Gardening Australia episode 25 2023

Gardening Australia episode 25 2023

Gardening Australia episode 25 2023 – Embark on a refreshing journey with Costa as he strolls through the lush paths of a quaint mini botanic garden. Feel the harmony of nature as Costa uncovers the exquisite beauty and delicate balance of flora in this tiny oasis, revealing a world of vibrant colors, tantalizing scents, and intricate patterns. The experience promises to be a delight to the senses, offering a serene retreat from the bustling world beyond. Then, accompany Clarence in a revitalizing endeavor as he brings a breath of fresh air to an overgrown bed. Witness the transformation from chaos to order, as Clarence meticulously clears away the rampant growth, unearthing the hidden treasures beneath. As the tangled weeds give way, the dormant potential of the bed is lovingly restored, ready to burst forth in a dazzling display of life and color.



Journey next to the airwaves where Josh pays a visit to a revered icon of gardening radio. Tune in to the rich timbre of seasoned wisdom as they share enlightening conversations on the art and science of horticulture. Be inspired by the passion and knowledge that resonates in every word, painting a vivid tapestry of gardening insights and experiences. Venture forth with Millie on an exploration of a captivating succulent collection. Marvel at the diverse array of forms, textures, and hues as Millie guides you through this unique assemblage of resilient and striking plants. Discover the incredible adaptability and allure of succulents, and gain a newfound appreciation for these humble yet remarkable plants.



Lastly, meet an esteemed scientist whose leadership steered the renowned National Botanic Gardens in Canberra to new heights. Delve into the world of botanical research and conservation, as we unveil the dedicated efforts and groundbreaking work that have contributed to the preservation and understanding of Australia’s diverse and precious plant life. Experience the profound impact of this vital endeavor, and join us in celebrating the rich botanical heritage that graces our beautiful planet.


Gardening Australia episode 25 2023 – Get Growing: An Inside Look at Gardening Australia Episode 25


Gardening Australia’s recent episode offers a bounty of gardening inspiration. From a mini botanical garden to an overgrown patch transformed, this episode explores diverse spaces tended by devoted green thumbs. Join us as we recap the highlights and dive deeper into the gardening wisdom revealed.


Wandering Through a Hidden Gem: Ivanhoe Park Botanic Garden

Nestled in the heart of Manly on Sydney’s northern beaches lies a hidden horticultural haven. Ivanhoe Park Botanic Garden is an unexpected oasis featuring heritage trees and rare plant species. Though locals flock to its open fields for sport and recreation, few know about the living museum within its bounds.

Gardening Australia host Costa Georgiadis meets with Friends of Ivanhoe Park Volunteer Group president Lloyd to wander these wonders. Lloyd’s dedication is palpable as he shares how he discovered the garden in 2003. After five years of volunteering, he now leads the charge to maintain its magic. Costa marvels at how this “pocket of heritage botanical treasures” transports you from Manly’s hustle and bustle.


Uncovering a Wealth of History

As Lloyd reveals, Ivanhoe Park’s tradition stretches back to the 1880s. Its towering trees were originally planted for flower shows organized by Government House. Women would collect native blooms from surrounding areas to exhibit. This unfortunately proved detrimental, depleting wildflower populations. Fortunately, the shows eventually stopped, enabling flowers to recover across the region’s green spaces.

The garden contains over 400 plant varieties across 92 species, including fig and bunya pine trees dating back to the 1860s. Many are rare finds like the silk floss, cottonwood, and yellowwood. Ivanhoe Park offers a living record of our botanical past. Its heirloom tree collection will prove increasingly valuable as Sydney’s climate changes. Rainforest species like the bunya pine will likely better endure warmer, wetter conditions.


A Volunteer Community United by Plants

Ivanhoe Park subsists solely on the work of devoted volunteers. Costa discovers them busily tending garden beds, demonstrating how this shared passion binds them. Despite ages ranging from 20s to 90s, they’re united in their motivation. Reasons include a love of plants, exercise, community, and nature.

The sensory garden designed for universal access embodies their spirit. Raised beds with tactile plant varieties enable appreciation by all, regardless of mobility or ability. Costa’s weeding contribution leaves him convinced this place offers everything he loves about gardens – heritage preservation through communal effort. Truly, the volunteers exemplify how nurturing nature together uplifts us all.


Rejuvenating an Overgrown Garden Bed

Gardener Clarence knows that spot in your yard currently looking worse for wear. The one you avoided facing all winter is begging for renewal. Clarence demonstrates how to rouse your garden from its disheveled dormancy.


Assessing the Damage

He begins revitalizing a native garden bed that grew unruly over cooler months. Taking stock reveals resilient natives jostling for space with opportunistic invaders like nasturtiums, taro, and yacon. Now is the perfect time to clear excess greenery and identify keepers.

While some self-sown plants can become weeds, Clarence notes they offer edibility. Nasturtiums lend peppery flair when pickled or added to salads. Taro provides a nutritious staple food with its starchy tuber. Yacon acts as a sweet crisp veggie or dessert. So before discarding undesirables, consider their usefulness.


Prep for Planting

With bed cleared, Clarence incorporates sand to improve drainage. He then thoughtfully maps placements, allowing each plant a spot to shine. A vibrant mix of natives joins the frangipanis and kangaroo paw remaining from past plantings.

Once holes are dug, he carefully settles each into place, mounding soil to accommodate mulch. This “new leaf” native garden is ready to flourish through summer. Regular deep watering for a few weeks will help roots establish. Then this revamped bed can gracefully weather the heat on its own.


Legendary Gardening Radio Icon Invites Us In

Gardening mentorship enriches the experience for newbies and veterans alike. Josh Byrne knows this firsthand, having gleaned wisdom from veteran gardening radio host Sabrina Hahn since 2007. In this episode, he returns to her incredible Edible Eden to witness the ever-evolving fruits of her labor.


Guiding Gardeners Over the Airwaves

Sabrina Hahn exemplifies steady dedication through decades of service. Since the 1990s, she’s hosted ABC Radio Perth’s weekly gardening talkback show. She also authors a regular newspaper column. Josh credits Sabrina as an early guiding light, helping him navigate garden design principles.

Her media presence continues enlightening green thumbs far and wide. Through her broadcasting and writing, she strives to connect people to nature’s gifts. Sabrina finds this more important than ever for mental health. Her passion persists unwavering even after 30 years on the radio.


Touring the Edible Eden

While Sabrina’s expertise is far-reaching, Josh focuses on her personal patch. He first visited in 2007 when her front verge garden was newly planted. Those mature backdrop trees and mixed underplantings now provide habitat for birds and pollinators. Adaptive touches like replacing short-lived Madagascan baobabs with resilient bottle trees suit the climate.

Mellowed garden tasks accommodate Sabrina’s changing needs, but she remains intimately involved. Switching large fruit trees for dwarf varieties makes harvesting easier. Paving increases space to sit and observe. Her aim is an aesthetic, biodiverse, low-maintenance sanctuary. After all, a garden’s purpose is for enjoying nature’s company.


Succulent Obsession: Touring an Instagram-Famous Collection

Houseplants are gateways into gardening for many novices. Their compact size and resilience to imperfect care makes them ideal starter specimens. For Katherine Delmenico, a single succulent from her mother sparked an overwhelming passion. She now nurtures a mind-boggling assortment, wowing almost 200,000 Instagram followers in the process.

Gardening Australia’s Millie Ross meets this superstar succulent grower at her home in Bendigo. Katherine regales her with tales of how she evolved from disinterested child to plant propagatrix extraordinaire. They take a tour of some uniquely striking specimens along the way.


Accidental Social Media Horticulturalist

Katherine explains her initial disinterest in gardening as a kid. The exception was a gift succulent from her mom. This special plant kindled an intense affection for succulents and cacti. Her budding collection soon overflowed onto social media.

Posting photos on her personal Facebook morphed into creating an Instagram account for her plants. Followers multiplied rapidly, indicating a wider longing for such content. Recognition from prominent accounts accelerated growth further. Katherine suddenly found herself an inadvertent Instagram succulent influencer.


Succulent Variety and Propagation Strategies

Katherine emphasizes that succulents offer endless diversity. Even within similar forms, subtle variations in color and texture abound. She shares how to best showcase this richness through combination plantings. Matching light and water needs ensures group potting success.

Her propagation bench illustrates how rapidlysucculents multiply when conditions optimize. Leaf and stem cuttings root quickly, while direct sowing tender seedlings requires more attention. Judicious March snipping yields abundant August cuttings. Katherine’s near 99% success rate confirms these techniques’ efficacy when properly practiced.


Container Gardening Essentials

Millie inquires about Katherine’s container gardening approach, seeking tips on cultivating such vigorous plants. Katherine highlights tailoring potting mixes to each succulent’s preferences. Some demand superior drainage to avoid rot. Top dressing with gravel lends aesthetics while reducing evaporation. This just scratches the surface of Katherine’s accrued knowledge.

While her Instagram fans crave beauty shots, many desire actionable advice. They commonly ask for help achieving vibrant stress colors via proper sunlight. Others inquire about propagating favorites at home. Katherine has discovered purpose in sharing hard-won skills that enable succulent victories for all.


National Botanic Garden Leader Reflects on Career

While public gardens offer sanctuary for visitors, they also provide critical opportunities for preserving biodiversity. Canberra’s Australian National Botanic Gardens integrates these twin roles seamlessly under the guidance of respected plants-woman Dr. Judy West. Recently retired from her 13-year tenure as Executive Director, Judy spoke with Gardening Australia about her meaningful career.


Safeguarding Australia’s Flora

Judy describes the Gardens’ vital duty – curating living collections representing Australia’s vast floral diversity. With over 1200 species cultivated, they facilitate research and conservation. Other focuses include showcasing ecosystems nationwide and fostering botanical education.

Collaborations with institutions like the Australian National Herbarium further scientific understanding. The National Seed Bank enables studying propagation requirements for vulnerable species. Students gain memorable interactive encounters with bizarre and beautiful plants from across the continent and beyond.


From Down Under Explorer to Leader

A childhood immersed in nature on her family farm inspired Judy’s path. Her early career blended scientific field studies across Australia with mentoring emerging botanists. This built extensive connections and a deep working knowledge of native plants.

Judy then progressed to directing the Gardens, blending big picture oversight with hands-on involvement. She remained dedicated to mentorship and modeled lifelong learning. Judy estimates she expanded her native plant expertise more in those 13 years than ever before.


A Wind-Pollinated Legacy

Reminiscing on accomplishments, Judy notes the Gardens increased research and seed banking during her tenure. She also grew the scientific collections through additions like rare Calandrinia. Her Dodonaea research improved understanding of this common genus and its pollination.

While proud of these strides, Judy stresses the persistent need for connecting people with plants. She urges continued outreach emphasizing nature’s gifts and our interdependence. If her career leaves one legacy, she hopes it steers more folks to “nurture nature” into the future.


Final Thoughts

This episode of Gardening Australia truly inspires reflection on why we garden. Is it for beauty, food, conservation, community, or sheer joy? Most likely it encompasses all these rewards and more. We enrich our lives immeasurably by cultivating green spaces.

But the path meanders, demanding patience and adaptability when confronted with challenges. Guidance from generous mentors smooths the way. Progress depends on building knowledge and skills over seasons. Yet the journey rewards those who persist and share hard-won lessons with others.

May we all persist in tending the spaces sustaining us, from the smallest terrace container to the most expansive botanic collection. Our world needs each nurtured clod of soil and leaf unfurling toward sunlight. Let us learn together, lifting one another toward greater understanding of nature’s gifts.

FAQ Gardening Australia episode 25 2023


What were some key takeaways from the episode recap?

Some of the main takeaways were the importance of preserving botanical heritage, how volunteers unite to maintain community gardens, strategies for reviving overgrown garden beds, insights from veteran gardening mentors, tips for succulent care and propagation, and reflection on a leading botanist’s career path.

What made Ivanhoe Park Botanic Garden unique?

Ivanhoe Park Botanic Garden is unique because it contains rare and heritage trees dating back to the 1860s, allowing a glimpse into Sydney’s botanical history. It also survives solely due to devoted volunteers who preserve this hidden inner-city oasis.

How did Sabrina Hahn demonstrate dedication to educating gardeners?

Sabrina Hahn has hosted a gardening call-in radio show since the 1990s, providing weekly real-time advice to listeners. She also authors a regular newspaper column, further spreading her gardening knowledge. After 30 years, she remains passionate about guiding others.

What container gardening tips did Katherine share for healthy succulents?

Katherine advised choosing fast-draining potting mixes suited to each succulent variety. Top dressing with gravel reduces evaporation while adding decorative appeal. Matching plants’ light and water preferences ensures their compatibility when grouping in containers.

What was Dr. Judy West’s biggest legacy from directing the National Botanic Gardens?

Judy West felt her biggest legacy was emphasizing the importance of connecting people with plants, especially urging the next generation to appreciate nature’s gifts. She hoped her efforts nurtured lifelong curiosity and stewardship.

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