Gardening Australia episode 10 2021

Gardening Australia episode 10 2021

Gardening Australia episode 10 2021: Costa Georgiadis learns to love spiders, Sophie Thompson shows there’s no such thing as garden waste, Jerry Coleby-Williams visits a Toowoomba garden designed for wildlife, and we meet the first family of Bromeliad growers.



Gardening Australia has always provided practical, trustworthy and credible gardening advice to inspire and entertain. Inspiring, entertaining and full of practical advice, join Costa Georgiadis and the team as they unearth gardening ideas, meet avid gardeners and look at some of the most inspiring gardens from across the country.


Gardening Australia episode 10 2021


Toowoomba Treasure

Jerry meets a Toowoomba couple who have transformed a bare garden into a wildlife wonderland that looks lovely too! Toowoomba is home to the Carnival of Flowers because it is such good gardening country – rich soil, reliable rainfall and a mild climate. That’s what attracted Richard and Anne-Maree to this area.

They couple met while studying to be National Park Rangers and wanted a garden with a pleasing vista as well as habitat for wildlife. There are granitic sand entertaining areas and paths, several water features to reflect the sky and small nooks to sit in. There is a lot of rock and a long gabion wall that Richard built.

They painted the house black to set off the plants alongside, including tree ferns and the red new growth of Melaleuca ‘Claret Tops’. There are a series of circular raised beds for growing vegetables. Brush Box have been planted closely in the rear fernery area to create instant cover for the shade-loving plants. There are several old logs planted with orchids and other epiphytes, which Richard loves hunting down at garage sales.

FAQs – Weeds in pavers | Green potatoes | Gymea lily

Josh advises on weeds around pavers, Jane explains why – and how – to avoid potatoes turning green and Clarence gives some tips on how to encourage a Gymea lily to flower.

Waste to Wonderful – Gardening Australia episode 10 2021

Sophie shows how to treat different green ‘waste’ in your garden so that it all goes back to making your soil healthier and more productive.

When it’s time for a garden clean up, Sophie warns against throwing all the prunings and plants in the green bin – “it’s like throwing the baby out with the bathwater,” she says. “It’s a great source of organic matter that our gardens are screaming out for,” she explains.

Sophie has different ways of using different sorts of green waste.


Tino Carnevale shows how to care for asparagus in autumn.

Container Combos – Gardening Australia episode 10 2021

Millie experiments with a range of different plant companions sharing a host of different container homes.

Secret Life of Spiders

Costa meets an arachnid expert who shows how lovable these much-maligned invertebrates are – and how useful they can be for gardeners.

Park for the People – Gardening Australia episode 10 2021

Josh visits the new Perth Stadium and discovers the plantings making the place an oasis of calm where families can spend time.

Transplanting Tips

Clarence shows how – and when – to transplant different plants to get the best from your garden.

My Garden Path – Rebekah Trevor

We meet the first family of Bromeliad growers, including the next generation taking over the reins.

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