Gardening Australia episode 12 2019 – Easter Special

Gardening Australia episode 12 2019

In Gardening Australia episode 12 2019: Costa Georgiadis explores an urban farm giving city kids a country experience, Sophie Thomson and her girls do some crafty flower pressing and Millie Ross drops in on a small suburban garden bursting with plants and quails.



Gardening Australia has always provided practical, trustworthy and credible gardening advice to inspire and entertain. Join Costa Georgiadis and the team as they traverse the country unearthing the best gardens.


Gardening Australia episode 12 2019 – Easter Special


City Kids Country Life

Costa explores the iconic Collingwood Children’s Farm to learn how the urban farm is engaging even the smallest members of the community. Costa heads to the Collingwood Children’s Farm, which has been has been feeding the bellies & imaginations of families of inner-city Melbourne for 40 years.

Nestled on the banks of the Yarra River only 5km from the city, the 4-hectare Collingwood Children’s Farm is a modern community space, complete with café, community gardens and educational areas. But this farm is also one of the oldest worked farming plots in the state of Victoria, having been continually farmed since 1836. A not-for-profit organisation, the Collingwood Children’s Farm has ploughed the fields since 1979, offering hands on, down and dirty experiences for city-slickers.

FAQs – Watering Tree Ferns | Passionfruit not fruiting | Native seed collecting | Storing pumpkin

Gardening Australia presenters answer commonly asked gardening questions.

Hop To It – Easter Jobs

It’s Easter at The Patch and Tino has some great tips to get you in the garden this long weekend. The Easter break is the perfect time to hop out into the garden and get some jobs out of the way, so Tino gives us some of his must-do gardening jobs for this time of year.

Ants in Your Plants

Jane shares tips on how to control ants in your pot plants. Almost every gardener has, at one time or another, had ants hanging out in their potted plants, nesting in the air pockets within the dry soil. While nesting in these pots, ants can begin to move the potting mix away from the roots, resulting in stressed plants. This is especially true of pots containing coarser potting mixes, like orchids.

As a solution, Jane recommends moisture – ants cannot nest where it is wet, so give pots a good soaking with the hose, or a dunking in a bucket of water. When dunking plants, wait until all the air bubbles have stopped appearing, as this means the voids have been filled. This simple solution should stop ants in your plants for a while.

The Pocket-Sized Patch

Millie visits a small-scale kitchen garden that produces a productive bounty thanks to a great design, including keeping quails as a small space alternative to chickens!

Titan Stick Insect

Jerry introduces us to his favourite garden visitor – the titan stick insect.

My Garden Path – Gordon Giles and Keith Wallace

We meet a pair of nurserymen who have grown a lifelong business and friendship around indoor plants.

Sandpit Reno

Josh reclaims some of his growing children’s sandpit to create some beautiful and productive garden beds.

Avenue of Honour

Jane visits a highway interchange that has reconnected the two halves of Ballarat’s historic Avenue of Honour, and created a new memorial for the community.

Self-Watering Propagator

Millie shares a great way to keep your cuttings from drying out.

Pressing Matters

Sophie and her girls deal with a pressing Easter job in the garden – flower pressing that is!


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