The Beechgrove Garden 2023 episode 22

The Beechgrove Garden 2023 episode 22

The Beechgrove Garden 2023 episode 22 – Carole Baxter is dropping by to check out this year’s vibrant display of sweet peas at Beechgrove Garden. These aren’t just any sweet peas; they’ve been thoughtfully planted with a striking blue theme to celebrate the show’s significant sapphire anniversary. Joining her in this botanical journey is Lizzie Schofield, who will share some valuable insights into the art of propagating strawberries. As usual, the segment will feature a weekly roundup of helpful gardening tips and tricks for enthusiasts.




Elsewhere, Calum Clunie takes us for a behind-the-scenes tour of his flourishing allotment in Leven. He’ll update viewers on the progress of his seasonal plantings, revealing how you can get the most out of a small gardening space. Not to be outdone, Brian Cunningham heads over to Old Scone, where he’ll be delving into the fascinating world of plant nomenclature. Ever wondered how plants get their names or the significance behind them? Brian will unveil the mysteries in a captivating segment.




Last but certainly not least, the episode will transport you to a captivating garden located in the picturesque south-west of Scotland. This garden is more than just a collection of plants; it’s a living, breathing art gallery showcasing the beauty of nature. Tune in for a full dose of gardening inspiration and expertise. Whether you’re a green thumb or a gardening newbie, there’s something for everyone in this packed episode.


The Beechgrove Garden 2023 episode 22 – A Captivating Tour of Vibrant Gardens


Gardening enthusiasts rejoice! The Beechgrove Garden 2023 episode 22 recently aired, delivering a bounty of gardening inspiration, expert tips, and behind-the-scenes access to stunning gardens. This jam-packed episode featured an array of segments guaranteed to excite both novice and seasoned gardeners.


A Dazzling Display of Blue Sweet Peas

The episode began with a colorful segment highlighting Carole Baxter’s impressive collection of sweet peas. In celebration of the show’s 45th anniversary, Carole intentionally chose sweet pea varieties in shades of blue to align with the sapphire anniversary theme.

Out of eight different cultivars, Carole determined the ‘Memories’ variety had the strongest fragrance following an informal sniff test. Its rich violet-blue blossoms emit a remarkably intense, sweet perfume. For those preferring more subtle hues, Carole recommended the picotee ‘Blue Ripple’ sweet peas with their delicate white petals rimmed in light blue.

During this segment, co-host Lizzie Schofield joined Carole to share valuable tips on propagating strawberries. She explained that strawberries naturally produce runners with small plantlets on the ends each year. Gardeners can detach these plantlets, pot them up, and grow new strawberry plants for free. Lizzie emphasized the importance of moving strawberry plants every 3-4 years to prevent disease and maintain optimal fruit production.


A Peek Inside Brian’s Greenhouse

Later in the episode, Brian Cunningham gave viewers a glimpse into his greenhouse in Old Scone. Feeling nostalgic, Brian decided to grow coleus this year, transported back to his days training as a gardener in the 90s. Also known by their scientific name Solenostemon, coleus feature uniquely colored foliage ranging from deep purples to vivid yellows.

Brian offered key advice onpropagation techniques for coleus. Using a simple “pinch pruning” method, gardeners can encourage bushy, compact growth habit on coleus. Brian also demonstrated how to take stem cuttings just below a node and root them in water or soil to generate countless free coleus plants.



Touring the Exotic Logan Botanic Garden

One of the episode’s highlights was a virtual tour of Logan Botanic Garden located in Scotland’s mild southwest region. This exotic garden contains a fascinating array of subtropical plants from around the world. Richard Baines, the head plant curator, explained how plants like enormous Gunnera species and the exceptionally rare Wollemia nobilis pine end up growing thousands of miles from their native habitats.

Richard emphasized the importance of global plant exploration and conservation efforts. By collecting seeds and cuttings to cultivate in botanical gardens, they can save precious plant species from extinction. The episode revealed Logan Garden’s behind-the-scenes process for germinating exotic palm trees using leftover date pits from the grocery store.


Gardening in a Shady Spot

Later, Calum Clunie offered creative solutions for adding color to a shady garden spot. Strategically placing tall planters and hanging baskets enabled Calum to position flowers and foliage plants in the sun while keeping the pots in shade. Salvia ‘Hot Lips’ and vivid pansies thrive in these partially shaded sites.

Calum also recommended lifting and watering hanging baskets after heavy rain. When positioned directly against a building, hanging baskets don’t receive enough rainfall dripping through from above.


Overwintering Tender Plants

Kirsty Wilson provided a greenhouse update, assessing the progress of various flowering annuals and tender perennials being grown inside. To safely overwinter plants like Streptocarpus and scented heliotropes, Kirsty takes cuttings in fall before frost arrives. The cuttings root quickly in warmth and provide insurance against losing treasured plants. Kirsty also reviewed her continued efforts to master begonia growing.


Key Takeaways

Beechgrove Garden 2023 episode 22 delivered a profusion of gardening knowledge to keep your green thumb happily occupied until next week’s episode. Key takeaways included propagation techniques, overwintering tender plants, and creative tips for challenging garden sites. Viewers also received a rare glimpse into a world-class botanical garden housing rare subtropical plants. If you missed this episode live, be sure to catch up online or on demand. The Beechgrove team will return next week with another hour filled to the brim with practical gardening advice and inspiration.



Beechgrove Garden 2023 episode 22 provided an abundance of practical gardening advice for gardeners of all skill levels. From propagating techniques to visiting exotic botanical gardens, this episode highlighted the diverse aspects of gardening in Scotland. Viewers came away with valuable tips to implement in their own gardens alongside a bit of armchair garden touring inspiration. For 45 years and counting, the Beechgrove Garden team has been inviting viewers into the world of Scottish gardening – may their green thumbs continue digging in the dirt for years to come!

Frequently Asked Questions about Beechgrove Garden 2023 Episode 22

What is Beechgrove Garden?

Beechgrove Garden is a Scottish gardening television program that first aired in 1978. The show features gardening tips, plant information, and behind-the-scenes access to beautiful gardens primarily throughout Scotland.


How can I watch Beechgrove Garden 2023 episode 22?

The episode aired live on BBC Scotland. Viewers can stream full episodes online via BBC iPlayer to watch on demand after they air.


What gardening topics were covered in the episode?

Key segments in episode 22 included propagating sweet peas and strawberries, pinching back coleus, touring Logan Botanic Garden, gardening in shade, and overwintering tender plants.


Who are the presenters on Beechgrove Garden?

Current regular presenters are Carol Baxter, Briam Cunningham, Chris Beardshaw, Calum Clunie, Kirsty Wilson, and Lizzie Schofield. The head gardener is Scott MacDonald.


Where is the Beechgrove Garden TV show filmed?

The primary filming location is Beechgrove Garden in Aberdeen, Scotland. Presenters also frequently visit other public and private gardens throughout Scotland to share gardening tips and inspiration.


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