MasterChef episode 1 2021 – The Professionals

MasterChef episode 1 2021 – The Professionals

MasterChef episode 1 2021 – The Professionals: The first four contenders face their opening Skills Test. Two must get all the details just right as they prepare bangers and mash in only 20 minutes. The others cook monkfish.



As the hospitality industry faces another year of unprecedented challenges, MasterChef: The Professionals showcases the range of culinary talent across the next generation of chefs in the UK. Renowned chefs Marcus Wareing and Monica Galetti preside over the UK’s premier cooking competition alongside judge Gregg Wallace.

In tonight’s first heat, the first four professional chefs arrive to make their mark in the MasterChef kitchen and to stake their claim to the coveted trophy. With their reputations on the line, their knowledge and experience are tested as they face the infamous Skills Test. Marcus challenges two chefs to prepare the British classic bangers and mash, served with a beer and onion gravy, in just 20 minutes. This seemingly simple dish has the potential to trip up the chefs, as small details are key to its success. The other two chefs take on Monica’s test, monkfish with a pea and bacon ragout. This dish is all about timing and holding your nerve under pressure.


MasterChef episode 1 2021 – The Professionals


MasterChef is a competitive cooking show television format created by Franc Roddam, which originated with the UK version in July 1990. The format was revived and updated for the BBC in February 2005 by executive producers Roddam and John Silver with series producer Karen Ross.

The revived format is sold internationally by Banijay. Its first international adaptation was MasterChef Australia, which began in 2009, and then the adaptation was executed within several other countries of the world.

The show’s format has been exported around the world under the same MasterChef logo, and is now produced in more than 40 countries and airs in over 200 territories.

The format has appeared most often in four major versions: the main MasterChef series, MasterChef: The Professionals for professional working chefs, Celebrity MasterChef featuring well known celebrities as the contestants and Junior MasterChef, a version created and adapted for children, which was first developed in 1994 and has also expanded to other countries in recent years.

Despite the four major versions, in 2012, Australia created the fifth version called MasterChef All-Stars, for former contestants to raise money for charity. In 2018, Ukraine created MasterChef Teens, for teenage contestants. Brazil created MasterChef: Para Tudo (MasterChef: Stop Everything), a TV show featuring interviews with judges and former contestants, plus recipes and memes, presented by Ana Paula Padrão.

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