Gardening Australia episode 32 2019

Gardening Australia episode 32 2019

Gardening Australia episode 32 2019: Sophie shares tips for maximising spring colour, Tino visits a garden with a bright future, Costa Georgiadis visits an inner-city balcony garden and Josh Byrne improves sandy soil.



Gardening Australia has always provided practical, trustworthy and credible gardening advice to inspire and entertain. Join Costa Georgiadis and the team as they traverse the country unearthing the best gardens.


Gardening Australia episode 32 2019


Spring Bloomers

Sophie shares the secrets of her success for getting maximum spring colour in the garden. Sophie is springing into the warmer weather and gets cracking with some jobs in her home garden. While he garden is bursting with colour and movement, it has been a hard winter, so there is some work to be done to get it buzzing for spring.

FAQs – Sun for Chillies | Planting shop potatoes | Eucalyptus vs Corymbia

Gardening Australia presenters answer commonly asked gardening questions.

A Pint-sized Patch

Costa visits a potted balcony garden where creativity and kitsch thrive side by side. Greg Patons apartment is in Redfern, an area now home to large apartment blocks housing loads of folks living bumper to bumper. Redfern is also a happening place where the creative juices are pumping, and Greg’s garden embraces a love of plants as well as a touch of the kooky!

Sandy Soils

Soil is the foundation of any garden, but not all soils are the same. Josh shares tips on how to get the most out of sandy soil in the garden. Soil is the foundation of any garden, but not all soils are the same. Josh is here to show you how to handle sandy soils and get the most out of them for your garden

Woodbank Garden

Tino visits a large garden in Hobart that is lovingly being maintained with the help of the former owners and a community of plant lovers.

Native Cuttings

Jane shares her tips for taking cuttings from native plants.

Beyond the Rough

Millie goes beyond the rough at The Royal Melbourne Golf Club to explore a significant remnant population of indigenous wildflowers, orchids and rare plants.

Conserved by Cultivation

Jerry shows how gardeners can play their role in conservation through cultivating endangered species.

A Productive Car Park

Paul hits the streets to discover how an innovative company has turned its carparks into vegie patches.

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