Bake Off: The Professionals 2023 episode 6

Bake Off The Professionals 2023 episode 6

Bake Off: The Professionals 2023 episode 6 – It’s Chocolate Week on the Great British Bake Off – The Professionals, and the bakers face a formidable challenge – creating mouthwatering desserts that pay homage to the rich bounty of autumn. The tent is abuzz with excitement as the contestants brainstorm recipes that showcase seasonal ingredients like pumpkin, apples, nuts and chocolate at their peak. Their imaginations run wild as they dream up flavor combinations highlighting the spices, herbs and produce emblematic of fall.



The showstopper this week is an elaborate chocolate safari scene, a true test of the bakers’ artistry and technical skills. Armed with piping bags, modeling chocolate and sugar work, the contestants labor intently on their showstopping centerpieces. Botanical animals begin to take shape – a majestic chocolate elephant with intricate tusk details, a flock of sugar geese with feathered wings of pastillage. The scenes transport the judges and viewers alike to the wonder of an autumnal African landscape.



Whose ambition will pay off with Paul and Prue’s praise this week, and whose safari dreams will crumble under time pressures? The bakers soldier on, conjuring up their chocolate visions of autumn abundance in the race for star baker.



Bake Off: The Professionals 2023 episode 6


Bake Off: The Professionals is an exhilarating British culinary competition show that highlights the extraordinary talents of professional pastry teams as they battle it out in thrilling challenges that push the boundaries of dessert artistry. Originally debuting as Bake Off: Crème de la Crème from 2016-2017, this captivating program serves as an exciting spin-off of the beloved and wildly popular series The Great British Bake Off. After instantly enchanting viewers with its mouthwatering confections when it first premiered on BBC Two on March 29, 2016 for an inaugural 8-episode run, Bake Off: The Professionals has continued enthralling audiences with new seasons of delicious delight and dazzling design spectacles.

In that first series, renowned chef Tom Kerridge adeptly hosted the proceedings, while expert judges Benoit Blin, Cherish Finden, and Claire Clark scrutinized the sweet creations, seeking pastry chefs who wowed not just with technical precision but visual splendor, luscious textures, and glorious flavors. For the second installment, presenting duties went to the charismatic Angus Deayton, though with one notable judging change, as Claire Clark exited and Cherish Finden and Benoit Blin continued discerning the best-of-the-best confectioners.

When Bake Off: The Professionals moved to Channel 4 for its third season, the show settled into a new home alongside parent series The Great British Bake Off after the BBC relinquished rights. With this transition came an effervescent new presenting pair: hilarious comedian Tom Allen assumed hosting responsibilities, matched with former Great British Bake Off contender Liam Charles providing enthusiastic commentary and tasting the decadent results. Their vibrant energy and palpable passion for pastries infused the show with added liveliness and humor.

Bake Off: The Professionals

Over its continuing run, Bake Off: The Professionals has spotlighted remarkable pastry experts exercising immense creativity and finesse. Challenges demand flawless execution of delicate desserts and chocolate showpieces within intense time constraints. Contestants must demonstrate proficiency with ingredients like sugar, chocolate, and marzipan as well as skill sculpting, molding, and coloring their edible art. Pressure escalates in each pressure-packed round, from the opening Skills Test assessing fundamental techniques to the final staggeringly difficult Creative Test challenging innovation. Throughout the baking battles, the judges offer insightful critiques, praising stunning triumphs and diagnosing flaws while contestants strive for pastry perfection.

Bake Off: The Professionals 2023 episode 6
Bake Off: The Professionals 2023 episode 6

With hosts providing enthusiastic commentary and judges evaluating elite dessert artistry, Bake Off: The Professionals celebrates remarkable talents competing at the pinnacle of the pastry world. Each episode immerses viewers in high-stakes culinary drama as teams perform baking miracles, crafting extraordinarily ornate cakes, entremets, chocolate showpieces and more, striving to impress with flavor, beauty, and skill, cognizant that one mistake could eliminate them from contention. Over multiple gripping seasons, Bake Off: The Professionals continues shining an entertaining spotlight on the cake crafting elite.

Revealing Bake Off: The Professionals’ Esteemed Judges


Cherish Finden

Hailing from the vibrant city of Singapore, the exceptionally gifted Cherish Finden discovered her preternatural talents in the culinary arts at a remarkably young age. Even as a child, she awed her family with her intuitive skills crafting impressive creations in the kitchen. Fueled by an innate passion for gastronomy, Cherish fearlessly pursued her dreams of becoming a world-class pastry chef, embarking on a remarkable journey that would lead her to the pinnacle of the industry.

Cherish Finden – Bake Off The Professionals 2023 episode 2
Cherish Finden – Bake Off The Professionals 2023 episode 2

Cherish honed her skills in Singapore’s most illustrious hotels, including the iconic six-star Raffles Hotel, where her mastery of complex techniques and flavors reached dazzling new heights. In 2001, she embarked on an exciting new chapter taking her career overseas to London, where she assumed the prestigious role of Executive Pastry Chef at the esteemed Langham Hotel.

At the Langham, Cherish continued demonstrating breathtaking creativity and technical brilliance, earning countless accolades and medals on the global stage, cementing her sterling reputation as a singular talent in pastry arts. Her relentless pursuit of perfection and unwavering commitment to excellence impelled her to compete in prestigious culinary competitions worldwide, stunning judges with her unrivaled talents. Most notably, she was integral in leading Singapore’s team to a gold medal victory at the 2000 Culinary Olympics in Germany.

Renowned for her meticulousness and incredibly lofty standards, Cherish refuses to tolerate anything short of excellence. Her honest, direct critiques reflect her constant striving for flawlessness in every facet of her craft. Armed with her discerning eye and her infamous ruler, no detail escapes her notice or avoids her firm corrections. She inspects each element with studious care, demanding that even the most minute aspect meet her exacting specifications. While her feedback may occasionally draw tears from contestants unaccustomed to such rigor, Cherish’s unrelenting pursuit of perfection has made her a singular authority in the rarefied world of elite pastry creation. Her presence on Bake Off: The Professionals ensures only the crème de la crème can earn her hard-won praise.

Benoit Blin

Experience the awe-inspiring brilliance of Benoit Blin, the esteemed French Chef Pâtissier whose prodigious talents have graced the kitchens of Raymond Blanc’s prestigious two-Michelin-starred restaurant for over two illustrious decades. This extraordinary tenure alone is a monumental accomplishment, but Benoit has also earned the distinguished title of MCA – Master of Culinary Arts – an honor reserved solely for the crème de la crème of pastry excellence in the entirety of the United Kingdom.

Benoit Blin – Bake Off The Professionals 2023 episode 2
Benoit Blin – Bake Off The Professionals 2023 episode 2

With his expansive background and wealth of elite experience, Benoit brings unparalleled expertise and a refined, discerning palate to the Bake Off judging panel. His many years of dedicated practice have honed and sharpened his taste buds to an incredible degree, granting him the ability to judge each creation with astute precision. This mastery has led him to preside as judge at the most eminent events in the pastry world, including the UK Pastry Open, the UK and European Sugar Championships, the National Chef of the Year competition, the British Culinary Federation Chef Competition, and the prestigious Master of Culinary Arts Finals. Contestants would be wise to treat his advice as gospel, carefully incorporating Benoit’s thoughtful feedback to refine their confections.

While his co-judge Cherish may be renowned for her strict, no-nonsense critiques, Benoit matches her in his unrelenting pursuit of sweet perfection. With each thoughtful bite, his passion for the pastry arts radiates through. Like Cherish, he flatly refuses to accept anything short of exceptional – there are no excuses for subpar execution in Benoit’s kitchen. His palate possesses the remarkable ability to detect even the slightest deviation from excellence.

With his exacting scrutiny and wealth of expertise, Benoit ensures that Bake Off remains a competition with the highest standards. He pushes contestants to reach new heights of skill and creativity, never settling for adequate when extraordinary is within their grasp. Benoit’s presence is a privilege that inspires professionals to expand the boundaries of their craft, delivering stunning results that amaze the senses.

FAQ Bake Off: The Professionals 2023 episode 6


1. What can viewers expect in the upcoming Chocolate Week episode?

This episode will feature the bakers taking on formidable chocolate challenges, including crafting mouthwatering autumnal desserts and elaborate chocolate safari scenes. The judges will be looking for creative uses of seasonal ingredients like pumpkin and apples paired artfully with chocolate.

2. Who are the judges bringing their expertise to the show?

– Renowned pastry chefs Cherish Finden and Benoit Blin serve as the judges. Cherish is known for her technical precision and high standards, while Benoit brings expansive knowledge from his work in Michelin-starred restaurants.

3. How does Bake Off: The Professionals differ from other baking shows?

– This show features professional pastry teams rather than home bakers. The challenges are extremely difficult, testing the limits of the pastry experts’ talents with tight time constraints and complex sculpted elements.

4. What can viewers learn from the judging critiques?

– The in-depth critiques from Cherish and Benoit provide keen insights into achieving pastry perfection. From technical advice to presentations tips, their feedback can help both pros and home bakers improve their skills.

5. Why is chocolate such an important test for the bakers?

– Working with chocolate requires precision and creativity. The bakers must temper chocolate properly, achieve complex flavors, and sculpt elaborate showpieces out of chocolate. It’s one of the toughest mediums to master in the pastry world.


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