The Great Pottery Throw Down 2022 episode 9

The Great Pottery Throw Down 2022 episode 9

The Great Pottery Throw Down 2022 episode 9 – Siobhan McSweeney, the immensely talented and charismatic host known for her magnetic presence and undeniable charm, takes center stage in an extraordinary bathroom-themed semi-final that promises to captivate audiences around the world. This pivotal stage of the competition becomes a melting pot of creativity and innovation as the gifted potters face a unique and formidable challenge that pushes their skills to new heights.



In this awe-inspiring semi-final, the potters embark on a remarkable journey where they fuse artistry and functionality, crafting fully functional urinals that transcend conventional expectations. With deft hands and keen eyes, they mold clay into remarkable shapes, transforming mundane objects into captivating pieces of practical art. The ingenuity and craftsmanship on display are nothing short of extraordinary as each potter seeks to leave a lasting impression and etch their name in the annals of ceramic excellence.



But the excitement doesn’t end there. The stage is set for another remarkable test of skill and creativity as the potters are presented with the challenge of recreating the legendary Wedgwood Jasperware. Inspired by the timeless beauty and intricate details of this revered ceramic style, they set out to breathe new life into the classic designs. With painstaking precision and boundless imagination, they navigate the delicate balance between homage and innovation, infusing their unique artistic voices into each stroke and contour.



As the semi-final reaches its crescendo, the esteemed judges, Keith Brymer Jones and Rich Miller, find themselves in the midst of an arduous decision-making process. With an abundance of talent and remarkable artistry on display, they face the unenviable task of selecting only three potters who will advance to the grand final. Each judge meticulously scrutinizes the intricate details, technical prowess, and emotional resonance embedded in the creations, weighing the intangible qualities that set the chosen few apart from their peers.

The anticipation builds, setting the stage for an unforgettable grand final that promises to be a tour de force of ceramic artistry. With Siobhan McSweeney as the guiding force, her infectious enthusiasm and genuine appreciation for the craft fuel the contestants’ ambitions as they strive for greatness. As the journey towards artistic triumph reaches its zenith, the world eagerly awaits the culmination of this extraordinary competition, where the chosen potters will unleash their boundless creativity and vie for the ultimate accolade of becoming the reigning champion.


The Great Pottery Throw Down 2022 episode 9


“The Great Pottery Throw Down” is a popular British television series where artistry, creativity, and technical skill all come together in a fascinating competition. First broadcast on BBC Two from 3 November 2015, the show blends the competitive spirit of programs like “The Great British Bake Off” and “The Great British Sewing Bee” with the timeless craft of pottery making​.

In each episode, a group of amateur potters compete in two distinct challenges, with the aim of producing the most impressive ceramic creations. The first is the “main make” challenge, where contestants undertake a substantial multi-stage creative task. Given certain specifications, they must design a ceramic creation, build it from a clay body, decorate it, and then present it to the judges for evaluation after it’s been fired in the kiln. The second challenge is smaller in scale, testing a specific pottery skill, with participants being ranked from worst to best by the judges​.

The series culminates in a final episode where an overall winner is declared, following a process of elimination in each episode. Contestants compete for the honor of being named “potter of the week,” while the one with the least successful results each week is dismissed. This intriguing setup results in a captivating mix of tension, drama, and the joy of creation, making “The Great Pottery Throw Down” a must-watch for both pottery enthusiasts and fans of competitive reality shows​.

The Show’s Journey and Key People

Since its inception, “The Great Pottery Throw Down” has been hosted and judged by a variety of well-known personalities. The first two series were presented by Sara Cox, with expert judges Kate Malone and Keith Brymer Jones offering their insights and critiques. The behind-the-scenes technician for these series was Richard Miller, known as “kiln man Rich,” who played a crucial role in the show’s technical aspects​​.

The show experienced a brief hiatus after being cancelled by the BBC in 2018, but it made a triumphant return in January 2020 with its third series. This time, the show aired on Channel 4’s More4, with Brymer Jones continuing his role as a judge. He was joined by new co-judge Sue Pryke and Melanie Sykes as the new host. The show’s success continued to grow, and in January 2021, a fourth series was launched on Channel 4. This series saw the return of Brymer Jones, along with new host Siobhán McSweeney and Richard Miller, who now stepped up to become a judge​.

By the fifth series, which began airing in January 2022, the show had seen further changes. Brymer Jones and Miller continued as judges, but they were joined by a new host, comedian Ellie Taylor, who joined alongside McSweeney. The show’s first Christmas special aired on 26 December 2022, adding a festive twist to the traditional format​.

The 2022 Season: An Overview

The 2022 season of “The Great Pottery Throw Down,” also known as the fifth series, was a memorable one for many reasons. It began airing in January 2022 and concluded in March of the same year. This season saw the return of Brymer Jones and Miller as judges, along with the comedic flair of Ellie Taylor as a new host joining Siobhán McSweeney. The season offered a diverse range of challenges, which tested the creativity, skill, and ingenuity of the contestants.

The overall winner of the 2022 season was AJ Simpson, who impressed the judges and viewers with their unique designs and technical prowess. The season was a delightful blend of artistry and competition, with the potters pushing their creative boundaries to create stunning ceramic pieces. Each episode was a testament to the beauty of pottery and the immense skill that goes into crafting each piece.

One of the most anticipated episodes was the seventh, known as the ‘Wildlife Week’. This episode was an exhilarating celebration of the animal kingdom, with potters crafting ceramic pieces inspired by various wildlife. The contestants’ creations during this episode showcased their ability to translate the beauty of nature into their pottery​.

How to Watch “The Great Pottery Throw Down”

For fans eager to watch “The Great Pottery Throw Down” and immerse themselves in the captivating world of pottery, there are various platforms to access the show. One of the most popular platforms is, a site that offers a comprehensive collection of episodes from the show, including those from the 2022 season. is easy to navigate and provides a reliable streaming experience, making it a top choice for fans worldwide. Moreover, is regularly updated with new episodes, ensuring that viewers can keep up with the latest happenings in the show. Watching “The Great Pottery Throw Down” on allows fans to appreciate the craft of pottery from the comfort of their own homes.

Whether you’re a returning fan or a newcomer to the series, “The Great Pottery Throw Down” offers a unique viewing experience. It’s a show that celebrates creativity, craftsmanship, and the sheer joy of creating something beautiful from a simple lump of clay.

FAQ: The Great Pottery Throw Down 2022 Episode 9

1. What is “The Great Pottery Throw Down”?
– “The Great Pottery Throw Down” is a popular British television series that combines artistry, creativity, and technical skill in a pottery-making competition. It premiered on BBC Two in November 2015 and has since gained a dedicated following.

2. How does the competition work?
– Each episode of “The Great Pottery Throw Down” features a group of amateur potters competing in two challenges. The first challenge is the “main make” challenge, where contestants create a substantial ceramic piece based on given specifications. The second challenge tests a specific pottery skill, and participants are ranked by the judges based on their performance.

3. Who are the hosts and judges of the show?
– The show has had several hosts and judges throughout its seasons. In the 2022 season, Siobhán McSweeney served as the host, while Keith Brymer Jones and Rich Miller were the expert judges. The hosts and judges may vary in different seasons.

4. What can viewers expect from Episode 9 of The Great Pottery Throw Down 2022?
– Episode 9 of The Great Pottery Throw Down 2022 features Siobhán McSweeney as the host and focuses on a semi-final with a bathroom theme. The potters face the challenge of creating fully functional urinals that transcend conventional expectations. Additionally, they are tasked with recreating the legendary Wedgwood Jasperware, infusing their unique artistic voices into the classic designs.

5. How can I watch The Great Pottery Throw Down?
– One of the popular platforms to watch The Great Pottery Throw Down is It offers a comprehensive collection of episodes from the show, including those from the 2022 season. provides a reliable streaming experience and regularly updates its content with new episodes, allowing viewers to enjoy the show from the comfort of their homes.

Remember to check out for the latest episodes and immerse yourself in the captivating world of pottery and artistic competition.

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