Gardening Australia episode 18 2019

Gardening Australia episode 18 2019

In Gardening Australia episode 18 2019: Tino Carnevale tinkers with some spicy crops, Jane Edmanson explores an inner city walled garden, Josh Byrne learns about terrestrial orchid propagation and Clarence Slockee shares some native food plants perfect for pots.



Gardening Australia has always provided practical, trustworthy and credible gardening advice to inspire and entertain. Join Costa Georgiadis and the team as they traverse the country unearthing the best gardens.


Gardening Australia episode 18 2019


The Mulberry Project

Costa takes a trip to Toowoomba to explore a not-for-profit providing new migrants with garden space to grow familiar foods. Toowoomba, perched on the crest of the Great Dividing Range in Queensland, lies 125kms to the west of the state capital, Brisbane. While it may be known as the Garden City, owing to its 70-year history of hosting the stunning Carnival of Flowers, its growth is not restricted to plants alone. Toowoomba is one of the fastest growing regional towns in the nation, owing to its’ location as a hub for surrounding country towns, economic diversity, low unemployment rates and in no small part, the significant numbers of rural migrants that now call the Darling Downs home.

FAQs – Pandanus in small garden | Cacti vs succulents | Root crops from seedlings

Gardening Australia presenters answer commonly asked gardening questions.

Some Like it Hot

Tino is in The Patch exploring how to plant, divide and harvest some vegies that will keep you hot as the weather gets cool. When we think about adding some home-grown heat to our food, we generally think about chillies and mustards, but Tino shows us how to get hot, hot, hot in The Patch with some less common edibles that are guaranteed to warm you up this winter!

An Artist’s Garden

Jane visits the exquisite walled garden of one of Australia’s best-known photographers, Bill Henson. Jane visits the home of one of Australia’s best-known photographers at his inner-city oasis, an exquisite walled garden that he designed and built himself.

Native Nibbles

Clarence explores some edible native plants that grow well in pots. Clarence shares some of his favourite native plants that not only look great, but taste great too! All of these “native nibbles” are great for the home garden and will do really well in pots – perfect for smaller spaces and apartment balconies. Native plants in pots require nothing more than a good, free-draining potting mix, an occasional feed with a diluted seaweed fertiliser and a nice layer of straw mulch…..just a little bit of PLC (Potted Loving Care!)

The Only Way is Up

Millie builds a couple of simple frames for climbing plants. Millie takes making and growing to the next level and shows us how to knock together a couple of gorgeous frames for some climbing plants. All you need is some salvaged or recycled straight sticks, a couple of tools, and some imagination. Let’s get clingy!

Buried Treasure

Josh heads to Curtin University to learn about cutting edge research saving terrestrial orchids from the brink of extinction. Josh dons a lab coat and meets up with Professor Kingsley Dixon, who has developed a breakthrough in terrestrial orchid propagation, cutting growing time from years to months!

Tipping Tea

Tino shares some maintenance tips for your home-grown tea plants. While many Aussie home gardeners are familiar with the big, showy flowers and foliage of the Sasanqua Camellia (Camellia sasanqua cv.), Tino wants to introduce us to another member of the family. Grab a cuppa and read on!

Circus Tents

Sophie preps her citrus grove to thrive through the harsh winter frosts. Sophie’s place experiences harsh frosts every year, so she needs to take some precautions to keep her young citrus grove safe and snug in the cooler months.

Alfalfa Male

They’re small, cheap, nutritious and easy to grow with minimal space. Jerry shows you how to grow your own sprouts all year around! You may not have a patch the size of Jerrys’ in Brisbane, but don’t let that stop you from having a grow. Jerry shows us techniques for growing sprouts just about anywhere – even on a remote island near the North Pole!


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