassie and we meet a passionate propagator of Wollemi pines.



Gardening Australia has always provided practical, trustworthy and credible gardening advice to inspire and entertain. Join Costa Georgiadis and the team as they traverse the country unearthing the best gardens.


Gardening Australia episode 10 2019


Food is Free

Costa Georgiadis meets the gardener behind the ‘Food is Free’ movement.

Food insecurity is a phrase often applied to developing countries, but it’s easy to forget that there are people within our own communities that may not be able to readily access and experience fresh, healthy, organic food for a variety of reasons. For backyard vegie growers, the problem is often the opposite – how can we sustainably manage excess produce and engage with our community? It can be as simple as sharing – gardeners providing their produce for free to those that need it most.

FAQs – Citrus Flowers | Circular bites on leaves | Chemical disposal

Gardening Australia presenters answer commonly asked gardening questions.

Top Tip – Watering

Tino shares watering tips to avoid fungal disease in the garden.

We’ve all received the advice from other gardeners to avoid watering our plants overhead, and to water first thing in the morning rather than the evening. This is solid advice for a number of reasons, but primarily to do with leaf wetness, essentially “free water” sitting on the surface of leaves encouraging fungal issues.

Bolinda Vale

Jane visits a historic homestead where the owners have transformed their garden to be more climate conscience.

Aquatic Edibles

Josh is revamping his “pond” of aquatic edible plants with some much-needed maintenance.

Josh grows a huge range of edible plants in his garden, and they are not just limited to his garden beds and pots. He also grows some edible aquatic plants in a metal and plastic pond and bog area, and after a couple of years, this area is ready for a revamp.

Cabbage White Butterfly

Sophie looks into different methods to deter cabbage white butterflies.

Corn Stalk Climbing Frame

Millie has a two in one solution for her end of season corn crop.

Autumn Splendour

Tino enjoys the amazing transformation in some of his favourite Autumn deciduous trees.

Bandicoot Bungalow

Sophie visits the bushland home of one of Australia’s iconic critters to learn how to build a bungalow for bandicoots.

Top Tip – Snail Control

Jane shows some safe ways to deal with snail pests without resorting to poison!

Eat Your Greens – Kings Salad Recipe

Jerry has some great tips on how to diversify the edible greens you’re growing in your garden.

Natural Predators – Aphid Control

Millie shows how nature took care of the aphids attacking her corn. Even experienced gardeners can have moments in the patch where they see something they have never seen before. In Millies patch, her blue corn crop (Zea mays cv.) developed a serious infestation of Aphids, with literally thousands of aphids coating almost every surface of the foliage and stem.

Being late in the season, this crop was weakened and susceptible to pests and diseases. Unable to undertake any control methods at the time (Millie IS a busy gardener), she snapped a few pictures, and noticed that scattered amongst the vibrant green aphids were some brown aphids that appeared dead. Returning a week later, Millie was delighted to find that her aphid problem had been solved, not by human or chemical intervention, but by nature.

My Garden Path – Baz Blain

We meet Baz Blain – a passionate propagator of Wollemi Pines in his home nursery.


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