Landward episode 17 2023

Landward episode 17 2023

Landward episode 17 2023 – In this particularly heartwarming episode, we follow Dougie and his faithful Gordon Setter, Jessie, as they embark on an adventure that underscores the profound bond between humans and dogs, delving deep into an exclusive episode dedicated to celebrating man’s best friend in all its diverse roles. Our journey takes us through the breathtaking vistas of the Scottish countryside, where we explore the myriad ways in which dogs contribute to the harmony and functionality of rural life. Our first stop is the majestic Rothiemurchas Estate, nestled near the picturesque town of Aviemore. Here, Cammy introduces us to the noble Italian Maremmas, impressive canines currently undergoing meticulous training to shoulder the critical responsibility of safeguarding livestock from the threats posed by large, often unpredictable predators.



Venturing further into the realm of skilled canines, Rosie travels to the serene outskirts nearDunbeath in Caithness. Here, she has the privilege of meeting a living legend within the gundog training circles. Audiences will share in her awe and admiration as she uncovers the intricate techniques employed by pointers, witnessing first-hand their intelligence and diligence in meticulously working vast stretches of moorland, their keen senses unerringly leading them to hidden game birds. The episode takes a more contemplative turn in the north, where Dougie finds himself near Lairg in Sutherland, unraveling the perplexing mystery behind a native Scottish collie breed’s dwindling numbers, a concerning reality that has led to its placement on the Kennel Club’s list of vulnerable breeds. This segment poignantly highlights the challenges faced by certain dog breeds, stirring a call to preserve these precious canine lineages.



Adding a dash of exhilaration to the mix, we then follow Arlene as she scales the imposing heights of Ben A’an in the Trossachs, accompanied by a dynamic duo of dogs. These aren’t just any ordinary pets; they’re canine celebrities in their own right, having captured the hearts of social media users with their infectious enthusiasm for hill-walking adventures. Their tale is a delightful testament to the joy and unbridled spirit dogs bring into our lives, showcasing their ability to thrive in companionship and outdoor excitement.

Join us in this episode that’s not just a showcase but a heartfelt homage to these extraordinary companions, highlighting their indomitable spirit, boundless loyalty, and the multifaceted roles they fill in the tapestry of human life.


Landward episode 17 2023 – A Canine Celebration


In this episode, Dougie and his Gordon Setter, Jessie, are letting the dogs out in a special celebrating man’s best friend. Looking at the different roles dogs play in the Scottish countryside, Landward explores the unique bonds between humans and canines.


An Introduction to Dogs in the Scottish Countryside

Dogs have been cherished companions and helpful workers on farms and estates across Scotland for centuries. Their loyalty, intelligence, and versatility have made them indispensable in rural life. This episode offers a glimpse into the Scottish breeds still playing vital roles today.


A Brief History of Dogs in Scotland

References to dogs in Scotland date back to Roman times. But it was not until the 18th and 19th centuries that distinctively Scottish breeds emerged. The harsh climate and challenging terrain shaped adaptations like the collie’s agile herding ability and the Deerhound’s speed and stamina when hunting Red Deer.

Over the years, landowners selectively bred dogs to perform specialized tasks from guarding flocks to retrieving game. This episode celebrates some of these hard-working breeds that became beloved cultural icons.


Scottish Dogs’ Invaluable Contributions

From sheepdogs adeptly managing livestock to gun dogs locating shot birds, dogs are an indispensable part of rural Scottish life. Their intelligence and trainability make them ideal workers suited to a variety of jobs.

This episode offers a glimpse into breeds excelling in roles like guarding, herding, hunting, and more. It reveals the profound kinship rural Scots have shared with their dogs for generations.


Protecting Livestock from Predators

Out on the sweeping Rothiemurchas Estate near Aviemore, Cammy meets the Italian Maremmas being trained to safeguard livestock from large predators. This section offers insight into these imposing but gentle guardian dogs.


The Threat of Predation

For Scottish farmers and crofters, the threat of attacks from predators like foxes, eagles, and even wolves is a constant concern. Losing livestock threatens livelihoods already operating on tight margins.

Enter the Maremmas, which use their size and protective instincts to deter predators. Their presence gives farmers peace of mind that their flocks are safe.


The Italian Maremma Breed

Indigenous to central Italy, the Maremma Sheepdog has been guarding flocks for over 2,000 years. Their courage in confronting predators and devotion to their duty made them highly prized.

At up to 100 pounds, these imposing white dogs have an alert and self-assured nature. Though placid with livestock, they steadfastly protect their charges.


Maremma Training

The Rothiemurchas Estate imported Maremmas to shield their livestock, especially during lambing season when newborns are vulnerable. The dogs require patient socialization to bond with sheep and avoid treating them as prey.

Training focuses on reinforcing protective behaviors while minimizing chasing or confrontation. It’s rewarding work ultimately producing trustworthy guardians.


Hunting Game Birds with Pointers

Meanwhile, near Dunbeath in Caithness, Rosie joins a gundog training legend to see pointers adeptly locating game birds across moorland. This section illuminates the history and unique skills of this sporting breed.


Pointers’ Hunting Heritage

With origins tracing to 17th century Spain, pointers earned their name from their characteristic stance. Upon scenting game birds, they “point” by standing rigidly to alert hunters.

Selective breeding amplified their innate ability to detect prey at a distance. Driven by instinct, they hunt methodically, relentlessly pursuing birds across vast terrain.


A Precise, Athletic Breed

Ideal gun dogs, pointers have a lean and athletic build allowing them to work tirelessly for hours. Their weather-resistant coat, webbed feet, and stamina equip them for any conditions.

With superior scenting skills and discipline on point, they enable hunters to flush out and bag more birds. Pointers’ precision and persistence make them perfectly adapted for their purpose.


Working a Moor

On the hunt, pointers systematically quarter or crisscross a moor, nose to the ground, softly sniffing for whiffs of birds. Once on a scent trail, they’ll follow it relentlessly, sometimes pointing out the location far ahead of the hunter.

It’s fascinating to watch pointers innately perform the exact task they were bred for, showcasing a bond between human and canine spanning centuries.

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Reviving the Scottish Collie

Farther north near Lairg in Sutherland, Dougie discovers why the Scottish collie has ended up on the Kennel Club’s list of vulnerable native breeds. This section illuminates the rich history and uncertain future of this archetypal Scottish dog.


The Collie’s Storied History

With its characteristic agility, herding instinct, and intelligence, the collie is synonymous with Scotland’s sheep-raising traditions. Their story intertwines with major historical events like the Highland Clearances.

Hardy and highly trainable, they were indispensible on farms across Scotland. But their numbers have declined over the past century.


Threats to the Breed

Despite its illustrious past, the Scottish collie is now a rare sight. After the development of the Border collie and rise of the Rough Collie as a show dog, the original working collie was superseded.

Interbreeding and lack of breed standards also contributed to their decline. But dedicated enthusiasts are working to ensure their revival.


Scottish Collie Conservation

To preserve the archetypal farm collie, guidelines were established to maintain their moderate size, agility, coat, and talents. Breeders aim to select dogs that retain their outstanding herding abilities.

By choosing breeding stock thoughtfully and placing pups in working homes, devotees hope to secure the future of this Scottish icon. Though still endangered, initiatives give hope.


Hillwalking Adventures with Social Media Dogs

Meanwhile, Arlene accompanies two photogenic dogs known for chronicling their hillwalking adventures on social media. This section provides a lighthearted look into Scotland’s hiking culture through a canine lens.


The Advent of Hillwalking Dogs

In recent years, a new phenomenon has emerged – dogs developing huge followings by posting daily photos of their hikes across Scotland’s stunning landscapes.

These intrepid canines have become minor celebrities and accidental ambassadors promoting the country’s trails. For their owners, it’s a way to share their passion.


The Dogs Taking Social Media by Storm

From Floki the Saluki’s majestic Highland jaunts to Piper the Collie’s perky woodland romps, Instagram abounds with pups living their best lives outdoors.

Following their uplifting escapades offers a vicarious thrill and compelling advertisement for Scottish hillwalking. It’s no wonder their cheerful accounts have amassed legions of fans.


Promoting Scotland’s Scenery

While originally begun just for fun, some accounts have evolved into influencer status with sponsorship deals. They provide motivation and information on accessing Scotland’s scenic vistas and magnificent munros.

These photogenic canines put Scotland’s awe-inspiring landscapes on full display. Their popularity is testament to the public’s appreciation of both breathtaking scenery and lovable dogs.

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This heartwarming episode of Landward celebrates the multifaceted roles dogs have fulfilled in rural Scotland for generations. It provides fascinating glimpses into breeds developed for specialized tasks like protecting flocks, hunting game, and herding livestock.

Seeing these dogs enthusiastically carry out the work they were born to do reveals the innate kinship humans share with their loyal canine companions. Despite challenges some breeds face, initiatives to preserve Scottish dogs showcase the deep cultural connection.

The episode also explores how social media has created unlikely canine celebrities showcasing Scotland’s breathtaking landscapes. Above all, it is a tribute to the enduring bond between humans and dogs forged over centuries of rural life. This relationship continues to enrich and inspire.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are some traditional roles dogs played on Scottish farms and estates?

Dogs like collies were indispensable for herding and managing sheep. Spaniels and retrievers assisted in hunting birds and deer. Sighthounds chased hares and other small game. Mastiffs guarded estates. Each breed had specific traits tailored to their duty.


Why are some native Scottish dog breeds now vulnerable or endangered?

Despite their long history, some traditional Scottish breeds faced declining popularity and numbers after the 20th century due to industrialization, war, and the rise of kennel clubs promoting standardized conformation.


What initiatives aim to protect Scotland’s native dog breeds?

Organizations like the Kennel Club monitor vulnerable native breeds and provide guidelines to ensure healthy breeding stock that retains original traits and working ability. Education, specialized breeding programs, and recruitment of owners committed to preservation help secure their future.


How have social media and the internet contributed to dogs’ popularity?

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook allow people to easily share photos and videos of their dogs, creating online communities of canine lovers. Some accounts document dogs on epic adventures and serve as influencers promoting activities like hiking.


What does this episode reveal about the bond between people and dogs?

It highlights how loyal and intelligent dogs like the collie became integral for tasks like herding. Their abilities created a profound kinship between dogs and their human partners that remains strong today, seen in our love of dogs.


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