MasterChef 2023 episode 20

MasterChef 2023 episode 20

MasterChef 2023 episode 20: The MasterChef semi-finals continue with just seven outstanding amateurs vying for the title. They will need to step outside their comfort zone as they take on a brand new brief – cooking a dish that is ‘so wrong that it’s right’. A dish with ingredients that on paper shouldn’t work, but that becomes an unlikely tasty treat. How far will they push themselves, and will their risks pay off? Those who deliver will earn the right to cook for a legendary chef. For two contestants, however, their MasterChef journey will be over.



There is no rest for the best as five head off to the Francis Crick Institute in central London. Home to 2,000 scientists, the institute is Europe’s largest biomedical laboratory. It carries out groundbreaking research with the aim of helping to treat, diagnose and prevent human disease, including cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.



This year marks the 70th anniversary of the discovery of DNA, and the remaining five contenders are tasked with cooking a five-course celebratory lunch. They are working under the eye of acclaimed chef Jozef Youssef, who honed his craft in some of the world’s greatest Michelin kitchens and who now works tirelessly with artists and scientists, devising dishes that create the ultimate multisensory experience in fine dining. The contestants embark on an experience like no other as they are each tasked with recreating one of Josef’s technically demanding recipes, pushing each of them to their limits.

There is no room for error, as prestigious guests include knights of the realm and a Nobel Peace Prize winner, meaning the semi-finalists will need to be at the top of their game.


MasterChef 2023 episode 20


Daring contestants will be called upon to exit their comfort bubble, and dive headfirst into an unparalleled challenge – the creation of an exceptional dish that appears nonsensical at first glance. A dish that, when looked at merely through its listed ingredients, shouldn’t make a palatable concoction. However, with the right culinary expertise, it transforms into an unforeseen delight, an epicurean spectacle that’s shockingly delicious. The burning question remains: To what extent are they willing to stretch their culinary boundaries, and will their daring experimentations culminate in a stunning triumph? Those who manage to impress will win the esteemed privilege of cooking for an icon in the culinary world. Yet for a pair of contenders, this venture will mark the bitter end of their MasterChef journey.

Following a rigorous culinary battle, there’s no downtime for the superior ones. The top five proceed to their next destination – the Francis Crick Institute located in the heart of London. Home to an impressive cohort of 2,000 scientists, this Institute holds the prestigious title of being the most expansive biomedical laboratory in Europe. The institute is a beacon of hope in medical science, dedicating its resources to innovative research aimed at the alleviation, diagnosis, and prevention of critical human ailments. It stands on the forefront of the battle against life-threatening diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease.

A Journey through Food – MasterChef 2023 episode 20

This remarkable year commemorates the momentous 70th anniversary of the groundbreaking discovery of DNA. In recognition of this significant milestone, the remaining five culinary prodigies are entrusted with the honorable task of preparing a lavish five-course lunch that befits the occasion. They have the unique opportunity to work under the expert guidance of the renowned chef Jozef Youssef. Youssef, with his expertise refined in some of the most prestigious Michelin-starred kitchens across the globe, now dedicates his skill to work alongside a spectrum of artists and scientists. Together, they craft dishes that redefine the concept of fine dining, offering a tantalizing multisensory experience.

This culinary adventure takes our contestants to uncharted territory, challenging each to replicate one of Josef’s technically intricate recipes. This endeavor is designed to stretch their abilities to the extreme, pushing the boundaries of what they thought possible in a kitchen.

Perfection is the only acceptable standard, as the guest list is nothing short of illustrious. It boasts knights of the realm and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate. This distinguished audience raises the stakes for our semi-finalists, necessitating that they bring their absolute best to the table. This round, there’s absolutely no margin for error, and they need to exhibit their peak performance.

MasterChef 2023 UK: The Ultimate Guide

MasterChef is a British cooking competition show that has been running since 1990. The show follows a group of home cooks as they compete to be crowned the MasterChef champion. MasterChef 2023 is the latest series of the show, and it is sure to be just as exciting as previous series.

Who are the contestants?

The contestants for MasterChef 2023 are a diverse group of home cooks from all walks of life. They come from all over the UK, and they have a wide range of cooking experiences. Some of the contestants are professional chefs, while others are just starting out. But they all have one thing in common: they love to cook.

Who are the judges?

The judges for MasterChef 2023 are John Torode and Gregg Wallace. John Torode is a well-known chef and restaurateur, while Gregg Wallace is a TV presenter and food critic. They have been judging MasterChef together since 2005, and they have become known for their tough but fair judging style.

What can I expect from MasterChef 2023?

MasterChef 2023 is sure to be full of drama, excitement, and delicious food. The contestants will be put through their paces in a series of challenges, and they will have to use all of their cooking skills to impress the judges. The series will also feature some special guest appearances from some of the UK’s most famous chefs.


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