Mary Berry’s Ultimate Christmas

Mary Berry’s Ultimate Christmas

Mary Berry’s Ultimate Christmas: Much-loved home cook Dame Mary Berry is joined by some famous friends for her ultimate Christmas feast, packed with tips to plan and get ahead for the big day. Planning is Mary’s top tip for a successful and enjoyable day, and here she shares her definitive recipes, perfected over 50 years. Her festive feast begins with a deliciously simple stilton and sage mini scone canape, followed by her traditional Christmas feast, including her lemon and herb roast turkey with all the trimmings.

Her crispy roast potatoes, honey glazed carrots and parsnips, ruby red cabbage and apricot and chestnut stuffing are all complemented by turkey gravy. To complete the meal, Mary is joined by Rylan Clark. They visit a pick-your-own vegetable farm and cook up brussels sprouts with peas and cashews to try to convert some brussels-hating kids.

Mary Berry’s Ultimate Christmas

Mary is also joined by some chef friends who share festive recipes from their own heritage. She visits Angela Hartnett at home, where she cooks rich pumpkin ricotta tortelli, a seasonal tradition for her Italian family. Monica Galetti welcomes Mary to her restaurant kitchen, where she prepares a twist on Samoan palusami with smoked haddock, cavolo nero and sourdough, which she’ll be serving to her family on Christmas Day.

To create the perfect table setting, Mary shows how to create a sustainable and cost-conscious centrepiece from foraged greenery before Rylan joins her at home to share a festive cocktail with fizz and cranberries.

Mary Berry’s Ultimate Christmas

To complete the festive feast are two sumptuous desserts. Mary’s traditional British Christmas pudding recipe goes back to medieval times – a rich mix of dried fruit and nuts that is steamed for eight hours before being served alongside a boozy cream. Alongside this is a festive trifle with layers of custard, cream, sponge and pear, topped with spun sugar.

Mary Berry’s Ultimate Christmas

Rylan’s Festive Fizz

Rylan makes Mary a delicious cocktail with cranberry juice, Prosecco, and orange liqueur. Rylan shows Mary how to make ‘Rylan’s Festive Fizz’, which includes cranberry juice, prosecco, and orange liqueur. He then shows Mary how to add granulated sugar to the rim of each glass, before toasting to their festive drink.

Mary Berry’s sumptuous Christmas stuffing

In her kitchen, Mary discusses chopping the apricots, what gives the right amount of fruit flavor, and how long they need to be simmered in hot water. She then discusses how to chop the chestnuts and how half will be fried and the other half will be incorporated into the stuffing mix. This is followed by Mary chopping parsley, adding white breadcrumbs, apricot onion, celery and thyme leaves.

Mary Berry’s perfect turkey gravy

In her kitchen, Mary instructs how to make the perfect Christmas gravy. This includes melting the butter, adding flour, giblet stock and mixing. She then adds the fat from the turkey, salt, pepper and Worcester sauce, then finally brings it to boil.

Mary Berry’s fabulously fruity Christmas trifle

Mary has drained her pears and prepared cherries. She halves the cherries, divides the pears. She then instructs how to prepare her trifle sponges, including what to do if audiences only have regular sponge. Mary Berry then cuts the trifle sponges lengthways, puts half the pears in the base of the dish and positions them as the double-layered foundation of her trifle.

Crafting the Ultimate Christmas Feast with Mary Berry

Discover the secrets of Mary Berry’s Ultimate Christmas Feast, featuring exclusive festive recipes, tips for a stress-free holiday, and delightful dessert ideas. Perfect your holiday cooking with the expertise of Britain’s beloved culinary icon.

Mary Berry’s Festive Kitchen: A Journey into Christmas Cooking

The Art of Christmas Cooking with Mary Berry

Mary Berry, the esteemed home cook and culinary legend, brings a touch of magic to the festive season with her “Ultimate Christmas Feast.” This guide is more than just a collection of recipes; it’s a journey into the heart of Christmas cooking. Mary’s half-century of experience shines through in every dish, from the simplicity of her Stilton and sage mini scone canapé to her meticulously planned traditional Christmas feast.

Mary’s Christmas Feast Essentials
  • Lemon and Herb Roast Turkey: The centerpiece of Mary’s Christmas table, perfectly seasoned for a succulent feast.
  • Accompaniments: Crispy roast potatoes, honey-glazed carrots and parsnips, ruby red cabbage, and a delectable apricot and chestnut stuffing.
  • Turkey Gravy Perfection: Rich in flavor, combining turkey fat, giblet stock, and a hint of Worcester sauce for an unforgettable taste.

Global Flavors in Mary Berry’s Kitchen

Mary Berry extends the festive spirit by exploring recipes from different cultures, showcasing the diversity of Christmas celebrations.

Special Guest Recipes
  • Angela Hartnett’s Pumpkin Ricotta Tortelli: A tribute to her Italian heritage, these tortellis are a seasonal tradition.
  • Monica Galetti’s Samoan-Inspired Dish: A unique twist on Samoan palusami, blending smoked haddock, cavolo nero, and sourdough, promising a memorable Christmas Day treat.

Crafting a Festive Ambiance

Mary Berry doesn’t just stop at the food. She guides you through creating a sustainable, cost-conscious centerpiece using foraged greenery, ensuring your Christmas table is as visually stunning as it is delicious.

Rylan’s Festive Fizz
  • The Perfect Christmas Cocktail: Join Mary and Rylan in crafting a delightful cocktail with cranberry juice, Prosecco, and orange liqueur, adding a festive sparkle to your celebrations.

Decadent Desserts to End Your Feast

Mary Berry’s dessert selection is a testament to her understanding that no Christmas feast is complete without a sweet ending.

Mary’s Dessert Delights
  • Traditional British Christmas Pudding: A rich mix of dried fruits and nuts, served with a side of boozy cream.
  • Festively Fruity Christmas Trifle: Layers of custard, cream, sponge, and pear, topped with spun sugar for a spectacular finish.

Mary Berry’s Ultimate Christmas: FAQs

Q: What are Mary Berry’s top tips for a stress-free Christmas cooking experience?

A: Planning ahead and preparing dishes that can be made in advance are key. Mary emphasizes the importance of simplicity and organization to ensure a joyful and relaxed festive season.

Q: How does Mary Berry incorporate global flavors into her Christmas feast?

A: By inviting guest chefs to share their heritage recipes, Mary Berry embraces a multicultural approach to Christmas cooking, offering a variety of flavors and traditions on her festive table.

In summary, Mary Berry’s Ultimate Christmas is a treasure trove of culinary wisdom, blending traditional flavors with global influences. Her emphasis on planning, simplicity, and cultural diversity transforms the daunting task of holiday cooking into an enjoyable and memorable experience. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a novice in the kitchen, Mary’s guidance promises a Christmas feast that will linger in the hearts and palates of your loved ones.

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