RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023 episode 3

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023 episode 3

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023 episode 3: It’s Medals Day at Chelsea. Nicki Chapman and Angellica Bell kick off our coverage with an overview of this year’s big winners. As the anticipation for Medals Day at Chelsea reaches a fever pitch, we join broadcasting stalwarts Nicki Chapman and Angellica Bell as they usher in our comprehensive coverage of this eagerly-awaited event. They begin by painting a vivid picture of this year’s biggest triumphs, providing an insightful overview of the standout entrants who have distinguished themselves with their creativity and horticultural prowess.



Adding a dose of practical inspiration to the mix, we have Toby Buckland at the helm, who, with his wealth of gardening experience, brings us a suite of hot-off-the-press design tips. His advice promises to be both accessible and transformative, offering viewers at home a chance to infuse their own gardens with the high standards of Chelsea. It’s a unique opportunity to apply professional techniques to personal spaces, thus creating an oasis that mirrors the Chelsea charm.


Taking a delectable detour from gardening, we’ll be joined by the esteemed judge from the Great British Menu, Nisha Katona. Her culinary prowess will add a spicy note to our summer festivities, as she shares her expert tips and innovative recipes to take our barbecues from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s a gastronomic adventure that promises to enliven our taste buds and elevate our summer grilling to a culinary art form.

Further enriching our gardening knowledge, Rachel De Thame steps in with her botanical wisdom. Drawing upon her extensive experience, she shares her insights on the perfect plants that can create visually stunning summer borders. Her suggestions promise to inspire gardening enthusiasts to transform their borders into vibrant displays, mirroring the spectacular blossoming tapestries seen at Chelsea.

From celebrating winners to reimagining personal green spaces and amplifying summer feasts, this Medals Day coverage at Chelsea is set to be an engaging and enlightening affair, beautifully bridging the gap between the grandeur of professional horticulture and the charm of home gardening.


RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023 episode 3 – A Celebration of Nature’s Beauty and Sustainability

A New Era of Sustainability

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023 is set to be a landmark event, not just for its stunning displays, but for its commitment to sustainability. The RHS is working tirelessly to reduce its environmental impact, with all gardens at the show designed to live on in one form or another after the event. This year, the show is making strides in sustainability by using renewable power sources, biofuel generators, and ensuring nothing goes to landfill. The RHS is also using the show as a platform to promote sustainable gardening and ways in which growing plants can help our planet.

In addition to these efforts, the RHS is also implementing innovative strategies to reduce waste and promote recycling. For instance, the show is using biofuel generators, which not only reduce carbon emissions but also create a circular economy by using waste products as fuel. Furthermore, the RHS is exploring ways to reuse and repurpose materials used in the show, from garden structures to decorative elements. This commitment to sustainability is not only good for the environment, but it also sets a positive example for visitors and the wider gardening community.

The Fauna & Flora Garden: A Journey into the Wild

One of the highlights of the show is the Fauna & Flora Garden, which maps the journey of an ecotourist on a gorilla trek. This ‘gorilla garden’ tells the story of the endangered species and its precious habitat. The garden aims to raise public awareness of the critical importance of protecting nature around the world, and how this can be best achieved by putting people and collaboration at the heart of conservation efforts. The garden is a testament to the importance of coexistence, showcasing how conservation solutions can work for both wildlife and people.

The Fauna & Flora Garden also serves as a powerful reminder of the interconnectedness of all life on Earth. By showcasing the habitat of the mountain gorillas, the garden highlights the delicate balance of ecosystems and the importance of preserving biodiversity. Visitors to the garden will not only get a glimpse of the beauty of these habitats but also gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by these endangered species and the efforts being made to protect them.

The Restorative Gardens: A Haven for Wellbeing

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023 is also introducing a new category of gardens known as ‘Restorative Gardens’. These gardens are designed to promote mental and physical wellbeing, offering a tranquil space for visitors to relax and rejuvenate. The gardens are designed with a focus on sensory stimulation, with a variety of plants, textures, and features to engage the senses.

In addition to promoting wellbeing, the Restorative Gardens also aim to educate visitors about the therapeutic benefits of gardening. Research has shown that spending time in nature can reduce stress, improve mood, and boost overall mental health. By incorporating elements that stimulate the senses, such as fragrant plants, soothing water features, and tactile elements, these gardens demonstrate how gardening can be a form of therapy and a source of joy and relaxation.

Luxury Dining: A Feast for the Senses

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023 is not just about plants and gardens. This year, the show is introducing a new luxury dining experience. Visitors can indulge in a range of culinary delights, from gourmet meals to artisanal snacks, all while surrounded by the beauty of the gardens. This gastronomic experience is sure to be a highlight for food lovers attending the show.

The luxury dining experience at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023 is not only a culinary delight but also a celebration of the connection between food and nature. Many of the dishes on offer are inspired by the gardens themselves, featuring fresh, seasonal ingredients and creative presentations. This unique dining experience is a testament to the creativity and passion of the chefs involved, and it adds another dimension to the sensory feast that is the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

The Future of the Show: A Commitment to Sustainability

Looking ahead, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is committed to becoming even more sustainable. The show is exploring innovative ways to reduce its environmental impact, from using sustainable materials in garden designs to promoting eco-friendly gardening practices. The RHS is also working on initiatives to ensure the longevity of the gardens after the show, with plans to relocate many of the gardens to schools and other locations.

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023 is set to be an unforgettable event, offering a feast for the senses while promoting sustainability and conservation. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a novice, this show is sure to inspire and delight.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, the RHS is also focusing on education and outreach. The show features workshops, talks, and demonstrations aimed at teaching visitors about sustainable gardening practices, from composting and water conservation to organic gardening and wildlife-friendly landscaping. By empowering visitors with knowledge and skills, the RHS hopes to inspire a new generation of gardeners to embrace sustainability in their own gardens.

The Chelsea Flower Show: A Platform for Innovation

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is not just a showcase of the world’s most beautiful gardens; it’s also a platform for innovation. Each year, the show introduces new categories and concepts that push the boundaries of what’s possible in gardening. This year, the show is introducing an ‘All About Plants’ category that champions specialist plants, as well as a ‘Balcony and Container’ theme, which showcases gardens designed for urban living. These innovative categories highlight the versatility of gardening and offer fresh inspiration for gardeners of all levels.

Beyond introducing new categories, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show also serves as a platform for horticultural research and innovation. The show features cutting-edge garden designs that incorporate the latest trends and technologies in gardening, from vertical gardening and hydroponics to smart irrigation systems and eco-friendly materials. These innovations not only push the boundaries of what’s possible in gardening but also offer practical solutions to the challenges faced by modern gardeners.

The Impact of the Chelsea Flower Show: Beyond the Gardens

The impact of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show extends far beyond the gardens. The show plays a significant role in promoting horticulture and conservation, raising awareness about important environmental issues, and inspiring people to take action. The show also has a significant economic impact, attracting visitors from around the world and contributing to the local economy. Moreover, the show provides a platform for horticultural businesses and professionals to showcase their work, network, and gain recognition. The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is more than just a garden show; it’s a celebration of horticulture and its many benefits.

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show also plays a significant role in supporting the horticultural industry. The show provides a platform for nurseries, garden designers, and other horticultural businesses to showcase their products and services, reach a wider audience, and connect with potential customers. Moreover, the show contributes to local tourism and supports local businesses, from hotels and restaurants to shops and services. The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is not just a celebration of horticulture; it’s also a vital part of the local economy and the wider horticultural industry.


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