MasterChef episode 4 – The Professionals 2018

MasterChef episode 4

In MasterChef episode 4, six professional chefs from across the UK put their reputations on the line, competing to become MasterChef: The Professionals Champion 2018. Under the watchful eye of the three judges, the chefs must face two of their toughest challenges – firstly a test of their basic skills, followed by a chance to cook their own unique signature dish for the judges. At the end of this heat, three chefs are sent home and the strongest three go through to this week’s quarter final.



MasterChef episode 4 – The Professionals 2018


Each chef begins with the dreaded skills test. Scrutinised by the judges, the initial moments test every competitor’s mettle, as their knowledge, palate and experience are weighed up in this infamous first assessment. The first three into the MasterChef kitchen have a monkfish tail to prep – Marcus has given them 20 minutes to cook the monkfish with a spicy tomato and roasted onion sauce. He wants the chefs to display faultless fileting and for their depth of knowledge to shine when cooking with spices in this test. As ever the judge’s expectations are high and so too are the contestant’s nerves.

The remaining three chefs face a test set by Monica. They have to steady their hands to tackle this challenge – two very refined and delicate scotch eggs made with quails’ eggs. They only have 15 minutes to mince, boil and fry their way to glory. The dish could end up looking like a dogs’ dinner in the wrong hands – the judges are looking for a light touch, perfect balance of flavour and some deft skills on display from the chefs.

Recovered from the first test, all six chefs have a chance to redeem any earlier mistakes when they cook their own signature dish for Monica, Marcus and Gregg. In an hour and 15 minutes, they must inspire the judges with their creativity, flavours and personal style. It is their chance to show off their culinary talent and cooking style before the judges decide which three are sent home, and which three go through to this week’s quarter-final.

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