Great British Bake Off – An Extra Slice – episode 10 2023

Great British Bake Off - An Extra Slice - episode 10 2023

Great British Bake Off – An Extra Slice – episode 10 2023 – In a delightful twist of events, the renowned brand savored its final moments in the limelight, sharing the stage with the charismatic Jonathan Ross, the ever-enthusiastic Alison Hammond, and the eccentrically brilliant Noel Fielding. This culminating episode was nothing short of a culinary spectacle, a grand finale where the stakes were high, and the expectations even higher.

Great British Bake Off – An Extra Slice – episode 10 2023

The journey to this moment had been a whirlwind of flavors, techniques, and personal stories, all intertwined in a tapestry of baking excellence. Each contestant brought their unique flair to the table, but as the final approached, it was clear that the competition was fierce. The air was thick with anticipation as viewers waited with bated breath to see who would crumble under the pressure and who would rise to the occasion.

Great British Bake Off – An Extra Slice – episode 10 2023

The final challenge was a testament to their journey – a complex, multi-layered task that demanded not only skill but also creativity and a deep understanding of the delicate art of patisserie. It was a battle of the choux, a pastry that, in its simplicity, hides a world of complexity. The contestants faced the ultimate test: to create a masterpiece that was not only visually stunning but also a delight to the palate.

Great British Bake Off – An Extra Slice – episode 10 2023

As the clock ticked down, the tension was palpable. Each twist of the piping bag, each careful placement of a garnish, was a step closer to victory or defeat. In the end, it was a display of sheer talent and passion. Some found themselves stumbling, their dreams deflating like an undercooked soufflé. But for one, the glory was unmistakable – their choux creation shone through, a beacon of culinary brilliance that captivated the judges and secured their place in the annals of the show’s history.

This final episode was a celebration of the journey, a reminder of the joys and trials of baking, and a showcase of the incredible talent that had graced the stage. It was a fitting end to a season that had been filled with laughter, tears, and, most importantly, a shared love for the art of baking.

Great British Bake Off – An Extra Slice: Episode 10 2023

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1 Great British Bake Off – An Extra Slice: Episode 10 2023

Jo Brand’s Final Farewell to an Unforgettable Season

Jo Brand returned for one final helping of The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice alongside judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, hosts Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas, and special guests Jonathan Ross, Alison Hammond, and others. After 10 grueling weeks of soggy bottoms, Hollywood handshakes, and showstopping bakes, the finalists went all out for their last chance at the title.

The Finalists’ Journeys That Led Them to the Climax

When we first met them at the season’s start, who could have predicted our finalists’ emotional and baking journeys?

Crystal, the 59-year-old supermarket cashier, charmed us with her no-nonsense attitude in the early rounds. Though never the most elegant baker, her flavors consistently impressed. “What Crystal lacks in finesse, she makes up for in taste,” Paul Hollywood commented, a refrain we heard often. Through near misses, Hollywood handshakes, and even an injury, Crystal persevered.

Maxy, the 19-year-old social media influencer, dazzled with intricate chocolate work and ambitious bakes. But he struggled with time management and ran out of time in the first two challenges. “He’s got all the skills, but he needs to rein it in,” advised Prue. Taking this to heart, Maxy focused on fundamentals, earning his first Hollywood handshake in Pastry Week.

Though different in age and background, Crystal and Maxy shared a gritty determination to master their baking and cope with the tent’s pressures. Their growth into mature, resilient finalists was deeply rewarding to witness.

The Final Weekend’s Surprises and Nail-Biting Drama

The final challenges brought new surprises that tested Crystal and Maxy in unexpected ways.

First, the finalists had to produce sumptuous chocolate cakes for the judges and hosts’ afternoon tea. Despite chocolate being Maxy’s strength, it was Crystal who shone brighter with her orange-infused chocolate cake served with marmalade buttercream. Her risks paid off with Paul’s second-ever handshake in the show’s history for a Final Weekend bake!

In the climactic showstopper challenge, Crystal and Maxy only had crème patisserie, choux pastry, and five hours to create edible trophies that represented themselves and their Bake Off journeys. Despite early promises, Maxy’s showstopper slowly collapsed as the cream melted, and the pastry sogged in the heat. Meanwhile, Crystal, that ever-steady contestant, produced a magnificent pastry recreation of her first Hollywood handshake.

The judges faced an incredibly difficult decision. But in the end, there could only be one winner.

Spotlight on the Judges and Hosts: Revelations from Behind the Scenes

While the bakers compete center stage, the show’s beloved hosts and judges support them closely behind the scenes. In this special finale episode, Paul, Prue, Noel and Matt looked back on the emotional moments and contestants that marked theirBake Off journey.

Paul and Prue Reflect on their hardest decisions

As judges, Paul and Prue guided and evaluated the bakers each week. Their decisions shaped the contestants’ growth, and at times their choices sparked controversy among passionate fans.

Hard decisions cut both ways. Paul named Tai’s sudden departure as “one of his saddest moments.” Tai stunned the judges with her depth of flavor at just 20 years old. When mental health issues forced Tai to withdraw in week 7, Paul in particular felt the loss deeply. “She would have gone a long way,” he mused.

For Prue, the toughest decision was not between contestants but flavors. She laughingly recalled the Biscuits Week where she had to choose between “two of my absolute favorites, chocolate and lemon!”

Such rich behind-the-scenes details reveal the very human side of Paul and Prue as they judge with care and investment in each baker.

Noel and Matt’s Wildest Moments from A Decade of Hosting

We know Noel and Matt as the dynamic and silly comedy duo that keeps each week lighthearted. However, even the longest-serving hosts have outtakes and mishaps.

Noel described the infamous “bin cake” incident as his most shocking moment in 10 seasons. One frazzled baker apparently stored her cake in the rubbish bin! Noel himself once accidentally smashed his head into an oven door on live television.

As for Matt, his most touching moment was when a contestant’s grandchildren got to meet their idol in the tent for their birthday. “It was so sweet it nearly killed me,” Matt said.

These charming revelations reinforce why Noel and Matt are the heart of Bake Off, supporting each baker like family and “having a laugh” no matter the baking calamities.

Spotlight on Judge Paul Hollywood

As the only judge to have been with Bake Off since its inception, Paul Hollywood’s steely gaze and formidable palate have become iconic symbols of the show. He’s delivered some of the most memorable moments, from his rare handshakes to his blunt critiques. Let’s delve into Paul’s biggest baking insights and controversies over the years.

Paul’s Handshake Hall of Fame

Nothing elicits more joy and validation than one of Paul’s rare handshakes for exceptional baking technique or flavor. But Paul estimates he’s only given out over 30 handshakes in 10 years as judge.

Who stands out in Paul’s Handshake Hall of Fame? Paul names Michael from season 6 as exceptionally skilled at combining flavors like no other baker. Jane from season 4 also earned a special place by snagging the first-ever handshake for her mirror glaze cake.

As for this season’s standouts, Paul was especially impressed by Maxy’s chocolate showstopper in Pastry Week and 20-year-old Maya’s stunning matcha crepe cake in Japanese Week. Paul beams, “I can spot talent from a mile off, and they’ve got it.” Such handshakes represent the pinnacle of achievement for Bake Off contestants.

Paul’s Controversial Credentials

Some fans have questioned Paul’s credentials as Bake Off’s chief judge over the years. Yes, Paul has 30 years professional baking experience and exceptional palate and technical knowledge. However, he is primarily known as an artisan bread baker. Why should he pass verdict on delicate French patisserie or multi-tier wedding cakes?

Paul acknowledged this controversy directly in a recent interview. “I never claimed to know it all,” he admits. However, what some perceive as weaknesses, Paul sees as strengths. He believes his unique perspective spotlights fundamentals that more experienced bakers overlook. Paul’s specialty in fermentation also equips him to consistently identify flaws in texture and taste.

While the debate around Paul’s credentials continues, his status as Bake Off’s “chief judge” remains steadfast for now. Love him or hate him, Paul Hollywood has undeniably shaped the show into a beloved global phenomenon.

Spotlight on Baker Maxy

As this season’s breakout star, Maxy won a special place in fans’ hearts with his dazzling bakes, snappy fashion sense, and cheeky one-liners. Though just 19 years old, Maxy brought copious talent and confidence to the Bake Off tent. Let’s review Maxy’s memorable journey.

Maxy’s Showstopping Chocolate Creations

With his distinctive neon hair streaks and leather jackets, Maxy made his mark as a dynamic, futuristic baker. He reached his peak in Pastry Week with an astonishing chocolate collar showstopper inspired by his pet lizard. Covered in edible ruby shards, Maxy’s slick chocolate creation earned rave reviews from Paul and Prue as “a work of art.”

Maxy credits his obsession with science fiction films like “Blade Runner” for informing his avant-garde style. “I love creating things people have never seen before,” he says. Throughout the season, Maxy awed viewers with his chocolate landscapes, gravity-defying cakes, and edible couture. We can’t wait to see Maxy’s next eye-popping feats of baking brilliance.

Behind Maxy’s Bold Exterior

Loud and brash as Maxy appeared on camera, he revealed profound depths when the pressure mounted. During Patisserie Week, Maxy tearfully called his mother when his ambitious cube cake collapsed. And in the Final Weekend, despite his bravado, Maxy’s edible trophy showstopper met a similar fate.

Here the 19-year-old seemed less like an arrogant showman but more like a sensitive boy longing for comfort from his beloved mum. “People forget I’m still young,” Maxy admits gently. These rare glimpses into Maxy’s insecurities only heightened our affection.

Underneath the bravado lies a fledgling talent still learning to fly. But Maxy has captured our hearts, and we can’t wait to witness his career soaring to new heights.

Spotlight on Hosts Mel and Sue

While Noel and Matt currently host Bake Off, original hosts Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins defined the show’s cheeky yet supportive tone. As the “two silly ladies with a lot of heart,” Mel and Sue shepherded Bake Off from humble beginnings to international fame. Let’s revisit Mel and Sue’s iconic legacy.

Mel and Sue: The Heart of Bake Off

What made Mel and Sue so magical? Beyond the silly puns and witty banter, the duo offered deep empathy towards each amateur baker. Sue describe their hosting approach simply: “We are there to give them a squeeze or make them laugh when it gets intense.”

Who can forget Sue whispering encouragement to a frantic Martha in Season 5 or Mel pranking a focused Selasi to “have more fun!” Such humor and compassion forged an atmosphere where bakers could relax, bond, and do their best work.

Paul Hollywood mused, “Mel and Sue understood the psychology of baking. They could get anyone talking and gently push them beyond what they thought possible.” Indeed, Bake Off owes much of its success to how Mel and Sue transformed tents, timers, and ingredient scrambles into a quirky baking retreat.

Controversy and Life After Bake Off

In 2016, fans were shocked when Mel and Sue left Bake Off after its network switch from BBC to Channel 4. Speculation ran wild about behind-the-scenes drama and contract disputes. True reasons remain vague, but the two have since moved onto new solo hosting projects.

Sue now hosts “The Great Pottery Throwdown”, bringing her trademark silly songs and quips to the art of pottery. Mel has found hits with “The Great British Sewing Bee” and outrageously silly specials like “Mel Giedroyc: Unforgivable”.

While Mel and Sue have never reunited onscreen since, their poignant Bake Off farewell episode was a lesson in grace. “It was always about the bakers. I wish the show and bakers a future full of success,” said Mel earnestly. Such selfless female leadership serves as lasting inspiration.

Spotlight on Baker John Whaite

Before Maxy’s showstopping bakes wowed us this season, it was John Whaite setting Bake Off alight with skill and passion back in 2012. Then just 23 years old, John remains the youngest winner in Bake Off history. Now a cookbook author and television chef, let’s reflect on how John set the bar for all following Bake Off contestants.

John’s Boundary-Breaking Showstoppers

The shear ambition and skill John brought each week floored judges and viewers alike. His raspberry and lemon chiffon heart cake for the Queen’s Jubilee challenge left Paul Hollywood literally speechless. Indeed, John opened the judges’ minds to avant garde flavors unheard of in tradition British baking.

However, John’s victory was no cake-walk. His botched pudding in Desert Week almost sent him home. And his crying fits and tense clashes with fellow bakers revealed vulnerabilities beneath the talent. Still, who can forget how John rallied with that magnificent Heaven and Hell Showstopper cake? Swirling pomegranate and bitter chocolate fondant against angelic white chocolate snowballs, John left a legacy for all ambitious bakers to aspire towards.

John’s Lasting Legacy

Since his Bake Off coronation, John continues demonstrating bold British baking. He has authored 5 cookbooks, runs a prestigious cooking school, and appears regularly on television. Most recently, John sizzled across dance floors as part of Strictly Come Dancing’s first all-male partnership.

Still, John’s Bake Off journey kicks off each new season with inspiration – a reminder of youthful talent lifted to triumph through creativity, resilience, and sugar-craft. As Paul Hollywood raised that victor’s bouquet high, there wasn’t a dry eye in the Bake Off tent that day. And John set a dazzling rainbow path for all aspiring contestants to follow towards their own glory.

An Homage to Laidback Baking Icon Selasi Gbormittah

While each Bake Off season produces worthy winners, sometimes losing finalists capture our imagination even more. Series 7 underdog Selasi Gbormittah charmed the nation with his cool-as-icebox approach to baking challenges. Though he didn’t clinch the trophy, Selasi won our hearts and revolutionized what British baking represents.

Selasi’s Journey from Beginner Baker to Star Student

Can you imagine whipping up perfect patisserie having barely baked before? Selasi pulled off this astonishing feat in 2016!

A lovable underdog from start, Selasi initially struggled with basics like shortcrust pastry. Yet he tackled feedback with such joyful calm. As weeks passed, Selasi grew in consistency and elegance. Soon he dazzled with his African and Caribbean infused bakes like stout chocolate callets and guava cheesecakes.

While Selasi eventually placed a respectable runner-up, his evolution from novice to star-baker became a masterclass in the transformative power of faith and resilience.

How Selasi Redefined British Baking Traditions

With his Ghanaian heritage and relaxed personality, Selasi expanded the public’s perception of British baking beyond stiff upper lips and Victoria sponges. Fusing exotic flavors, chill vibes, and soulful inspiration, Selasi paved the way for a new diverse generation of bakers.

“He taught me that baking comes from family, faith, and so much more than just ingredients,” remarks Prue Leith. Indeed, who can forget Selasi’s akwele fritters with mango dip or his stunning lion sculpted of bread? Such creative African infusions opened minds to broader influences in modern British culture.

While Selasi didn’t take home the trophy, he awakened us to exciting possibilities of representation and fusion in baking. Not bad for a graphic designer who barely baked before applying on a whim!

Conclusion: Key Revelations from an Unforgettable Bake Off Season

As Jo Brand and distinguished guests toasted the finalists’ achievements with extra cake slices, this special finale celebrated overarching lessons from the Bake Off series that resonated deeply with fans worldwide:

  1. Resilience and growth matter more than innate talent alone. We witnessed trembling beginners like Crystal growing into formidable competitors on the finale’s threshold. Such journeys offer hope for baked redemption regardless of experience level.
  2. British baking is no longer defined by stiff upper lips and fruitcakes but explodes with the exciting diversity of modern Britain. Creative infusions of flavors, cultures, and vibes points to a globalized future.
  3. Heart and empathy form the true ingredients for success. Whether Paul Hollywood’s rare hugs for collapsed Showstoppers or Sue and Mel’s silly songs mid-meltdown, such warmth and humor transforms kitchen calamities into community.

As another chapter closes and we cheer our newest Bake Off champion, these uplifting revelations will linger to sweeten our lives like the subtle fragrance of lemon zest woven through cake layers. Bake On.

Frequently Asked Questions – Great British Bake Off – An Extra Slice – episode 10 2023

Q: Why is Paul Hollywood considered controversial as a Bake Off judge?

A: Some fans argue Paul lacks expertise across all baking areas he critiques as an artisan bread specialist, not a master patisserie chef. However, Paul believes his specialty provides unique insight on fundamentals like fermentation and texture.

Q: What was Maxy’s most impressive bake this season?

A: Maxy stunned in Pastry Week with his slick chocolate collar showstopper covered in edible ruby shards. Paul and Prue praised this avant garde creation as “a work of art” demonstrating immense skill for just age 19.

Q: How did hosts Mel and Sue support struggling bakers?

A: Known for their empathy, Mel and Sue would offer hugs, encouragement, or silly songs to comfort bakers crumbling under pressure. This thoughtful approach created an atmosphere where bakers could relax, bond, and achieve more than they imagined possible.

Q: How did John Whaite change views on British baking in 2012?

A: John wowed with complex flavors and showstopper ambition exceeding expectations for traditional British bakes. His wins opened the judges and public’s minds to creative new baking styles and global flavor fusion that represented modern Britain’s diversity.

Q: What lasting legacy did Selasi Gbormittah leave on Bake Off?

A: As a Ghanaian-British graphic designer who barely baked beforehand, Selasi expanded perceptions of who could succeed at elite baking levels through his joyful journey to runner-up. By infusing African flavors and chill vibes into British classics, he paved the way for more diverse baking representation.

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