Gardening Australia episode 16 2023

Gardening Australia episode 16 2023

Gardening Australia episode 16 2023- Within the captivating tapestry of our garden episode, we have Costa, our adventurous green-thumb enthusiast, engaging in a deep dive into fascinating discussions with the creative geniuses who design the mesmerising displays at flower shows. With each interaction, Costa passionately peels back the layers of artistic ingenuity and botanical knowledge, unveiling the meticulous precision and abundant creativity that goes into every single vibrant display.


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Elsewhere, there’s Hannah, our tireless garden guardian, who is resolutely committing every ounce of her time and effort to fortify the garden against the unforgiving, icy grip of frost. She’s armed with a mix of traditional wisdom and innovative techniques, employing every available tool to safeguard the delicate lifeforms that paint our garden with resplendent colours and intoxicating scents. Parallel to Hannah’s endeavour, we find Jerry, our resident gastronome, delighting his senses in the incredibly varied and delightful array of flavours offered by sub-tropical tomatoes. His journey into this gourmet adventure helps him appreciate the plethora of unique and exquisite tastes each tomato variant brings, reminding him of the biodiversity that our planet generously offers.



Simultaneously, tucked in a serene corner of our narrative, Millie is intently focused on infusing life into a sun-deprived corridor. With a gentle touch and a caring heart, she introduces a spectrum of shade-loving plants into the welcoming embrace of the earth, creating a lush green sanctuary that exudes tranquility and serenity. In a scenario demanding quick action and profound botanical know-how, we find Josh launching a rescue mission for a distressed cumquat. With a firm determination and wealth of knowledge, he implements effective plant care strategies to resuscitate and rejuvenate this unique citrus jewel, proving that every plant deserves a chance at life.

And finally, amidst the myriad hues and scents of the garden, we encounter a passionate photographer. Their boundless enthusiasm for the untamed, spontaneous beauty of wildflowers is palpable in their dedication to capturing each blossom’s singular magic. Through their lens, they manage to share their love for nature’s raw splendour with the world, inciting in each viewer a renewed appreciation for the unrefined, diverse beauty that wildflowers represent.


Gardening Australia episode 16 2023

Young Talent Time

Costa is at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show and meets some of the young designers creating show garden displays. Planning and designing has been going on for months, then they have just a week to turn their designs into reality. After just days, the dream gardens have to disappear as if they never existed!

Landscape Architect Emma Sheppard-Simms, whose show garden A Place For Us was sponsored by Open Gardens Victoria, put together a team of 15 women from different trades and backgrounds to put her design come together, including landscape designer Anna Beddoe and artist Clare James. It’s the first time in MIFGS history that an all-woman team has been put together.

Emma says she started by thinking about Covid, and the role of gardens as an antidote to that isolation. She created a wild, welcoming place where people could relax.Chin Liew, who recently changed careers from the corporate world to garden design, was selected to create the two entertainment stages after her design won the emerging gardens competition last year. Chin made the career move while home schooling her son and working full time and decided to follow her passion for working with plants.

For the entertainment stage, she followed the shades of seasonal flowers to create a spectacular rainbow. For the second stage she created a circular display that could be viewed from all angles. Costa also met horticulturist Jac Semmler and associate professor Dr Claire Farrell, part of the team behind a show garden that was a collaboration between the University of Melbourne, the plant practice Super Bloom, and Hassell Studios.

Shady Spaces

On the narrow strip between the fence and the northern side of Millie’s house is her Treasure Garden, with food plants, flowers and lots of other treasures. But along the southern side of the building, it’s a different story; it’s cold and dark most of the year, with a blast of sun in the middle of summer and lots of service connections that need to be kept clear. But Millie plans to try some experimental plantings to fill these tough conditions, offer views from the bathroom, and create some habitat.

She’ll use some groundcovers, climbers and tall, think shrubs. She will include some local species such as strappy dianella that might not be visible but will offer habitat for local fauna. Another challenge is to incorporate some interesting containers, such as the top of a rotating ventilation pipe cover. A base structure for climbing plants is a pair of old gates that Millie has already attached to the side timber fence. The fence has been painted a dark colour so that it shows off the plants well but also makes it appear more distant.

She creates a window-like shelf for more container plants by sanding and oiling four pieces of cypress timber that she screws into place against the fence. The soil in the area is very compacted so Millie loosens it with a fork, adds some compost, and then positions the plants into place, checking the view from indoors. Shrubs can be trained to suit narrow spaces and can be lower maintenance than climbers – Millie uses a tea plant, Camellia sinensis, and a cool-climate corea, Correa baeuerlenii. The pathway is finished off with a layer of crushed brick.

Dr In the House

Citrus trees are a garden staple for many Australians, but they’re also top of the list for causing grower angst – yellowing leaves, pests and diseases – they get the lot. Josh helps out his friends Josie and Xavier whose citrus tree is looking sick. Their eight-year-old ‘Nagami’ Cumquat (Citrus cv.) was a gift from Josie’s grandmother and was the first tree they planted in their new Perth garden, so it has lots of sentimental value.However, after being initially healthy, they’ve noticed over the past two years it’s become more susceptible to pests and is losing leaves, dropping fruit and generally looking pale and unwell.

It’s been growing in a half-wine-barrel for about 6 years and gets fed with compost three times a year, in spring, summer, and autumn, plus liquid fertiliser in between. Josh guesses that the plant may either be root-bound, that the potting mix is simply old and stale, or that the drainage may be impeded. Or all three!

Repotting is the order of the day:

  • The mulch is removed and put aside for later.
  • Caster wheels make it easy to move to the centre of the deck and onto a tarp to make cleaning up easier afterwards. The protect the pot with blocks of foam as they lay it on its side to remove the tree.
  • Under the pot, the drainage holes are a bit blocked but not too bad.
  • After scraping away some of the soil, the root ball eventually comes free from the pot. It is slightly root-bound but, more importantly, the organic matter in the pot has broken down, forming a dense compacted media that restricts air pockets or drainage. This is removed and the root ball is pruned back by about a third, while the pot is cleaned.
  • When repotting, the level of new mix is measured in the pot to ensure the root ball sits at the right level when replaced. New mix is then backfilled around the roots, watering in and rocking the root ball as they go to prevent air pockets from forming.
  • The canopy is then reduced by about 20% to prevent the foliage from drooping as the new roots regrow, and to encourage new growth.
    Mulch is replaced, and a top dressing of organic feed is applied followed by a dose of seaweed solution to help settle it back in.


1. What is Gardening Australia episode 16 2023 about?

  • Gardening Australia episode 16 of 2023 is an immersive, informative, and engaging episode featuring our team of gardening experts including Costa, Hannah, Jerry, Millie, and Josh. They explore various aspects of gardening – from the artistic brilliance at flower shows, frost protection techniques, biodiversity in tomato variants, cultivating shade-loving plants in a sun-deprived corridor, rescuing distressed cumquat, to capturing the beauty of wildflowers through photography.

2. Who is Costa in Gardening Australia?

  • Costa is a green-thumb enthusiast and a prominent figure in Gardening Australia. In episode 16 of 2023, he is seen engaging in fascinating discussions with the creative geniuses who design mesmerising displays at flower shows. He delves into the meticulous precision and abundant creativity that goes into each vibrant display, providing viewers with unique insights into the world of botanical artistry.

3. What is the role of Hannah in Gardening Australia episode 16 2023?

  • Hannah is our tireless garden guardian who is committed to safeguarding the garden against the frost in episode 16. She employs a mix of traditional wisdom and innovative techniques to protect the delicate lifeforms that enhance our garden with their splendid colours and intoxicating scents.

4. What gardening tips are shared in episode 16 of Gardening Australia 2023?

  • Episode 16 of Gardening Australia 2023 offers a variety of gardening tips and strategies. These include insights into the creation of captivating flower show displays, frost protection measures, the cultivation and taste exploration of sub-tropical tomatoes, growing shade-loving plants in sunlight-restricted areas, and strategies for reviving a distressed cumquat. In addition, it provides insights into how to infuse life into sun-deprived areas and capture the raw splendour of wildflowers through photography.

5. How can one watch the Gardening Australia episodes?

  • Gardening Australia episodes can be watched on several platforms. You can watch them online on the, or through streaming platforms that host the show. Also, many episodes come with AI subtitles available in multiple languages, making them accessible to a wider audience.
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