Ancient Worlds – The Age of Iron ep.2

Age of Iron

Part 2 : The Age of Iron

Archaeologist and historian Richard Miles looks at the winners, losers and survivors of the great Bronze Age collapse, a regional catastrophe that wiped out the hard-won achievements of civilisation in the eastern Mediterranean about 3,000 years ago.



In the new age of iron, civilisation would re-emerge, tempered in the flames of conflict, tougher and more resilient than ever before.


Ancient Worlds Part 1 : Come Together 


Archaeologist and historian Richard Miles explores the roots of one of the most profound innovations in the human story – civilisation – in the first episode of an epic series that runs from the creation of the first cities in Mesopotamia some 6,000 years ago, to the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. Starting in Uruk, the ‘mother of all cities’, in southern Iraq, Richard travels to Syria, Egypt, Anatolia and Greece, tracing the birth and development of technology and culture.

Ancient Worlds is an illuminating and spectacular six-part odyssey tracing the development of Western civilization – from the first cities of Mesopotamia to the fall of the Roman Empire.

Academic and archaeologist Richard Miles travels through the Middle East, Egypt, Pakistan and the Mediterranean to discover how the mainstays of our society – community, democracy, commerce and technology – were forged and fought over in a series of classical cultures.

Ancient Worlds tells the amazing stories of disappeared, ruined and modern cities – from Ancient Iraq to Augustan Rome, and from Phoenicia and the city states of Greece to today’s Damascus – and reveals the compromise, ruthlessness, sacrifice and toil that made each city work.

In an epic sweep of history against a panorama of stunning locations, Richard Miles, with the help of local experts and archaeologists, brings these legendary civilizations back to life to show how the successes and failures of the ancients shaped the world that we have inherited.

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