Greatest Gardens ep.1

Greatest Gardens ep.1

Diarmuid Gavin and Helen Dillon visit three very different secret hideaways around a particular part of Northern Ireland.



In this episode, Diarmuid and Helen are in Counties Down and Antrim. They cast their expert eyes over a stunning compartmentalised paradise behind a Georgian terrace house in Hillsborough, a reclaimed quarry in Carrowdore and an ambitious river landscape in the shadow of a stunning modern house in rural Antrim. Which will Diarmuid and Helen like the best?

Greatest Gardens ep.1:

Wherever you are in Northern Ireland Ireland, you’re never more than a few streets away from a superb secret garden. These gardens, tucked out of sight from the public, will often have obsessive, proud owners keen to cultivate the biggest, the brightest and the best, all the while gathering peer recognition and horticultural awards.

Now these passionate puveyors of gardening greatness are going to be pitted against each other as we track down the best-kept horticultural secrets in the country.

Each programme Diarmuid Gavin and Helen Dillon visit three very different secret hideaways based in a particular part of the country. They examine and appraise the gardens while the nervous owners wait inside for their verdict. We get lots of good natured banter and takeaway tips from our experts, before they finally meet the gardener. At the end of the programme, after seeing all three gardens, Diarmuid and Helen decide which of the three they have enjoyed the most, basing their choice on the classic gardening competition criteria of planting, design and good gardening practice.

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